This kind of resource is not given to dad by the state, but by chance. It’s not a disadvantage. It must be grasped to alleviate dad’s bad luck.
Unicorn Chan thought happily.
Wen Xian and Ye Feng agreed to invite them to sing together after his lyrics were written.
And insisted on giving half of his theme song reward for this Xianxia drama to buy music
Even if the composer is "not in this world", there are always family members.
Wen Xian hopes that Ye Feng will give the money to the family of the "predecessors". If this song is released into an album or other income is generated, it will be divided into half with this family.
Ye Feng didn’t expect that he would casually talk about digging a big hole for himself. Where would he find this family?
Who knows that Unicorn Chan should come "Good for Uncle Wen!"
I was cheated by the baby again, Ye Feng. This is really cheating …
In front of Wen Xian, it is not good for Ye Feng to refute the baby, so he accepted Wen Xian’s transfer for the time being.
After returning home, Ye Feng asked Unicorn Chan, "How can the baby be handed over to princess royal?"
Unicorn Chan looked at his finger and didn’t answer Ye Feng directly, "princess royal is still there."
Ye Feng was shocked. He quickly grabbed the baby’s little hand. "princess royal is in your hand? !”
There is nothing in the baby’s little palm.
But the baby can see a lot of things that others can’t. Can it be said that princess royal has become one of those grandfathers who helped the leading role to be promoted with him in fantasy novel?
"No, there is princess royal’s mark here. The mark is still in princess royal."
Ye Feng looked at the baby’s other finger in this palm position or nothing.
"What’s here?"
Ye Feng felt that there was no way to continue this topic. He changed his question. "Then where is princess royal?"
"I don’t know."
The baby doesn’t have princess royal, which calms Ye Feng down.
He recalled what a baby had just said. "Baby means that princess royal left a mark on your hand to prove that princess royal is still alive?"
Unicorn Chan nodded.
Ye Feng is proud that she can fully interpret the baby’s words.
He almost understood that the baby wanted to say that the mark in his hand was still there, and it was printed on the person.
"But the baby is not to say that the distance from the world before the baby is now one thousand years? That princess royal … "
Ye Feng wants to say that princess royal will become an old monster if he doesn’t die for thousands of years.
Through the description of the baby, princess royal has always been a girl about the same age as Unicorn Chan in Ye Feng.
"I don’t know."
Unicorn Chan shook his head, and he was not white.
He can’t even remember what this mark in his hand is for.
Just remember that if this seal is still there, princess royal will not die.
This is really beyond Ye Feng’s understanding. He simply told the baby what he said and asked him to report it to everyone for analysis.
Wen Xian came to buy the money, and Ye Feng temporarily took princess royal to the bank.
Ye Feng doesn’t know whether princess royal came to their modern world like Unicorn Chan.
Since the baby keeps saying that princess royal is still here, help her first.
When I got back, I was humming that song in Unicorn Chan’s studio when Ye Feng received a message from the director of "Going for an outing at the weekend".
"Ye Feng, you know that our program group has been nervous. In the past two days, we have brought a pull to two sponsors.
However, one of them is your ex-sister, and her additional requirement is to be a guest of the first flight. If you don’t want this sponsorship, we will push it off. "
The word "push" is extremely forbearing, and it is squeezed out through the teeth.
Ye Feng smiled, but the unrelated sister Ye Zaixi came out and jumped again.
He has been squeezed by that family of three for many years, and his upbringing should also be finished.
Even if the family framed by the wicked stands by, he may still feel a little affection for them.
But they chose to pull out the bone and suck the marrow …
"They publicly released my adoption before she was my sister."
"Do you know if that … turned her down?"
The director’s heartache finally led to two sponsorships, one of which was directed at Ye Feng
A look is to find fault. He doesn’t want to offend Ye Feng and wants to sponsor the institute to test Ye Feng first.
If Ye Feng really doesn’t want to see this man, it’s a pity that he can refuse.
"I’m fine. We’re more important. Don’t push her."
This time, she refused, and she didn’t know that she was going to jump out of nowhere again. It was just an early solution.
The director is overjoyed that their bonus has increased again!
Soon it will be the weekend when "Go for an outing on the weekend" is broadcast live. This program has accumulated some regular fans. After seeing the official blog’s announcement of the live broadcast date, it came to the live broadcast early.
This official blog also released two additional flight guests’ silhouettes.
Guan Bo tagged these two black silhouettes, one is a young woman and the other is a young boy.
Also specially marked that these two are amateurs.
Even amateurs have many viewers who are curious about the new guests.
After all, the other groups of guests are all fathers or father-daughter combinations. Literally, there is not much difference between this young woman and the young boy. What combination will they be?
The other four permanent guests were all on the plane and began to broadcast live.
With these two amateurs, the live broadcast was not started until everyone gathered at the destination from all directions, which satisfied the appetite of the audience.
As usual, when the guests introduce each other,
Brother Jin Junjie was about to speak when the "little boy" interrupted him angrily.
"long! This is the destination? Where’s the old man Keng Sun? ! Give me the project. Isn’t it an island amusement park?
I felt something was wrong from that stupid bus! Where is this godforsaken place?
Don’t tell me you want to put it here to play metamorphosis! I’m not interested in playing with you guys! "