War ghost vomitted sputum "fart! I didn’t fucking do it at all, but I summoned the nuclear explosive blood tiger. Who would have thought that the nuclear explosive blood tiger was even more ruthless than the old one? The ultimate cosmic phantom of "Great Cosmic Power" and "Bound King Boxing" was almost old! "
His words even attracted Zhao Jie to come over. "You mean that the nuclear explosion and blood tiger will even make you two gods?" Is there any vice? "
"Yes!" War ghost a clap forehead "vice is consumed me a lot of strength and I’m a little afraid of this guy …"
All "…"
"You killed them all!" The redhead screamed in horror. "How is that possible! ? It only took more than a minute! "
"Cut the crap and show us the way quickly, or even I will stop them from destroying the city! You don’t want such a beautiful place to be destroyed, do you? " Yuan Yifan smiled like a joke, but the redhead couldn’t help but take it seriously. After she hesitated for a while, she finally couldn’t restrain her fear and said, "Mommy, she’s not here."
"What do you mean?" Macro frown asked.
The redhead sighed, "Mommy … took nine captains and most of the powerful walkers from another road to the Lord of the Wild, the city of beasts should have arrived by now."
"Impossible! We should know that they are going in the other direction! " Jeremy cold drink a way
The redhead shook her head and said, "Can you stop Mommy even if they find something? What’s more, this farewell party is a secret trip to the whole city of beasts, and few people know it. "
Zhaojie tone have a little surprised "boccia and the universe main league don’t even have a little face? Wouldn’t it be … "
"No, even if there isn’t any dowry, it’s already a big deal for the Lord of the Wild to have Mommy go there in person. What’s worse, this time Mommy invited all the peak travelers in Varolan to participate in Varolan. People know that they can admire Mommy. She doesn’t like luxury, and no one will think that she has fallen out."
Zhaojie said dryly, "How dare you tell us all these things? Aren’t you afraid that Pocahontas will be bad for you? "
The redhead wry smile way: "Of course I’m afraid, but I’m even more afraid that you raise your hand to destroy those top senior travelers. I’m afraid Mommy can’t do this either?"
Seeing that she didn’t look like lying, zhaojie didn’t force her to ask again, but directly asked, "Where is the farewell party?"
There are lights and colorful scenes in the city of beasts. Whether the passers-by are wearing colorful clothes or their faces are happy, it shows people that there will be a happy event for the host here.
There are resplendent people coming and going in the main entrance of the Beasts Palace. All the forces in Varolan, big and small, can call their names and not send people to send gifts, or the leaders personally come to bless the couple, which is beneficial to the reception desk and read the gifts sent by the people.
At the door, a middle-aged man with blond hair looks like a golden lion king, wearing a red robe. No matter how big or small forces come to congratulate him, he will be very polite, bow down and reciprocate, and then invite the giver inside.
If some senior top travelers didn’t show great respect and fear to him, most travelers who came to give gifts wouldn’t know that this grinning man was the first one who was called the butcher, called Tianlong Jiu, and was stained with the blood of thousands of top travelers in his hands, Alan Delong!
Can let such a man turn his face and kill people at will with a humble and submissive face? It certainly shows the greatness and earth of the Lord of the Wild, but you can also see a trace of doubt from it. For example, people like Alan Delong, the butcher, should not come out to treat the Lord of the Wild. Is it something to guard against?
The wedding ceremony will be held in an hour, but there are not many servants in the bride’s room to freshen up. There are two women in the luxury room in Nuoda.
Bride Irene and Mommy Poccasia.
At the moment, Irene is sitting in front of the dresser, and her own sister combs her long hair. Her face is not sad, not sad, but cold and bitter frost.
Boccasia didn’t say much about her sister’s expression. Her face was happy or sad, but she gently combed her long hair.
After combing every hair soft and shiny, Boccia solemnly put the golden rockhopper next to her sister’s head and looked at the cold-faced beauty in the mirror and said faintly, "Beautiful, isn’t it?"
"Yes, it’s beautiful." Irene’s eyes are as quiet as ashes. "But it’s beautiful without a soul."
Boccasia personally took care of her sister for more than three hours, and they didn’t say a word. Who knows that the first sentence of her sister made this woman in Varolan explode. She angrily combed her hand into several pieces of ice and shouted, "You are still thinking about that man! You are still unwilling to marry the Lord of the Wild! You still want to resist! Really! ?”
Irene stood up and stared at her sister like a mad lioness. "You’re right. If you insist on letting me marry him, I won’t resist, but you’ll see my body at the wedding!" "
I slapped my sister in the beautiful face and knocked her down. Boccia cursed, "You moth! I treat you like a saint, get up and give you food and drink. I’m afraid a man has defiled you! I told you to do all the bad things and thought that you got the whole varoran! But what about you? I just want to find you an ideal husband, and that’s how you treat me! ?”
Irene covered her face and looked back at Boccia coldly. "I remember your kindness to me, but don’t put everything on me. You want to get the whole Varolan, but it’s just your own idea. Everything you have is just to fulfill your own ambition!"
"Even like? I’m your own sister. I have everything. Aren’t you? What if you sacrifice yourself for our great cause? " Pocassia’s gas has been incoherent.
"Did you finally admit it?" Irene sneer at a way
"Admit again like! ?” Poccasia suddenly recovered her calm face and said calmly, "Irene, you are my sister and should know me best. You should know that I will do whatever it takes to get what I want."
"…" Irene’s eyes flashed a look of panic "what do you want! ?”