"In our agreement, we helped you catch those cunning little people and didn’t want to fight against the official forces." But I saw that the man with a big beard and green clothes was cold. "Pablo, you need to give me an account or I will leave with me now."
But this man with a word Hu is the king of Medellin, the monopolist of ball black drug trading, and is called "the killer", "the kidnapping machine" and "the kind master" Pablo Escobar Govillar.
"Jeffrey, I didn’t expect such a situation." Pablo rubbed his eyebrows and said, "I told me that the Americans were coming, but I didn’t expect them to persuade the official troops to arrest me. Well, it’s not the first time, but this time they are making the biggest noise."
It’s not the first time that Colombian officials sent troops to catch Pablo, nor is it the first time that Americans tried to kill him. In March 1994, American military advisers commanded five Colombian government troops to take Hercules transport planes to the lair of the Medellin regiment.
Pablo was caught off guard in that war and directly lost more than a thousand gunmen. Fortunately, most of those gunmen were captured, while Pablo was lucky to escape from the scene with online help and bodyguards. Later, he launched the operation, when the Minister of Justice assassinated and responded to the minister’s planned attack.
A few days after the assassination of Lara Dang, the Minister of Justice who initiated the operation, 50 drug dealers rushed into the Colombian Ministry of Justice building with guns, and more than 400 military and police officers fought back, but then the drug dealers were reinforced, and more than 400 drug dealers armed with ground-to-ground missiles directly intervened in the battle.
The fighting continued until late at night, and finally the Colombian National Defence Forces came to reinforce the drug dealers before they evacuated, but they left more than 30 police officers’ bodies and more than 100 judges’ bodies at the scene and several judges and a police chief.
Chapter two hundred and eleven Evacuation
Pablo was right this time. This time, it was the most vicious attack by the official. The coming of 5,000 Colombian defense forces was also quite huge. However, Pablo knew the news the week before and made a good defense response. Even though he cooperated with the official in the US special forces at that time, he was still unable to catch him.
This time, it’s completely different. The difference is that this time it’s not a line informing him, but he put it on the highway eyeliner to return it. The taste is worth pondering. It must be reliable to be put on the official line by Pablo, and there are few handles in his hand.
Generally speaking, they will never know about it. One is that they have been cleaned up and the news can’t come out. But if they have been cleaned up, Pablo will know less about their accident, which is also a warning. However, they have not been cleaned up.
The news that has not been cleaned up has not come out, saying that there are two possibilities: they betrayed or they didn’t get the news at all. The former is unlikely, while the latter means that this is a very dangerous signal. Pablo put it on the official line or his status is not low
Even they haven’t received the news. It’s said that a few people at the top of the official level have decided, which means that they are determined to kill Pablo. This is not good news for Pablo. He looks pale now, holding his fist at that table and pointing out his psychological situation.
"Jeffrey, our agreement needs to be changed." Pablo was silent for a moment before saying, "I’ll give you five more tons of goods, but I don’t want you to stick to it. I can give up here, but you have to protect me in the jungle. You are good at jungle warfare. This is not a problem for you, is it?"
Five tons of Jeffrey’s eyelids jumped a few times, which is excellent news for him. This year, his land goods were lost, which made his capital operation very difficult. The official encirclement and suppression has shattered his troops and the whole front is on the verge of collapse.
If there is no capital injection, the whole army will collapse because there is not enough ammunition, weapons and medicine to supplement it. It is also because of this situation that Jeffrey agreed to Pablo’s request to help him search for those damn mercenaries. Otherwise, where could Pablo please move him?
"Five tons, okay, you make my heart beat, my friend." Jeffrey and Pablo have a lot to do with each other. One is a drug dealer, and the other is a big grower. Naturally, they often trade. After all, Jeffrey himself has no way to sell the goods. He has no channels and can’t go out to find channels in person.
Pablo’s second-hand vendor can’t just buy goods with Jeffrey. He takes all goods from Colombia to Mexico. No one can snatch them from him. Pablo won’t offend planting, but he will kill those who dare to compete with him.
"Brother, you have to give me a hand," Pablo said sincerely, looking at Jeffrey. "We have been together for many years. We have been through all kinds of storms. I promise that if I can survive this time, I will help you. The arms dealer is a powerful arms dealer and he will give you all the weapons you need at the best price."
