Just know to put the line of sight on the screen for a while before responding to a word.
"Well, it’s a story."
When the film is broadcast, both the instructor and the audience in the studio are watching, and they all keep quiet and deep in thought.
Lu Susu’s eyes are a little red from the mentor’s seat. In the past few years, she has become popular quickly, but she has suffered a lot of criticism.
It’s often said that she went through the back door and said that her unspoken rules said that after she became popular, she was "talking by looking at pictures". It’s often said that no matter how small or subtle a reaction is, it will be amplified by a willing heart and then given some other meaning.
And holding a photo that is not her root can be synthesized to modify the picture and give her an unwarranted charge for no reason.
Chapter 99 Choose me
If someone else hugs you like this, it is estimated that an over-the-shoulder fall will pass.
The other party is Lin Ji.
He gathered the radian of his lips and leaned back lazily in this posture. The shoulder of the person behind him was a little frivolous, and he breathed a sigh of relief, and the bass was ambiguous and dumb.
Then I cry. "Lin Ji’s ear hair is blown across the skin with a slight itch."
He still lightly covers the eyes of young people, and his eyes go from his beautiful thin lips to his throat which is finally exposed to air.
Fingertip consciousness presses two points.
The sound is also half dumb.
Others may not feel much.
However, Lin Ji has always been keen on emotional perception, and he has a lot of attention. Naturally, he can see that although the young face is smiling, his heart is not as relaxed as the surface.
Just now, I really felt a little emotional. Su Zhu’s prototype is that he once did something.
That’s not the longest time he stayed. The world is full, that is, a few months, but it is definitely the first in the world that makes him feel wronged.
Almost, he didn’t maintain his staff, and almost never came back.
Do you know how many people like him in the system know that if they want to return to their own world, they need to earn points through completion?
They play different target roles in all kinds of worlds, and they can’t be set apart, can’t be detected by people in the world, and can’t change people’s fate, otherwise they will be regarded as violations and directly erase their consciousness.
At the moment of entering the system, the system will no longer call you a cold-hearted person. Most of them either fail in the process of breaking the rules or get too involved in the process of getting points. After going through almost a dozen worlds, they can’t even remember their own names .91439813
And being lost in a certain world and unwilling to go on, it is also called returning to the previous world
Until the character and the dead also "died" in that world together.
It’s really enough to be like Fang Zhi. It’s rare to be able to forget who you are after such a long time. At this moment, it’s a little comforting to feel the warmth and gentleness of holding your strength behind you.
It’s for "Fang Zhi"
This kind of cognition lets you know that the emotion is unconsciously dispersed.
What used to be called? He’s back now. That’s the most important thing, isn’t it?
Then he took the lip corner and gently hummed and smiled: "Nice try."
Feel the subtle emotional changes in the young man’s body. Lin Ji slowly put his hand in front of each other’s eyes, and the two men’s eyes passed through the mirror.
The posture of the two is actually a little intimate.
But you know that you have to rely on Shu and you didn’t do it yourself. At the moment, like no bones, you lean on the past and ask lazily.
"Teacher Lin should come here to say more than that. Is there anything wrong?"
Lin Ji looked in the mirror and knew that the delicate eyebrow eye was somewhat arrogant and inexplicably like a favor, but the arrogant fox resisted the impulse to pinch a fox’s ear. Lin Ji gently sipped his lips and didn’t let his arm rest on himself.
"You can choose a tutor in the final."
Fang Zhi squinted at him and laughed and asked, "Oh, there is such a thing. Who should I choose?"
"Choose me"
A man’s face is calm and natural, and he can’t tell what he is thinking.
He leaned against Lin Ji’s shoulder, raised his palm and put it on his other face. He said half jokingly and half seriously, but I’m unlucky in drawing lots. If I draw a zombie, an alien or something to make this face ugly, your fans will tear me up. "Lin Ji smiled.
"In this case, you should choose me all the more. I’m not good at signing. Don’t harm others."
Fang Zhi also smiled: "Then we are mutually harmful." Lin Ji still couldn’t help but pinch Taba: "I don’t want to be tall enough."
"Enough is enough" only to know that his eyes are bent with laughter, and he has a small appearance of being cheap and telling.
In fact, even if Lin Ji didn’t come to tell you, he was going to choose him.
First, Lin Ji was more familiar and tacit with other tutors than he was with other tutors. Secondly, Lin Jishen’s acting ability is strong, and the stronger the partner is, of course; In the end, people still look like Shuai Neng. It is a kind of visual enjoyment to film with him. After a few words, they reached an agreement.
The next two days are waiting for the audience to vote for it and officially announce to join the four special guest performers in the finals.
Chapter 1 Bidirectional
Two, two or three days!