Sung yuri laughed. "If you become a beggar, I will kick you away!"
"I will haunt you and make you have to support me!"
While Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri were talking and laughing, Jeong Seop Lee led a middle-aged man of 35 or 6 years old to come over. He was about 18 centimeters tall and had a strong figure. Zhang Chengyuan guessed that he might also be from martial arts.
Before Zhang Chengyuan, Li Zhengxie introduced, "Cheng Yuan, this is the martial arts instructor Wen Shicheng!"
Zhang Chengyuan bowed slightly and said, "Hello, senior!"
Wen Shicheng looked at Zhang Chengyuan and replied, "I dare not treat you as a big star and I dare not let you call me a senior!" Listen to this tone, I don’t know if I really don’t deserve it or if I have grievances in my heart.
Zhang Chengyuan thinks that Wen Shicheng is mostly resentful, but he can understand this. If he is Wen Shicheng, he would think the same thing. "You are a big star who is not serious, but you come to take my job when first hero is fine. I don’t know what it means!" Therefore, it is normal for Wen Shicheng to be angry and secretly curse him a few words.
Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said, "In the future, the two of us will cooperate well to help the director shoot a good action movie." He extended his right hand to Wen Shicheng to shake his hand.
Wen Shicheng thought, "I can help the director shoot a good action movie without you, but now I have to listen to you as a young man. It’s really depressing!" Zhang Chengyuan turned against Li Zhengxie because of his bad face. Zhang Chengyuan reached out and shook it. Because of his resentment, his hand strength could not help but make it bigger.
When he realized this, he just wanted to recover his strength, but he changed his mind and said, "Don’t take the opportunity to teach this guy a lesson so that he won’t dare to go too far with me."
Zhang Chengyuan felt that the strength of Wen Shicheng’s hand was getting worse and worse. He guessed his idea and sneered in his heart. "It’s really overreaching! Ask for it! " Hand immediately also added a few minutes of strength.
Wen Shicheng suddenly felt that Zhang Chengyuan’s hand suddenly turned into an iron tongs, which made his hand bone ache more than he could resist even if he tried his best. Fortunately, the pain lasted for less than a second and then disappeared, otherwise he would have to make a fool of himself! At that time he looked at Zhang Chengyuan in astonishment and inexplicably stupefied.
Zhang Chengyuan’s face is still a warm smile, but his eyes seem to be extremely intimidating. Wen Shicheng looked at it for a few times and he was afraid.
Zhang Chengyuan let go of Wen Shicheng’s hand and smiled at Jeong Seop Lee. "Director, I want to talk to Wen Shicheng’s predecessors alone! Please be convenient! "
Jeong Seop Lee some puzzling but nodded his head.
Then Zhang Chengyuan said to sung yuri, "Sister Yuri, talk to the director and I’ll be right back!" See sung yuri nodded Zhang Chengyuan and took Wen Shicheng’s shoulder and walked to someone’s corner of the gymnasium. Wen Shicheng was in a trance and was easily followed by Zhang Chengyuan.
While chatting casually, Jeong Seop Lee and sung yuri watched Zhang Chengyuan’s speech in the corner. Although they couldn’t hear the sound, they gradually found that Wen Shicheng’s attitude towards Zhang Chengyuan seemed to be more and more respectful, as if facing his own teacher.
After about ten minutes, Zhang Chengyuan came back and Wen Shicheng followed him disguised terms.
In front of Li Zhengxie, Zhang Chengyuan smiled and said, "After the director and I have already talked about it, we will definitely cooperate closely."
Wen Yan Wen Shicheng immediately agreed and nodded.
Jeong Seop Lee felt a little strange but didn’t ask, "That’s good. I’m relieved to see you get along so well." But he thought, "This piece of Chengyuan’s eloquence is too good, but after a few minutes, Wen Shicheng made it seem that he could listen to his orders at any time."
Then Jeong Seop Lee said to Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri about an hour before lunch at this time, "You don’t have to rush to start work when you first arrive here in Chengyuan Yuri. It’s better to go outside for fun and get familiar with the environment before starting work in the afternoon."
Zhang Chengyuan thought that he would stay in this dynamic school for a month or two, and he should be familiar with the environmental service road here. "Well, Yuri and I will go outside and come back later."
Li Zhengxie said, "Turn around a little longer and don’t hurry back. I’ll call you when I have lunch."
Smell speech Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri nodded to him and left together.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-two An old friend
Zhang Chengyuan left the gym holding sung yuri’s hand and strolled around the school. Assistant sung yuri wanted to follow him, but Zhang Chengyuan’s seemingly gentle but quite sharp eyes glanced at him and he fell far behind.
Sung yuri asked, "Cheng Yuan, what did you just talk to Wen Shicheng, the Wu Zhi, about how he was so respectful to you?"
Zhang Chengyuan said lightly, "There is nothing to pinch his hand with a little force, and then Yuan Shen deterred him."
Sung yuri said, "How could you? This is very bad! " Although he is blaming Zhang Chengyuan, his tone is still quite gentle and obviously not too angry.
Zhang Chengyuan said, "He overreached himself and wanted to pinch my hand and give me a shock. I just fought back, but after avoiding him, I was resentful and pulled my leg with me everywhere, so that Yuan Shen could temporarily confuse his mind!"
