Suddenly, the helicopter violently bumped and the engine roared abnormally. Yin Yunxi tried to keep the helicopter from landing safely, but the plane still didn’t stabilize and gradually fell down.
Knowing that Yin Yunxi passed out directly after the plane crash, she immediately went to the hospital. Yin Yunying lost her tears and knelt down before the only photo of her mother and daughter.
Xi Yu Jie kept silent all day and drank wine constantly, hoping to erase this memory.
"Ying Ying Xi can’t keep up with my grief." Leng Lingxuan comforted the twitching silver Ying Ying.
"Well-"Silver Ying threw herself into Leng Lingxuan’s arms with tears in her eyes. "How could my sister be so cruel? How could she lose my mother and me?" Silver Ying cried her eyes red and gradually passed out.
Leng Lingxuan sent Yinyun Ying to the hospital, and both mother and daughter asked to live in the same ward.
All the people are immersed in pain.
A white hand holding the helicopter door Yin Yunxi gradually climbed out, breathing and then her spirit came out.
"What’s the matter? How can a helicopter have an accident? " Spirit patted the ash asked.
"How should I know? !” Yin Yunxi looked at the road sign before he left. "This is Britain. Look at the road sign. It should be not far from the castle. Let’s go to the Queen of England first. She will send us back to China." Yin Yunxi took out her luggage from the helicopter. Fortunately, the luggage was not damaged.
When I came to the gate of the English castle, Yin Yunxi realized that the guards should not inform themselves that they had gone in and saw the Queen of England crying.
"hequeenher (Mother)"
“whisi? (Who is it? ) "The Queen of England felt the sound familiar and gradually raised her head.
"iididndie (it’s me, I’m not dead)" Yin Yunxi said with a smile.
“hpe! ididnwrng? areyureally! hankgd! hankgd! (hey! Am I reading this right? It’s really you Thank you, Emperor! Thank you, Emperor! ) "The Queen of England hugged Yin Yunxi.
"heryurearsweedylhes (Mother, your tears have made my clothes wet)" Yin Yunxi joked.
“hesul? ishein? (What about the spirit? Him? )”
"Heisverygdherwereheaslefraperidfiehisspargrapfieplednellanyneeurnews (he is very kind, please don’t tell anyone about us when our mother is going to live in the castle for a while)"
"welliknwpepleakehedwnfrares (okay, I see. Somebody take them to rest)"
[Revenge] 64 You disappoint me.
A week later, Silver Yunxi Villa allowed Light Snow and Silver Yun Ying and Leng Lingxuan to sit together for lunch without saying a word.
"hey! You are so boring ah "Yin Yunxi cynicism into the eardrum of three people, they all looked at the door.
"Why? I’m not dead. Why the hell are you looking at me? " Yin Yunxi put her bag on the sofa.
"Mommy! Ying ying! Hyun! "
"Sister (Xi) (Xiaoxi)!" Three people got up and rushed to Yin Yunxi and looked at her.
"Why? I’m not dead. "Yin Yun took a white look at them and sat on the sofa.
"Sister, you scared us to death. My mother and I just got out of the hospital today." Yin Yunying said with a slight reproach sitting next to Yin Yunxi.
"It’s just that Allah lived in England for a few days," said Yin Yunxi.
"It’s easy for you to say," said Yin Yingying. "I’ll help my mother to rest first."
Silver Yun Ying held the silver Yun Xi immediately pulled Leng Lingxuan down opposite single person sofa after allowing the light snow building.
"Tell me quickly what happened to you and my sister?"
"Nothing" Leng Lingxuan casually said.
"What? h! n! You let me down too much. "
"Don’t you come to my house every day without even touching her?"
"Oh my God! So you’d better forget it now. You haven’t even touched her mouth, have you? "
“hygd! I killed you! " Yin Yunxi looked at LengLingXuan with his arms around his chest.
"What can I do?"
"Then I’ll help you." Yin Yunxi walked beside Leng Lingxuan and pulled him up and pushed him to the door. "Now go home and get ready for me. He will give it to me tonight, and the vip9 box 9 of the seven-star hotel in our flag is waiting for ggggg!"
Pushing Leng Lingxuan out of the door, Yin Yunxi immediately rushed to the sofa and took out his mobile phone from his bag.
"Hello, this is Lisa Seven Star Hotel in rh Flag. May I help you?" Soft beauty comes from the mobile phone
"This is Yin Yunxi. Get me your manager."