"Mu Cang, are you still blaming us? You know, there was nothing we could do at that time. If we didn’t promise to hand you over, our wooden clan would suffer a devastating blow, and we also won over that they couldn’t kill you directly." Some regrets in Mu Jie’s words seemed to remind us of something.
"Hum, who discussed doing that thing at the beginning, who later revealed it, and who buckled it to my head. You won’t forget it, will you?" Kimura asked the burning face lightly, and his heart was almost filled with anger.
I heard what Mu Cang said. It took me half a ring to say, "I’m sorry for that. I don’t ask you to forgive me. Would you please come to Hui nationality and I’ll give you everything?"
After hearing the words of Mujia, Mucang suddenly gave a burst of laughter. "Give me those things that you are old and rare? Mujia, I haven’t seen you for hundreds of years, and you still look like a stinky hypocrite. You haven’t changed at all! "
This hall is full of wooden pale smiles, which are getting bigger and bigger. It’s all in the ear of Meng Qi Zi Xuan in another passage.
Holding Meng Qi’s hand, Zi Xuan stopped after the passage from behind came to Mu Cang’s smile, and then some worries looked at the export passage that was already out of sight, and some worries in his heart.
She had never heard Mu Cang smile like this, and Zi Xuan heard anger from this smile.
Meng Qi stopped when he saw Zi Xuan. He also stopped to see Zi Xuan’s worried expression. Meng Qi patted Zi Xuan on the shoulder and said, "Don’t worry, my predecessors must be fine. He is so advanced."
Hearing Meng Qi’s relief, Zi Xuan nodded and then continued to walk with Meng Qi. However, this passage is really long. Meng Qi Zi Xuan walked for almost half an hour without seeing the end or the fork.
Just when Meng Qi was impatient, he found that the passage was gradually widening and getting bigger, but it was a few meters wide. Later, it was almost ten meters wide and six or seven meters high.
In the end, Meng Qi and Zi Xuan came to a huge stone gate, which was tightly closed with two doors and a thick stone ring respectively, but it seems that this stone ring is by no means to pull this stone gate.
In front of this stone gate, there are two grotesque monster stone carvings, which are rough but vivid. Meng Qi doesn’t know what these two contradictory feelings will appear in the same object, but Meng Qi just thinks that these two stone monsters are very vivid, as if there are two monsters hidden in this stone carving that will break through the outer stone shell and break out at any time.
Just before Zi Xuan had looked at the Shimen, Meng Qi suddenly had an illusion that the two stone monsters seemed to move.
Is it that you are wrong? Meng Qi carefully looked at the two stone monsters, but did not find that they had a little life fluctuation.
After confirming this matter, Meng Qi was a little nervous and relaxed slightly. It seems that he was a little too nervous, but at this time, the two stone monsters moved!
At the moment when two stone carving monsters put their hands on Shimen in Zi Xuan, their eyes became as bright as two rubies, and then they were caught off guard in Zi Xuan and did not attack Zi Xuan’s back.
At this time, Zi Xuan is unconscious. Meng Qi feels that even if he is out of Zi Xuan, he can’t escape the fatal blow of these two stone monsters.
Without other Meng Qi, a shadow escape technique is to escape to the front of Zi Xuan, and then to stand in front of Zi Xuan, even Jin Lin tactic has no luck.
"poof!" Meng Qi felt a red in the sweet throat and then spit out one mouthful blood. Fortunately, Meng Qi’s body was already quite strong after being transformed by the dragon saliva grass. After spitting one mouthful blood, Meng Qi rolled aside along this impact and hugged Zi Xuan.
At this time, Zi Xuan came here for nothing. What happened? "Master!" Zi Xuan looked at Meng Qi and exclaimed with blood in her mouth.
Meng Qilai didn’t answer Zi Xuan’s words. At the moment when he rolled to the ground, Meng Qi was already playing a golden scale tactic. After Zi Xuan asked, Meng Qi was already turned into a semi-demon and then rushed over to the stone carving monster.
* * Stone collision Meng Qi semi-demonized body is not inferior to these two monsters, but there are several layers. However, these two stone monsters seem to be repaired a lot, and there are also one-on-two situations in which Meng Qi is a little overwhelmed.
Although Meng Qi barely blocked the fists of two monsters, he was constantly pushed back by two stone carving monsters. After seeing the two stone carving monsters, Zi Xuan exclaimed, "Puppet beast!"
Puppet beast? Meng Qi was surprised that it was such a thing. No wonder there was no fluctuation in life just now, but puppet beasts are generally all then.
And Zi Xuan was a little flustered when he found that the two stone monsters were actually two puppet beasts. For these puppet beasts, spiritual attacks are generally discounted, but it happened that although the repair in Zi Xuan has grown rapidly in recent years, there is no material to sacrifice and refine magic weapons because of staying in such a place.
And the multiplier words in Zi Xuan are just a medium-order multiplier given by Meng Qi in those days, but there is no place for this puppet beast of Jindanjie.
In this way, Zi Xuan is left with pure psychic attacks, but Zi Xuan knows that attack spells are no longer big, but some auxiliary spells are still ok
Zi Xuan closed his eyes and then silently read some dharma strategics, and then kept pointing some hand strategics in his hands, and then a thick khaki light appeared in the hands of Zi Xuan.
Then Zi Xuan opened his eyes and threw the khaki light in his hand at a puppet beast. The puppet beast is a machine that follows orders. If no one controls it, it will not dodge. The khaki light in Zi Xuan successfully enveloped a puppet beast.
In this khaki light mass shrouded in the puppet beast for an instant, the original rapid punch actually became a little slow. Meng Qigen didn’t connect hard, so it was easy to hide this attack.
