? "It’s none of my business to get out of this wake-up building. You can make whatever you like." Middle-aged steward calmly tunnel
"The steward’s adult is wrong."
There was a female voice from the Awakening Building, which sounded a little angry.
A moment later, a woman dressed in a blue warrior came in with a cold face on her hands.
"Miss, why are you here?" The fat housekeeper hurriedly greeted him respectfully.
"Just after listening to someone outside saying that the Wake-up Building deceives me, how can Yunjia not come and see it?" The woman didn’t even look at the second housekeeper.
This woman who just came in looks like a young girl, but she is generous and has a somewhat superior temperament. Needless to say, everyone knows that she is Daimon Masaru darling daughter.
When she entered the room and settled down, Xiao Lingyu saw a coiled whip in her hand behind her shoulder.
Seeing the whip Xiao Lingyu consciously felt that this woman was somewhat violent.
"My cloud house housekeeper may be a little disappointing, but we can do it ourselves * * without effort. Before these monks who have just soared, they all said that they would become a member of my cloud house. Now, after waking up, they are blinded by villains and want to go back on their word. My cloud house is absolutely not allowed," said Miss Cloud House with a tough attitude.
"How can you be so unreasonable as a woman? We all say that you Yunjia, we have paid us back in full, but it’s no big deal to just fly to your Yunjia. Will you be so hard?" Jiang Lanshang didn’t good the spirit tunnel
"To tell the truth, it’s not a big deal, but my cloud family has worked hard in this gourd city for many years and has its own dignity. Are you so teasing?" Cloud home big miss answered.
For some famous families, face and dignity are often more important than their lives.
"Don’t cut is the face, and those of us who have just soared to the weak are very angry? Isn’t it true that the big cloud family is constantly expanding its strength and playing down a peg or two in front of us newcomers? " Jiang Lanshang still has a clever mouth, and her words are sarcastic.
"If even you can’t punish my cloud home, you should have a foothold in Hulu City? If even you so-called newcomers can trample on the dignity of my Yunjia at will, who will give me Yunjia noodles in the future? " Miss Yunjia is also eloquent.
"I don’t care whether you are in Yunjia or in Yunjia, I want Miss Big to make it white. You Yunjia is proud, and we are proud of the Wake-up Building. You also make trouble here and make moves to the Wake-up Teacher of the Wake-up Building. That is, you first hit our Wake-up Building to read a little. Over the years, Yunjia and our Wake-up Building have been getting along well with each other. I said Miss Big would better take you two butlers outside to argue. We still have to do business in Wake-up Building, so we won’t entertain Miss Big."
Miss Yunjia glared at the whip, and the veins stood out on the back of her hands. But a moment later, the veins stood out and were covered by smooth and fair skin. She smiled and said, "Since the adults have arrived at the Duke’s Mansion, Yunjia will go to the Duke’s Mansion to argue."
Miss Yunjia took the fat housekeeper and then went out of the wake-up building.
And the middle-aged steward is Shi shiran to see his expression again. It seems that even Miss Yunjia dare not make a big deal in the wake-up building.
"How come you’re leaving now and don’t want Yang Jing?" Jiang Lanshang ourtenant tunnel
"Don’t be too happy. It’s not over yet." Qing Xuan frowned and said.
"I haven’t heard people say that Yunjia is going to the castellan’s house to redress grievances." Yueru’s expression is somewhat disdainful
"The soldiers will block the water and cover her up!" Wonderful surplus more direct tunnel
Xiao Lingyu has a headache. These mothers are all proud of their temper. They are really nobody but themselves. Even if God is hard, they dare to rush to poke a big hole in God.
In fact, Xiao Lingyu also knows that what they fear is that they have the strongest belief in themselves for a long time.
They believe that even if the sky falls, their "xianggong" can hold up a corner for them to live in.
Cloud home obviously won’t let Xiao Lingyu have the strength to face it, but it’s worth it to find friends and relatives in such a short time, even if you offend Cloud home.
But now I don’t have a chaotic spectrum or a magic tower. How can I arrange so many relatives and friends?
Even if they are allowed to stay with them all the time, the Ding Mao room that they own will not be so crowded. What’s worse, Ding Mao room or the wake-up building will definitely not allow the relatives and friends of the wake-up teacher to squeeze in.
It’s around Xiao Lingyu, and Mi Ling came from the building. He patted Xiao Lingyu on the shoulder and said, "I have a house in the city, although it covers a small area, but it’s also a place to stay. Xiao Xiong can arrange everyone there first if he doesn’t abandon it."
"Mi Daoyou is considerate. I’m worried about it, and Daoyou will come to the rescue." Xiao Lingyu pointed to the tunnel
"Xiao Xiong, don’t get me wrong. The steward told me to let me help, otherwise I didn’t know there was such a thing." Milling explained.
