The appearance of the "goddess" is to have a "reasonable" explanation for what happened in Tian Jiacun, and also to make the villagers report their awe of these things.
But this does not mean that Tian Tang wants to get rid of the "goddess"
On the contrary, she just wants everyone to connect her with the "goddess" more closely, and only in this case will her status reach a certain height under the protection of the "goddess"
She is very different from the "goddess", but she is indeed the only messenger of the goddess, and no one can replace that
In the face of Bai Fuling’s question, Tian Tang nodded directly. "It’s a goddess, which means that even if Tian Jiacun can become a paradise with the help of a goddess, the villagers can’t completely rely on Tian Jiacun and can’t really be isolated."
Bai Fuling suddenly realized, "So you want to change some silver when you take Sanqi to town?"
"Yes," Tian Tang wouldn’t deny the answer. She looked at Bai Fuling. "If you want to go to town, take me with you. Just sell the saved Sanqi and you can get more money."
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Now the only thing she can sell is Sanqi. Although it is cheap, small profits but quick turnover can make a profit if she sells more.
Bai Fuling consciously said, "You can sell me Sanqi and I will resell it for you."
Years of business habits made him blurt out his words without thinking.
Hardly had he said the words when he covered his mouth.
This time, he came to Tian Tang to discuss Sanqi, which was different from before. Before, Tian Tang offered to sell Sanqi to him, but this time, his father asked him to come to Tian Tang to see if he could help.
Simply put, he didn’t come to make a difference.
He also dare not!
I didn’t know about Tian Jiacun before, but I earned the money. Now it’s really inappropriate and irrational to know that Tian Tang and Goddess blurted out the idea of making a difference.
If his father finds out, he will give him a good beating.
Thinking of Poria cocos in this way, I immediately changed my mind to "No, I didn’t mean that. I mean, I’m just going to town. You can give me the Sanqi you want to sell. I’ll help you sell it and give it to you intact. I won’t be greedy for a penny."
Tian Tang ignored his inconsistent words and looked at him. "How many Sanqi can people behind you swallow?"
Bai Fuling stunned for a moment and chose the truth "a lot"
"Can I go with you?" Tian Tang continued to ask, "Of course, I won’t show up behind your back. If possible, I can give you this Sanqi business."
Bai Fuling consciously grabbed the corner of the table. "What do you mean?"
Tian Tang nodded. "That’s what you mean. You should have noticed in Tian Jiacun these days that the goddess never advocates getting something for nothing. It’s the same for the villagers, and it’s the same for you. If you really help to do something and don’t give you the corresponding profit, it’s not in the style of the goddess."
Tian Tang won’t do such a thing. What she needs most now is that everyone can lack it. What’s worse, it’s a professional medical family like the White House. This is a scarce talent.
"I … I … I …" Bai Fuling suddenly got up. "I’ll ask my dad."
Say that finish white poria cocos didn’t even talk to Tian Tang turned and ran home.
Tian Tang was in no hurry to start counting his own library after Bai Fuling left.
Enough sweet potatoes, enough potatoes and enough soybeans to make ends meet.
Less rice is planted and sold, which is almost a balance of payments.
Other things are similar. After all, she checks the library every day, which won’t make a certain library too much, but it won’t be in short supply.
Ramie and beet have just been harvested a few times and can be saved again.
Finally, Sanqi.
During this period, there will be a batch of fixed harvest every three days, but it has not been sold, and it has been piled up in the warehouse of the trading hall. Up to now, a total of Jin Sanqi has been saved.
Before Bai Fuling came to Tian Jiacun to settle down, he directly gave 1 Liang of silver and bought 5 Jin of Sanqi at the price of one Jin.
At that time, Tian Tang directly said the reason without asking Bai Fuling.
Tian Tang traded with Bai Fuling three times. The first time it was 6 Wen and 1 Jin, the second time it was 7 Wen and 1 Jin, and the third time it went straight to Wen and 1 Jin. It’s not that he was deliberately lowering the price, but now the price of Sanqi is like this.
The medicinal efficacy of Panax notoginseng is recognized, but even so, it is not paid much attention to at ordinary times. But now it is not peaceful, and there are more and more places in Panax notoginseng, and the medicinal materials are consumed little by little. According to the normal growth rate of Panax notoginseng, it is not known how long it will take to harvest a batch of Panax notoginseng, and the price is naturally one price a day
I don’t know how much I can sell this time.
According to the soaring price of the first three seven, it should be enough for Tian Tang to squander a log cabin, and to build rammed earth roads and pave less areas in Tian Jiacun. She hopes that all departments can pave rammed earth roads.
Soon after, Bai Fuling came back panting until he was in front of Tian Tang.
Tian Tang ignored him and waited for Bai Fuling to catch his breath before he looked up.