Then Meng Qi found that this puppet beast, shrouded in khaki light, slowed down a lot. At this time, there was another khaki light behind him and enveloped another puppet beast. Meng Qibai must be Zi Xuan helping himself.
Because of Zi Xuan’s help, Meng Qi’s pressure on these two puppet beasts suddenly became much smaller. Because the two puppet beasts moved like slow motion, they hit Meng Qi. On the contrary, Meng Qi frequently fought back and knocked down some stone chips from the two puppet beasts.
However, after playing for a long time, Meng Qi found that although he was on good terms, the two puppet beasts seemed to be unharmed, which puzzled Meng Qi.
Meng Qi is also looking for opportunities to condense and die, but although the flexibility of the two puppet beasts has been greatly reduced, it has not reached the point where Meng Qi can easily condense and die, which seems to be deadlocked for a while.
However, during the fighting between Meng Qi’s puppet beasts, Zi Xuan has been observing two puppet beasts besides maintaining his spell.
After a period of observation, Zi Xuan found that whenever these two puppet beasts attacked, the red light in their eyes was more dazzling, and there was a little fluctuation in the red eyes.
So Zi Xuan said to Meng Qi, "Master hit them in the eye. Those two flint stones in their eyes are their motivation!"
Meng Qi listened to Zi Xuan’s words and paid attention to the red eyes. Indeed, there was a faint spiritual force fluctuation from the red eyes. If it was not carefully felt, it would be discovered by law.
Now that there is a weakness, it is easy for Meng Qi to drink a lot and sacrifice his own purple and gold cone after escaping the attack of two puppet beasts. Meng Qi does not throw the purple and gold cone out to hit people as before.
But grasp the Zijin cone in your hand and then aim it at a puppet beast’s eyes and stab it hard. I know that Meng Qi never dodged and didn’t resist the puppet beast. It was actually withdrawn and stretched out to attack Meng Qi and stood in front of his eyes.
Although the attack hit the palm of the puppet beast, Meng Qi was not angry but rejoiced. Since the puppet beast was blocking his attack on his eyes, the eyes would surely be the key to the puppet beast.
After knowing the key of the puppet beast, things became simple. Meng Qi tried to eat two blows from the puppet beast, and then he hit the Zijin cone into the eye of a puppet beast and then penetrated its brain. After the brain was smashed into several pieces by Meng Qi, the puppet beast stopped moving and stood there motionless like a scrapped machine.
And the other puppet beast is also hard to sing after leaving himself alone. Soon Meng Qi will try again to follow suit and scrap the puppet beast, while Meng Qi himself paid the price of two blood.
After cleaning up the two puppet beasts, Zi Xuan ran to the front of Meng Qi and nervously checked Meng Qi’s body and said, "Master, are you okay?" Seeing Meng Qi vomit a few mouthfuls of blood, Zi Xuan felt a little distressed.
While Meng Qi wiped the blood from the corners of her mouth and said with a smile, "Nothing" and then came to the front of the heavy stone gate.
Chapter two hundred and ten Choice
Chapter two hundred and ten Choice
With the lesson just now, Meng Qi was careful to prevent the rest of the machine even when he was near the Shimen.
Meng Qi made a little effort, but the Shimen was closed, and there was no movement at all. Meng Qigang had already explored this Shimen, and there was no fluctuation of Shimen spiritual force, that is, there was no ban.
This would be terrible. You know Meng Qi is a brute force now, but it’s not small. Don’t say that it’s a big deal to lose one thousand pounds.
And just Meng Qi this force, though not doing its best, but even a piece of one thousand jins of stone can never move.
And Zi Xuan also came to Meng Qi and asked, "What happened to Master?"
"This Shimen is quite heavy, Zi Xuan. Please step back. I’ll push this Shimen." Meng Qilai has changed back into a person, but after pushing this Shimen Meng Qi, he has once again entered a semi-demon state.
"ho ho!" Meng Qili’s hands gradually emerged with their own blood vessels, but this Shimen is still nothing.
Meng Qi’s depressed abdomen shut up and stopped shouting about gas storage, and then the blood vessels in his arm disappeared. Suddenly, Meng Qi’s eyes emitted a light and then disappeared, and the blood vessels reappeared, even more obvious than before, as if they were about to burst out of his arm.
Then Meng Qi’s arm suddenly expanded, and his mouth shouted, "Ah!" Zi Xuan suddenly felt a roar in his ear as if it had exploded with thunder.
Not only that, but Zi Xuan even felt that the whole passage was gently shaken, and Meng Qi’s original stationary stone gate over there was already cracked a gap.
However, this gap is too small for people to get through, but there is already a ray of yellow-red light in it. Zi Xuan can’t believe it. Looking at Meng Qi, she has just seen it for a while and found that this stone gate is a kind of heavy stone. This kind of stone is not only amazing in defense, but also extremely heavy in weight. It is one of the magic weapons for monks to sacrifice and refine.
And I’m afraid it’s quite terrible to throw a magic weapon at people just because it’s so heavy in Shimen. Of course, first of all, it’s necessary to sacrifice and refine people’s minds, otherwise he may even command his own magic weapon like an arm.
But such a big heavy stone was actually pushed by Meng Qi? How hard does it take? I came to Zi Xuan to go back and find my grandfather and ask him to help me open this door.
With Meng Qi’s efforts to nurse his own generation together, the gate made of heavy stone finally appeared as an ordinary person crossing the gap sideways.
Meng Qi pushed it back and collapsed. He sat down on the ground and turned back into a human being, then gasped.
"wheezing" Meng Qi felt that his arms were more painful than the two puppet beasts just attacked.
However, this is not the most uncomfortable. What makes Meng Qi feel the most uncomfortable is the sour feeling in his arm. It is like being tied with two cowhide tendons and then constantly pulling to both sides, feeling that every cell in his arm is sore.