"Then thank you for being in charge of adults and Miling" Xiao Lingyu fuels Xie Tao.
"It’s not a big deal, Xiao Xiong. Don’t be so polite. I’ll take you there and have a look first." Milling said generously.
Walking in the street of Hulucheng, Mi Ling said to Xiao Lingyu, "You are my introduction. If you get into trouble, I will have bad luck. Xiao Xiong must be careful not to offend those who shouldn’t or can’t afford to offend. There are not many restrictions in our wake-up building, but we have an accident outside the wake-up building. The wake-up building won’t ask at most, just find someone to replace you."
"Brother Xie Mi wakes up" Xiao Lingyu nods sincerely.
Xiao Lingyu can guess that the steward’s adult let Miling estimate from the third floor because he was introduced into the wake-up building by Miling, so there is no other far-reaching meaning.
"Yu Yun’s family said they were going to find the Duke’s mansion. I don’t think they would be so stupid because there is a ban on private fighting in the city. Just now, in the wake-up building, it was their second housekeeper who made the first move to you. It was their first violation of the ban. Even if their family had a great cause, it would be difficult to help them. They would certainly not cut themselves."
Milling first breathed a sigh of relief and then didn’t worry about the tunnel. "However, the cloud family has been operating in Hulu City for many years, and it is a deep-rooted family master. There are also strong people in Nirvana. It’s not unusual to sit in a long habitat. Even in Huludao, other forces of all sizes rarely dare to prey on the sharp edge, but they are not afraid of the cloud family coming to trouble. But after Xiao Xiong, they should be careful. Xiao Xiong also saw that the cloud family didn’t care much about the ban on fighting in the city."
In Miling, I told and led everyone all the way, and in less than half an hour, I came to the Awakening Building, just like a maple forest in the north of the city.
This maple grove in the north of the city is actually a residential area. There are many small courtyards here, which are private houses for long-term residents in the city.
Maple leaves are flaming red, rising and falling with the wind like a warm sea of fire.
"The scenery here is not bad" Anya satisfied tunnel
"Let’s set up a house here later," Jiang Lan said.
"The house here is not cheap. You see, the smallest courtyard is only five or six feet long, but it takes nearly one million pieces of crystal to set it up. There are still cases where monks are willing to sell it." Milling said.
"No, our husband is very capable. He has always been a wealthy generation wherever he goes." Jiang Lanshang unpreparedness tunnel
Milling wanted to say that this is a different world, but she smiled and didn’t spoil the fun.
After walking for a while, Milling took everyone to the front of a compound with a small area.
The courtyard gate is like a slap in the face of the steel structure. Milling pressed his left palm on the slap in the face, then released his skill and recited a spell before slowly hitting the iron gate.
There are seven rooms in the courtyard that look like a quadrangle. A big tree was planted in the middle, but this big tree almost filled the courtyard.
"Hey, hey, I’m humble. Let’s make do with it first." Milling said with a quick smile, seeing that the daughters were not satisfied.
"How much sunshine is your house worth?" Jiang Lanshang asked curiously.
"At that time, there were 2.3 million sunshine crystals," Milling replied.
"How many years will it take for a master like Brother Mi to earn 2.3 million Yang Jing?" Jiang Lanshang then asked
"Er … it will take five million years for a normal shift," Milling replied after a pause.
"You only earn half a crystal a year on average?" Jiang Lanshang surprised tunnel
Milling is even more embarrassed. It is really slow to accumulate wealth like a soberer, but it is better than stability.
Many monks who go out to take risks actually have low income and are very dangerous. As the saying goes, they often float in the rivers and lakes without getting stabbed!
But the monks in the longevity world don’t have Shou Yuan’s worries. They have the most. For monks who don’t have great ambitions, it is the best choice to live a stable life.
"In fact, it’s far more than that to earn a lot of crystals in five million years, but after all, the cultivation body has to have a lot of crystals to maintain the breakthrough, and it has to spend a lot of crystals to buy cultivation materials and resources, which can save a lot of nature." Milling Nai explained that Pippi’s pop-up window is small and said that the net.
Chapter 993 Road
? "In fact, it’s far more than that to earn a lot of crystals in five million years, but after all, you have to spend a lot of crystals to maintain the breakthrough, and you have to spend a lot of crystals to buy cultivation materials and resources, so it’s natural that there is not much savings." Milling Nai explained.
When everyone went to choose their own houses, Milling patted Xiao Lingyu on the shoulder and said, "Although Xiao Xiong has …
Chapter 994 Lost Islands
? "How much sunshine can you earn under normal circumstances?" Xiao Lingyu nodded and asked.
"You can get hundreds of dollars for good luck."
When Milling saw Xiao Lingyu’s expression unchanged, he went on to say, "Every little makes a mickle. After all, we are not masters, so we should be more patient."
Xiao Lingyu first returned to the house with Milling and accompanied his wife and friends three …