At random, I saw those medicinal materials Ling Lao, who was quite disdainful and said lightly, "Fool, the value of this three-Dan medicine is not that these medicinal materials are better than his heaven and earth meeting place, because I know that this fire panacea is valuable."
A quick laugh is to stop talking.
"Well, you go to practice with peace of mind. I’ll do it here." Light said that Ling Lao gently covered the surface of the room with a wave of purple energy.
"Now those people outside want to see the situation inside, and they can’t see it." Light said that Ling Lao was preparing to forge a fire panacea
"Teacher, you can refine Dan medicine next to me." Hey hey smile Han Chen is sitting there and slowly taking off the heavy black robe and immediately sitting there watching Ling Lao refining Dan medicine.
Ling Lao nodded gently and ignored Han Chen’s mind to refine Dan medicine.
See at this time thick purple flame from ling old palm dig out soon is gathered into a half zhangs to high pillar smile, the medicinal materials are also a purple energy package quickly thrown into the pillar, the medicinal materials in the pillar within a moment is finished powder soon thick pure energy droplets is formed in the flame.
See ling old this almost flowing general fuck Han Chen can’t help secretly staggering, but slightly sigh in my heart that I can’t be a refined pharmacist.
Han Chen sighed so instantly that many materials disappeared, and the drops of pure energy in the purple pillar of fire kept gathering together, followed by the third-order animal nucleus of the fire property, which was also thrown into the pillar of fire. Within a moment, the animal nucleus was transformed into a liquid of pure and fiery energy, and the liquid was slowly condensed into the last fist-sized energy.
"The teacher really deserves to be an alchemist. Such complicated steps should be done in one go." Han Chen’s hey hey smile was immediately followed by a quiet look at Ling veteran’s final step. Chapter 64 Hardening the bones [seeking collection and recommendation].
"Shout finally succeeded!" Han Chen’s face was also flooded with excitement after seeing the purple pillar of fire constantly differentiating into one longan-sized Dan medicine after another.
"Ha ha, I didn’t expect this refining to be so successful. These five medicinal materials have successfully refined a fire panacea." Put away the purple flame and put a round lux Dan medicine in front of Han Chen.
Han Chen quickly took out three jade bottles from Kirin ring and immediately put the table.
Ling Lao smiled and put Dan medicine into three jade bottles.
"This is the venue of heaven and earth, and these two pieces are Gillette’s rush to that old guy." Han Chen put away five Dan medicine jade bottles and immediately put them away, which is to set off a strange smile at the corner of his mouth.
"Teacher, I think we should add some materials to Gillette’s Dan medicine for that old guy." Put the jade bottle in front of Ling Lao Han Chen laughed.
"Oh, you little guy, there are a lot of crooked points." Ling Lao shook his head slightly and smiled. Immediately, two tiny purple flames turned into a streamer and entered the jade bottle.
"Hum, I want that old guy to eat this. I think his life doesn’t belong to him." Smiled indifferently, Han Chen’s heart also rose a little viciousness.
Will these preparations do Han Chen is also quickly put on black robes soon ling Lao is also the soul force back.
"Come on in," said Ling Lao, and then three figures came in quickly.
Three people came in, eyes first is paused Han Chen side two jade bottle soon that Galle old man’s face is also a bit different.
"Elder, this speed is really shocking. You have succeeded in refining before you arrive for two hours." The old man Galle said slowly, but his heart was full of waves. He had to wait outside for a day to come in. I didn’t expect …
"Ha ha, I have finished three. Let’s have a look. If there is no problem, then I will leave." Han Chen got up slightly and was ready to leave.
"Oh, by the way, senior, here are 50 sets of Juyuan Dan materials you need. Please check them." Suyun handed Han Chen a delicate ring.
"ring?" Han Chen slightly one leng seems to have never expected Suyun to be so generous.
"Ha-ha, this is an intermediate ring, which is a gift from our heaven and earth venue to our predecessors." Suyun chuckled and reached out to Han Chen.
"So old also take it" Han Chen also you’re welcome a took the ring is to leave.
Watching Han Chen leave in a hurry, Gillette’s face flushed with a self-deprecating look. I was going to woo her, but on second thought, what can I do to attract the great bodhisattva?
Wan Han Jia Han Chen Fang
Sitting on the bed, Han Chen’s face is also a bit excited. A jade bottle is quietly placed beside him.
"Teacher, what do you need so many Juyuan Dan materials for?" A lux Dan medicine appeared in Han Chen’s hand. Han Chen smiled and looked at Ling Lao.
"Don’t you want your Korean family to be more tough?" Ha ha a smile. Ling Lao played with the ring in his hand. When the ring was pointed out, the virtual shadow came out of the ring.
"It seems that the teacher is busy with so many materials." Hey, hey, a smile, Han Chen is to quickly put the fire elixir in his hand in his mouth and micro-move his throat. The fire elixir is swallowed into his stomach.
Dan medicine into the body Han Chen is to feel thick mixed with fire property energy is constantly spreading from the abdomen to soon Han Chen also quickly entered the state of uniting.
See Han Chen so move ling old also gently nodded immediately and also with those refined poly yuan Dan materials into the Kirin ring.
Of course, Han Chen has no leisure to take care of these. At this time, his mind is completely immersed in the state of uniting.
Slightly running vitality, thick light red vitality, Han Chen’s luck is turning one after another, and a mysterious atmosphere haunts him.
Bang …
At this time, the magic power of the second Dan medicine fire has scattered a part of the power of Han Chen’s body, and then the skeleton of Han Chen’s limbs is constantly refined, and most of the energy is free from the other body along Han Chen’s meridians.
"Shout …"