Sung yuri said, "It’s better to do this kind of thing less after hypnosis. If someone finds out, it will be troublesome!"
"I know this. I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t mastered the martial arts guidance position as soon as possible and started my work smoothly. Sister Yuri, I will do things in a measured way. You don’t have to worry about me," Zhang Chengyuan explained with a smile.
Sung yuri said, "I’m worried about what you’re doing. I’m worried about others. I don’t know if you used this method when chasing women?"
Knowing that she was joking, Zhang Chengyuan pretended not to be angry. "Sister Yuri, you underestimate me. With my outstanding conditions, no matter what kind of woman you chase, you can get this kind of shady means easily?"
Listening to "pa", sung yuri slapped Zhang Chengyuan on the arm and then pushed him away. "You are so ashamed!"
It’s a shame to boast about chasing after Zhang Chengyuan in front of her girlfriend. It’s no wonder that sung yuri is angry, but she is used to Zhang Chengyuan’s occasional shame and not very angry.
Zhang Chengyuan the cheek way "I this is frank! Yuri elder sister you don’t be angry "by sung yuri side arm gently rubbed her a few show for forgiveness.
Sung yuri left his head to ignore him.
Zhang Chengyuan also didn’t care to hold sung yuri’s arm again. sung yuri earned a few dollars, but Zhang Chengyuan held it firmly, and she couldn’t get away from it. Finally, she stared at him a few times!
Sometimes Zhang Chengyuan always likes to irritate a sung yuri a little. Seeing her look angry on the surface, but she is not willing to teach him a lesson in her heart always makes him feel warm in his heart. At the same time, he also feels that it is not a bit interesting to have a fight occasionally compared with plain life is sweet.
They turned around in the training school. When they turned a building, a figure almost collided with sung yuri head-on. Zhang Chengyuan’s eye disease quickly flashed in front of sung yuri to protect his figure. He couldn’t resist his body and hit Zhang Chengyuan’s body. Then he fell to the ground like an iron column with a painful hum.
Zhang Chengyuan was too lazy to pay attention to this guy who appeared rashly and turned to sung yuri and asked, "Sister Yuri, are you okay?"
Sung yuri said, "I’m not hit. How can I be fine? But this person is afraid of being hit by you. "
Zhang Chengyuan said coldly, "It was he who suddenly jumped out. No, we were injured. It’s his own fault that he was bold and deserved bad luck!"
When the man who fell to the ground heard Zhang Chengyuan’s words, he immediately raised his head in great anger and scolded, "You bastard …" Before the words were finished, he suddenly stopped staring blankly at Zhang Chengyuan and asked, "How are you?"
Zhang Chengyuan turned to look at this man and stunned and blurted out, "It’s you!" He recognized the man.
Sung yuri asked, "Who is Chengyuan? Your friend? "
Zhang Chengyuan light way "friends? Well, yes, and I’m still an old friend. I once had a fight with my old friend Jin Yuji. I didn’t expect to see you again in this life! I still think you have been hacked to death! "
It turned out that this man was the boss of a bad student in the same high school as Zhang Chengyuan who had bullied Zhang Chengyuan and was reincarnated.
Sung yuri slightly displeased. "Chengyuan, how can you talk like this?" She didn’t know that Jang Sung-won felt that Jang Sung-won was rude to talk like this.
Jin Yuji got up, patted his clothes, looked at sung yuri and said, "You must be Miss sung yuri. Nice to meet you!" I turned to Zhang Chengyuan and said, "Zhang Chengyuan, I didn’t expect to meet you again. I haven’t seen you since I graduated from high school in 1999, but I can often see you now! Why did you bully you before you were angry with me? "
Zhang Chengyuan disdained, "I wouldn’t care about you for someone like you!" That’s true, but for his good memory, he would have forgotten this guy Jin Yuji.
Kim Woo-ki said with some self-deprecation, "It is also natural for a big star like you not to remember a small person like me! Then I won’t bother you. I’ll go first! " Nodded slightly and bypassed Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri.
As soon as he left, Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri felt strange. His steps staggered and seemed to be injured
Sung yuri said, "Seung-won, did you hurt his leg? Why did he walk like this?"
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head. "I didn’t get hurt! It’s an old injury and it should be several years! " He found out that Kim Yoo-ki had been seriously injured in his right knee and thought, "This guy’s leg won’t be cut, will it?"
I don’t know why I suddenly became curious about Jin Youji. Zhang Chengyuan suddenly shouted at Jin Youji, "Jin Youji, let’s talk!"
Jin Yuji looked back at Zhang Chengyuan and smiled faintly. "It seems that we have nothing to talk about, right?"
Zhang Chengyuan said a few steps ago, "I’m a little curious about your experience after graduation!" Eyes inadvertently saw a Jin Yuji right leg.
Jin Yuji looked down at his right leg along Zhang Chengyuan’s eyes and smiled knowingly. "Are you interested in how I became lame? Well, if you are interested in listening to my nonsense, come with me! " Turn around and move on.
Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri followed.
A line of people came to the school gate, at the gate of the security room. Kim Woo-ki walked in and talked to a young security guard who was on duty inside. The security guard went out and looked at Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri curiously for a few eyes and then left.
Then Jin Youji invited Zhang Chengyuan and sung yuri to sit in and poured them a glass of water.