Ding Jie sighed, "Let me say it. Xue Rong has been stimulated too much recently. It’s really shameless for dogs and men."
Ding Jie angrily stated what happened.
After coming out of the autopsy building that day, Xue Rong and Ding Jie intend to find a counselor to confess their mistakes and tell him what happened in the building, but the remaining people don’t agree anyway.
They think that everything described by Xue Rong is her illusion. It’s not a big deal, and everyone hasn’t been injured yet. It can be minimized. In case the teacher remembers them, it will not be worth the loss. Their Chinese construction and Wang Peng are still preparing for the postgraduate study, and the demerit will definitely affect the future. Therefore, in order to protect their companions, Xue Rong has to stop.
It just passed, but after a few days, Xue Rong noticed that Wu Liang was wrong.
He doesn’t wait for her to have dinner with him every day in class as before, and he doesn’t chat with her any more. Xue Rong went to the dormitory and finally found her boyfriend. She asked why she didn’t return the message. Wu Liang faltered and said that her mobile phone was broken. Xue Rong asked him what he didn’t fix. He said that he had been busy writing a paper recently.
Although Xue Rong felt strange, he didn’t think much. He told him to remember to play with her when he finished writing.
The second day after this, she and Ding Jie ran into Wu Liang in the canteen. He was with another person.
—— Feng Xiaojuan
Although there is no crossing the border, two people are sitting at a table for dinner leisurely, which makes Xue Rong very unhappy.
She was spoiled and grew up, and at ordinary times she was spoiled by Wu Liang, so she went to ask Wu Liang on the spot why she didn’t accompany her girlfriend but had dinner with others.
Wu Liang showed a very impatient expression, but Feng Xiaojuan explained it to her angrily.
She said that she couldn’t do a course, and Wu Liang was the best in her class. She specially invited him to dinner and wanted to ask him for advice.
Although Xue Rong doubted it, Feng Xiaojuan took out on the spot that she wanted to consult Wu Liangye, and she couldn’t say anything. After all, it was embarrassing to bow her head and see Feng Xiaojuan in a dormitory. She was embarrassed that the original matter was over, but I didn’t expect it to be a beginning.
In the next few days, many students bumped into Feng Xiaojuan and Wu Liang, sometimes studying in the library, and sometimes walking by the lake. It was even more irritating that these two people were like hiding from Xue Rong. They didn’t see anyone during the day and didn’t come back after the dormitory door at night, which made her want to confront each other face to face.
So she can find Feng Xiaojuan’s boyfriend Wen Jian, who knows Wen Jian doesn’t care and tells her that she has already broken up with Feng Xiaojuan. Now she is free to fall in love. If Wu Liang really thinks Feng Xiaojuan is right, she should stop pestering her.
That night, Wu Liang took the initiative to come to her and said goodbye. After two years of love, they broke up.
Peach "boyfriend cheating? I can’t help you. "
Xue Rong wry smile "so it’s ok"
Two days after the breakup, Xue Rong calmly thought about it. She felt that not only Wu Liang but also Feng Xiaojuan was wrong.
I don’t know why I can’t tell her, because after coming out of the autopsy building, they have little contact, but every time they communicate face to face, she always feels that their eyes, expressions and speaking habits are different from before, as if they are wearing the same human shell but have changed.
Xue Rong told Ding Jie about it, and Ding Jie felt the same way, so the two of them planned to observe a dog man and a woman together.
It’s okay not to observe. The more you observe, the more frightening it becomes.
Something is wrong. It’s not just Wu Liang and Feng Xiaojuan. They found that when they entered the anatomy building, except for them, other people’s behaviors were different from before. Wenjian Wang Peng and their four boys lived in the same dormitory. They were inseparable on weekdays, but they had to sit together with Wu Liang Feng Xiaojuan, the sum of public classes.
These six people also acted together in the library after class, and disappeared at the weekend.
Professor Yang is Wu Liang’s favorite teacher in the professional class, but as soon as the professor entered the classroom that day, the six of them changed their faces and ran out with their bags. Professor Yang also called Wu Liang to ask him where he was going. Wu Liang looked at him as if he had met a ghost.
There are many strange things like this.
Xue Rong inquired with Wen Jian’s classmates that he used to be a very lively boy, but he didn’t communicate with other students except his roommate after he came back from the anatomy building. Wang Peng is also very professional, but he has always made mistakes in anatomy class recently, even holding a scalpel is not correct. Because of this, he has been trained by the teacher many times.
"What really scares me is that one thing." Xue Rong remembered that his face was still a little pale. "On that day, the public class teacher arranged a copy of the PP course, and six of them didn’t hand it in when they finished the course the next day."
Taotao asked, "No?"
Ding Jie said, "It is impossible."
Xue Rong said thoughtfully, "Although Wang Peng can’t take a scalpel, Wu Liang’s professional knowledge is in his class to answer questions. There is nothing wrong with it. I asked them about their former close classmates who told me that they have never heard from social software since they came out of the autopsy building."
"I suspect that they didn’t leave school because they couldn’t write, but because they didn’t have brains, just as Wu Liang began to lie to me. He said that the mobile phone was broken, but I think it was because he couldn’t unlock the screen of the mobile phone." Xue Rongyin trembled. "Taotao, they may not be my classmates. Could they be possessed by something in the building?"
Ding Jie hurriedly said, "Yes, Taotao, it is normal that you want to dissect the evil things in the building that were twenty years ago and they will not give birth now."
Taotao "Taozhen tested Feng Xiaojuan before I left that day, and she was not abnormal."
Xue Rong "Is it possible that Taozhen is out of order?"
"Impossible," Taotao said. "Taozhen is carved by my younger brother. He is a spiritual master who has the property of breaking magic light. Things in his hand will also have the property of breaking magic. If the evil spirit is special, it will be restrained and show its true colors without exception …"
"Unless what?"
"Unless you are very powerful and evil, you can withstand the power of Taozhen for a short time, but it will never last more than a minute."
Ding Jie "So you mean they have no problem?"
"No, I think it’s a big problem. There must be some way for them to escape the power of Taozhen, but I can’t find it yet." Taotao said, "You can’t touch them without proof that they are possessed by evil spirits. This is the rule of the spiritual world."
"Why is there such a rule?"
"In order to avoid accidental injury, many times the ability of a spiritual master can not only hurt evil spirits but also hurt people. I would rather let go than kill them by mistake."
Cynthia asked, "What should I do? I am afraid when I see them now. "
"If you want to deal with evil spirits, you must know exactly what it is. I’m already looking into it. It’s estimated that there will be news soon. Go back and wait. Don’t startle them."
"There are two insiders, Rong Rong and I, who dissect the building. What if they kill them?"
"If they weren’t idiots, they wouldn’t do that," Taotao said. "The autopsy building has withered and the vine has changed so much. Won’t the school pay attention? Now it’s not like monitoring around Nian. Once evil spirits can’t control harm people, they will be found out sooner or later. "
"What about Wu Liang?" Xue Rong shed tears. "Will he be okay if evil spirits are attached to Wu Liang?"
"I don’t know."
Xue Rong grabbed her hand. "Taotao, please, you secretly violated the rules. No one knows if you will help Wu Liang?"
"It’s not that I don’t want to" Taotao pulled out his hand. "I don’t know its species and weaknesses, and it’s not afraid of implements. I can’t cut it with a sword, can I? Cutting it is equivalent to cutting Wu Liang, do you agree? "