Answer her that it was a love gun. After several shots flashed, the female scientist flew up to the sky and spilled a bunch of blood and fell heavily on the console.
That little sweet Han Xinyi on the ground might still listen, but when she said that, she took the initiative to find her dead. Why didn’t you think that everyone was a woman when you were angry with me just now?
Han Xinyi bowed their heads and replaced the cartridge with a look at the two technicians who actually descended with guns.
"Lao Wang, you run first and I’ll stall him!" The technologist who rushed in front actually tried to hug Han Xinyi’s waist.
See a flash of blue light "bang" and a rumbling sound. This buddy was directly beaten upside down by Han Xinyi’s right fist and fell on a pile of shelves "sparse Li Hua". In the process of falling, it was estimated that he was hung up by some metal weapon and a large amount of deep red blood slowly spread from his body.
The remaining Lao Wang suddenly dared not move, and he slowly raised his hands to signal his surrender.
Han Xinyi also slowly raised ak and aimed at him for a moment, and the muzzle spewed out love flames. There were 32 bodies everywhere in the production hall, and no one could escape.
After finishing the second floor, Han Xinyi took out a beautifully sized tin box from the baggage and carefully installed it on the console. After setting it, the screen of the tin box soon lit up with Arabic numerals.
This must be written by Jiang Hua. This square thing is a convergent beam time bomb. Its explosive power is very amazing, mainly causing crushing damage to large units and then generating additional effects. It can also damage players by relying on additional effects. The explosion of the main body has little effect on players.
After installing bombs in four different corners of the lobby on the second floor, Han Xinyi raised her arm and pressed it a few times, which made sure that all bombs could keep pace.
In 15 minutes, there will be a crushing explosion here. Yes, she and Mad Dog Dragon are going to blow up your Tiankang branch production line.
But this time she set it too long. Although everything is going according to plan, unexpected factors are always uncontrollable.
Because of the ground mad dog dragon root, it is impossible for her to get what she expected. At this moment, mad dog dragon is facing a large number of enemies in pursuit of him to be continued.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-nine Natural export
The mad dog dragon on the ground dam has passed the bridge and hid behind the pier to breathe.
Across the bridge, that is, on the top floor of the square, there are almost two or three hundred people. The whole city of Yan Yuhua sent information through the sound box. The top of Tiankang Group has been shaken. A large number of fighters are coming from Loulan City and Garcia City. Be sure to hold on.
The bridge is hundreds of meters long, and I am not afraid that there will be many people in the other side for a while. Because the mad dog dragon has set up the awp barrel and stuck it out from the side of the pier. "Bang" means that as soon as a gun hits the opposite side of the bridge, an assault soldier is beaten and shrinks with the flame Tiger Claw, and the whole person flies back.
The shock of sniper rifle was quite powerful. At that time, no one dared to cross the bridge easily in Tiankang.
Mad dog dragon is lying on the ground, staring at the sight. He is not killing the enemy now, but blocking this natural barrier.
Soon someone touched the bridge again, and an armored soldier walked cautiously with a huge shield around his waist.
"Snoop" a light click awp sight to switch double viewing angle mode.
Mad dog dragon carefully aimed and yanked the trigger. The muzzle flash, bang, and a shocking shot.
Mad dog dragon is familiar with pulling the bolt, throwing the shell and pushing the flint with one shot.
The bridge armored soldier finally retreated, because the first shot was very sharp and hit his toe. He suffered from pain. A sputtering shield just moved a little bit, which was such a smile flaw. The other party’s second shot hit him directly in the chest, and he had to retreat if he didn’t.
If you get shot a third time, you are not afraid that he is a very hard armored soldier, so you have to fall.
Mad dog dragon continued to scan. At this moment, the sun was at its strongest and strongest in the afternoon. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in Mad dog dragon’s field of vision. Although it was a flash, the light was strong as if it had been shaken by a strong hand in the dark.
He suddenly froze, even if the sun’s rays were so big, they could not be reflected into his sight.
Even in this stupefaction, he heard a powerful gun coming from across the bridge. For a second, he suddenly felt a terrible pain in his shoulder.
His first reaction was that the horse rolled back to the pier and then looked down at the status bar. He suddenly fell to 119 points with horror, and his health suddenly dropped by 3 points. He would never believe that the physical damage of the opposite shot exceeded 14 points, which means that the technology damage of the opposite shot exceeded 35 points.
What is a gun that can shoot 4 meters away and still have such high-tech damage? Do you still want to think more?
I actually made a sniper rifle that is worse than my big yin gun! Mad dog dragon secretly feels that this Tiankang is worthy of being a research and development technology production group.
The gun on the other side roared again, which sounded like a muffled thunder rolling through the sky.
Mad dog dragon was shocked. He heard the stones on the pier behind him shattering, and the snipers on the other side were attacking their bunkers.
Mad dog dragon decisively got up and pounced on the opposite pier. Out of the corner of his eye, he found a large group of players rushing across the bridge. Obviously, the opposite side rushed across the bridge under the cover of this sniper.
This is really bad. I don’t think we can keep it here!
But once lost here Han Xinyi in the face is quite passive.
What should we do? Mad dog dragon was in a hurry and glanced at the mechanical door of the mountain in front of him. His eyes lit up!
He took out a bachelor’s thunder trigger and set the explosion time for 1 second. Then no one expected that he actually developed the skill of "Ghost Hunting" at this time, and the person arrived at the front of the mechanical door 3 meters.