"It’s just an arms dealer. I can find it myself." Jeffrey sneered at Pablo’s words. "If you have money, even if we hide in the jungle, they can still find us accurately and sell us arms."
Pablo heard this and waved his hand and said, "No, no, no, Jeffrey, if that’s the case with my brother, I won’t introduce him to you. I’ll introduce you to the missile arms dealers. Are they small or large missiles that can let you hit Bogota?"
"You, you" Jeffrey suddenly shook his fingers and pointed to Pablo, only to see the latter say with a wry smile, "Don’t look at me like that. In fact, I just came into contact with those people recently. They wouldn’t have contacted me. They contacted Newell, but now Newell has been caught and they want to sell me the goods."
Jeffrey soon calmed down and thought about what he could do if he really had the missile, but soon he sadly found that he could do nothing with the missile, not a gun, but he could play things with it. It was a technical arm.
In a guerrilla like Jeffrey, there is no such technical arm at all. Even if you throw him a missile, Jeffrey can hold the missile in a daze, maybe he can take a piss on the surface and play. It is almost impossible for you to let him launch the missile.
Besides, the missile target was too big. Newell was the president of Panama at that time. He had a port and his own road to receive missiles, but where could he find these places to receive missiles? Jeffrey had to admit that there was no channel to send them in and get them.
"You don’t worry about the channel. They have the channel to send it in." Pablo looked at Jeffrey and said, "Even they will attach two launchers. Otherwise, how could Newell consider buying it? If you need to pay, two launchers will follow you. Of course, you have to make sure that these two people don’t die and they know the operation procedure."
Jeffrey smell speech couldn’t help shine at the moment. If you can send it in and there are two launchers, Jeffrey will swallow a mouthful of saliva and swear. "Bang" will hit the table one by one. "Well, if I do, I can get the missile and say anything. If I can’t get it."
Jeffrey glanced at Pablo, who shook his head and sighed, "My life is in your hands. Do you think I can play tricks again?"
"We’ll start now," Jeffrey nodded his head. "Don’t take too many people. I don’t want you to slow down our March. It’s best to let you hide as soon as possible until you contact them."
Pablo nodded to the black bodyguard around him, and then the whole Medellin met. It’s not the first time Pablo has been attacked. They have a whole set of coping processes, and a large number of gunmen have been dispersed. They will lurk in various cities and wait for the call.
During Pablo’s reign, he buried a large number of hidden lines in Colombia and neighboring countries, which ensured that he could easily hide his strength and mobilize it at any time.
Segmented reading 192
Although he is weaker than the Colombian government, it is possible to launch a surprise attack and severely damage the official institutions.
For example, in the attack on the judicial building in Colombia, he quickly concluded 50 gunmen and launched the attack with the fastest speed and strongest firepower. Immediately after the attack was blocked, he organized more than 400 support troops and carried ground-to-ground missiles to reinforce.
With this strength, he was able to make Colombian officials fear him. He was very afraid that this guy could not figure out how to let hundreds of people attack the presidential palace with missiles. After all, he had successfully kidnapped the president and forced Colombian officials to negotiate.
With such a criminal record, no one is surprised by what he does.
In an hour, the whole Medellin became very spacious, and several men in black hurried away from the city in their cars. Most of them were young people, and a few of them left his manor with Pablo. With the torrent, the armed forces fled into the vast jungle.
"Don’t be too tight," the fat dog said to Hou Dasheng in the earphone. "Those are veterans of jungle warfare who will be noticed if they get too close."
There are two taps in the "Benedict" earphone. Dany doesn’t know where to lurk. Three people are now in a state. The fat dog knows that Hou Dacheng has been with Pablo’s team. Jeffrey specially sent elites to protect him. There are more than 300 teams scattered around him.
These teams are surrounded and protect the core part. Pablo’s team keeps moving forward. There are not many people in these teams, each with about 30 people, but they are all very close. Once one team is attacked, other teams can go to support at any time.
At the same time, other teams will escort Pablo to evacuate Pablo directly and as quickly as possible. All of them are gunmen who are good at jungle. They are Pablo’s core security forces. The whole team moves irregularly. Their destination is Jeffrey’s secret camp here.
There, they will rest for one night, and then they will go to Jeffrey’s camp the next day. Of course, they will not stop swimming until the official encirclement and suppression has stopped. Jeffrey will continue to send teams to harass those who try to search for and capture Pablo until the official combat troops withdraw. This is the completion of the deal with Pablo.