It’s not difficult to really want to join the clan gate, especially if the soaring secret is still there and has entered the world, monks can enter the soaring secret palace if they want to find an opportunity. If they really want to join the clan gate, they can always find a way.
It’s really hard to say what is the reason why Suo Xianyun Zongda World broke off.
But he didn’t say much.
He can think of things. Can’t so many elders think of them?
The patriarch didn’t say it because he wanted to put a fig leaf on his face.
Yunmingyuan has no need to untie the scar at this time.
Patriarch pour out things will finally get down to business after talking about the big world in the moon. "If you are really going to enter the soaring channel and go to the big world in the moon, you’d better get ready from now on."
"In the big world of Lanyue, there are spiritual stones that are the currency. Here, spiritual beads, jade and gold and silver can’t make everyone remember this when they reach the big world."
"In addition," the patriarch looked at these monks with a steady tone. "In three months, Zongmen will hold an auction in Xianyun City, and everyone can go to the auction to auction what is necessary."
Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo were surprised.
What kind of auction can make the patriarch personally order it?
None of them are curious about this auction.
The patriarch had finished his business and didn’t leave them long. He waved people away directly.
The younger brothers with lower grades have honestly left the Yuan dynasty, and the monks with different faces and expressions have stayed. Many monks are curious and don’t know what the elders want to say when they stay …
But YunMingYuan and Han Xiumo are not curious at all.
The monks who took the initiative to stay in Yuan’s infancy were all in a complicated mood.
They all have various reasons to say that they have to leave, but this can’t hide the fact that they want to leave the patriarch here.
The patriarch built a high school, but it really counts as a lot of elders and younger brothers. They didn’t know about the ascending passage before, but now they know that they have come to the patriarch for nothing. What kind of life have they been living these years?
If it were for them, would they seriously and diligently think about Zongmen if they knew that they might not have the opportunity to rise as their monks?
They think they can’t do it.
Chapter 337 Auction
The auction is organized by Xianyun Sect. It is said that there will be a lot of auctions and things related to the soaring channel. Before the news of the soaring channel is made public, the auction will be held by several departments. The news of the soaring channel has been made public, and several departments may still hold such auctions.
However, Xianyunzong decided to hold it directly in Xianyuncheng and make it public.
What will happen in the ascending passage is predicted by the immortal cloud clan system. Besides, this time the situation is different. Besides a few monks, there are many scattered repairs that will also enter the ascending passage.
The situation of the ascending passage is complicated, and Xian Yunzong’s move is also a good cause for other monks who enter the ascending passage. If Xian Yunzong goes in and his brother meets a dangerous colleague, can he help him? Secondly, don’t fall into a trap.
The younger brothers of Zongmen wouldn’t have thought of this when they came, but Xianyun Zong didn’t do charity, didn’t do good things and didn’t leave a name. Since it is, these younger brothers naturally want to publicize their practices.
Yunmingyuan heard the news, but he had some different views on the patriarch of Xianyunzong.
He met the patriarch several times before, and every time he announced that the patriarch would reward him like a tool man, Yun Mingyuan could not see the patriarch’s character from these two sides.
However, many elders of Zongmen are going to the soaring channel, so it is natural to make this decision. Yunmingyuan, the patriarch, has figured out some fairy Yunzong patriarchy from this refusal to suffer.
Han Ye told them the news when their family was having dinner in Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo’s small bamboo house.
No matter where you eat together, it is a way to strengthen everyone’s feelings, even in the realm of repairing the truth.
Han Huairen and Yue Ruochun are also in nature.
Both of them are from the big world, and naturally there is a way to return to the big world. Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo are not going the same way, but it is better for them to find the big world and the middle world to go to the big world while the rising channel is open.
They are now in the middle world, and the deepest connection is the big world of the moon. They plan to go to the big world of the moon first and then try to return to their original world again.
They are different from the two children, and they can’t take care of each other on the road. Both Han Huairen and Yue Ruochun are not very at ease.
But they haven’t walked through the soaring channel. I don’t know what’s going on inside the soaring channel. I don’t want to give some advice to Yunmingyuan and Han Xiumo. I’m a little bored.
Han Ye is feeling a little sad because Brother Yun and Brother Han are leaving.
Yun Mingyuan and Han Xiumo can’t cope with this sensational scene and there are some difficulties.
In general, this meal seems that everyone is not very happy
Han Ye racked his brains to think about some topics, including the fact that Zongmen opened the auction.