There are two people who want to ride, that is, Princess Wing Wang and the couple have almost written to ask for help.
The two went back to get married and walked for more than a month, and then rushed back to Beijing when there was no time.
And the monarch of Wing King knew about Dong Yong’s spiritual affairs, so she wrote very tactfully, and stressed that if it didn’t work, she would forget about it.
There is no reason for Dong Fengling’s refusal, and there is no pressure. Now it is beautiful in spring and sunny, and birds prefer to exercise their muscles and run far, but it will be no problem to have a round trip in a day or two or three or four days.
After I went to Puzhou emperor to have a cage built for planting people, I haven’t been there since I returned, and the couple and their wives are not bad.
Dong Hanxuan, they won’t bring any personal skills, so they don’t need any cages.
However, Dong Yuling still asked the birds in the past to bring one or two small cages to hold luggage and specialties.
There was an animal trainer in Shenglian Dynasty. Even when he came to the mission, he had long heard that he couldn’t find out who it was.
Recently, Long Chen has been telling her a lot of news about the city around Dong Fengling. It seems that every day, there are a lot of inquiries about animal trainers. The emperor keeps this very tight and there is almost no news.
After asking people in front, people come behind, which shows that this news has been asked.
Most people don’t know anything. They know that people were killed by the emperor. The order to go to Puzhou was the emperor’s confidant. Naturally, it was not leaked.
Finally, Dong Yuling decided to send birds to pick up his younger brothers and sisters early in the morning, and he was still a little excited at the thought of meeting them the day after tomorrow.
Take care of these radish heads as soon as they cross over. Dong Yuling still has great feelings for his younger brothers and sisters.
Adding a few younger brothers and sisters is very sticky to her. Dong Yuling is really a bit like her own child.
"How come Yalan hasn’t been born yet? The horse is the emperor’s longevity day, and Bai Yuan can’t go back. He won’t be born on the same day as the emperor! " It’s a pity that Dong Yuling thought that the monarch of Wing King would come back, but Su Yalan still lived in the villa on such a busy day.
And Zhuo Ting came back. Dong Yuling thought that Su Yalan should be very eager to participate in her plan.
This Dong Yuling sent a letter back to Su Yalan, and she received Su Yalan’s aggressive reply very quickly.
It seems that Su Yalan and Zhuo Ting should not deal with her, just say that this is a bitch and count a list of despicable things in Zhuo Ting’s past than indignation.
Even including some funny things about Zhuo Ting, Su Yalan actually accepted them all.
Su Yalan said that she knew that this bitch would definitely come back, so she had already made up her mind to send someone to collect Zhuoting’s news there. Just wait for Zhuoting to come back and hit this bitch in all directions.
According to Su Yalan’s estimation, Zhuo Ting will not stop even if she goes to the border. There will certainly be many things happening. Su Yalan is very proud to say that she is waiting to rule this pole.
Now, I will share these information departments with Dong Yuling, and I also specifically explained that you’re welcome, you must abuse your hands and die. 53 Chapter 53 Who is the fifth Zhuo Ting?
Otherwise, this bitch just can’t kill Xiaoqiang all day, and she must be abused until she can’t jump, so she can rest assured.
Otherwise, this woman will find a lot of gaps and keep jumping out of the diaphragm, and that day will not be able to pass.
Dong Wei was so happy that he deeply felt that Su Yalan was full of malice towards Zhuo Ting.
But Su Yalan gave her so much news that it was a sharp weapon against rival in love.
It’s just been reported that Dong Yuling looked at it as a joke. If you put it on a normal child, it’s nothing funny. Anyway, children are just like that.
But it’s not funny to show the enemy’s body, but it’s also a joke.
At last, Dong Yuling’s ridicule turned into a meaningful smile. It’s really worthwhile for her to send a letter to Su Yalan specially.
Lian Yan-jing heard Dong Yong-ling’s question. "That’s ok. It’s estimated that many emperors who were born that day won’t mind."
"What a coincidence!" It’s a rare chance for Dong Yuling to stand up.
However, it will be a pity to have a birthday with the emperor one day, so there is almost no chance for you to celebrate your birthday, so you have to postpone your treat before.
Of course, it is a special honor not to be taboo if you don’t know the emperor’s family and there is no official.
But Su Yalan’s children account for both. Then I’m sure I can have a good birthday.
The next day, Lian Yan Jiing got up to continue her busy work, only to find that Dong Yuling was no longer in the house and got up earlier than him?
Get dressed quickly. Lian Yan Jing was about to go out and look for it, but she saw Dong Yuling coming in from the outside, followed by a hot breakfast girl.
Accustomed to open your eyes, you can see Dong Yuling, but today you can’t see Lian Yan Jingjue’s heart swinging.
Now I finally see people feel refilled.
Pull Dong Lu Ling to sit at the table and wait for the food to be ready. Don’t forget to give Dong Lu Ling a good meal first. "What are you doing up so early?" Still going out? "
Blowing a sip of porridge, Dong Xiaoling smiled and said, "My brother will come back and write to let me send birds there. I’ll just arrange for the early morning meeting to fly back to Beijing!"
Smell speech lotus Yan jiing a slightly depressed that always give him obstacles big jiu is coming back?