Chapter four hundred Time changes
Kang ye was caught in distress situation, and the mad dog dragon was stopped by the black wolf.
"Big … big brother!" The black wolf is still a little confused. "I just heard you explain what you said in ghost mode. I’m not too white, huh?" I was in ghost mode just now, but now how can I live again? This is not scientific … "
As soon as Mad Dog Dragon and Kang Ye were blocked, they rushed to the front and became dreams, seven emotions and residual thoughts.
Dream of Seven Emotions "The Blinking of Divine Light" is extremely fast and the distance is quite far. It is more than ten meters away when it rolls, and it rolls to the corner and hits the small door and rushes in.
Don’t look at the lingering thoughts. The mage doesn’t move slowly at all. The Fireball Technique is very accomplished. He throws his skills at his own feet, and the fireball explodes, and the airflow directly lifts him up and flies into the door like a cloud.
In the big room, the dream seven emotions took a backward jumping way to go forward with a delicate renju short bow "wooshing wooshing" and slammed it at the missing thoughts.
She is the kind of close-fitting bunt type. The melee archer moves at a high speed and flies with no mistake, and can almost never stop shooting.
The fire cloud shield "ding-ding" of the remnant mind is ringing. Although the dream of seven emotions is not a threat to him, the physical impact of the arrow is very strong. The mage’s physical fitness is not good, and the remnant mind is almost shot in the same place and moves forward.
Fuck, when you do this, the nimbus will be taken away by your dream. Mom can’t get it, and you bitch can’t get it. Just don’t rush to the spot and hold your staff high with your hands.
Dream seven emotions figure is very elegant and backward, shooting three arrows, squatting for three arrows, flying quickly after one, and dancing wildly with golden light in the big room.
In the middle of the translation, she came to "pull out the willows" with great difficulty, and when she grabbed the mystery case and fell down again, the nimbus had already reached her arms.
"Hehe, the treasure is me!" Dream seven emotions are happy to caress the ice on the surface of the box, and the touch is very cool.
However, she hasn’t come to see the property yet. The princess exclaimed suddenly at the small door, "Sister Meng, be careful!"
Looking back at the dream seven emotions, the pupil suddenly contracted, and the residual thoughts have been collected. The staff celestial sphere gushed out a huge fire dragon, and it roared toward the dream seven emotions in a hovering moment.
I’m not afraid that her skill level of "Divine Light Flashing" has been practiced very high. With such a big fire dragon coming, it’s impossible for her to hide from the roots, and it’s hard to cope with the second blow when the fire dragon comes back.
The dream of seven emotions also turned the box axle, and time went back again. Everyone was out of body experience and quickly went back. Everyone entered and exited the big room, and when they met in the secret room, they went back to 15 minutes ago.
When the reverse flow ended, everything returned to normal, and everyone returned to the same starting line for the second time. In fact, she was wrong this time. Fifteen minutes ago, the black wolf roared out the sentence "What the fuck is bad?"
For a moment, the black wolf hesitated for about a second. Instead of throwing the bottle to the ground, he threw it at the mad dog dragon.
Mad dog dragons don’t blow forward with other mad dogs, but when they flash directly behind the black wolf, the black wolf quickly goes straight to the door.
At this time, Kang Ye was strangled by the resurrection of Yong Bang. "What the fuck is going on? I’m dead and alive. Old Kang doesn’t want to play with people. What exactly is this skill? Is it" Brother Chun possessed "?Please tell me …"
Kang Ye wanted to cry and watched the local dog dragon run away, but he was entangled by Yong Bang. "I warn you not to bother me."
Yong Bang said, "Yeah, I don’t want to bother you either, but what is this? Why would I bother you? Who can help me? "
This time, the mad dog dragon rushed into the big room without interference, and the time wheel changed hands again and finally fell to the teasing dragon hand.
In fact, this box is far more exquisite than looking at it. The axle is like a watch pointer, and there are mysterious patterns painted in 12 directions. At the center, there is a narrow cut, and I don’t know what it is.
Time wheel (object)
The efficacy is limited to the "Xi’ an dagger" when the time goes back 15 minutes.
No wonder it’s true that time goes back, but what is this Xi ‘an dagger? Is it the second deputy?
The mad dog dragon is still pondering over the small door. Kang Ye growled, "Give me back the time wheel!" "
Mad dog dragon turned to look at Kang Ye and raised his wrist again, gathering a yellow energy the size of a football.
This time, a continuous ray came, and the mad dog dragon rolled on the spot and flashed decisively
But this time, he underestimated the power of Kang Ye’s watch. Kang Ye turned the watch and the ray swept behind his ass. The mad dog dragon could not move faster than others’ wrists.
It’s a good idea to see the ray coming again. The mad dog dragon raised the time wheel to resist him. It’s a thing, and your scientific and technological weapons can’t destroy it
He is right in thinking, but he just can’t imagine how surprising the accident is.
As soon as the ray hits the time wheel, the whole time wheel turns golden and instantly turns into a golden body.
Mad dog dragon was surprised, and so was Kang Ye.
Mad dog dragon was surprised because he let go of the time wheel or hovered in Zhongkang. Master Kang was surprised because he had stopped shooting, but the time wheel seemed to be actively devouring his watch, and the energy source could not stop.
"What’s the matter? I have never remembered this situation! " Kang Ye watched the energy in his watch being swallowed up a little bit.
For a long time, the ray disappeared, and the time wheel finally "snapped" and fell to the ground. Under normal circumstances, the golden light was shining. Compared with the time wheel lost it, the brilliance and color were obviously dim, just like a rusty and rotten tin box.
However, a golden mad dog dragon suddenly appeared in the central mystery case. When he saw it, he picked up the time wheel and jumped into the door decisively.
"Fuck!" Kang ye didn’t want to get up and chase after him.
"thump thump" several somersaults, mad dogs and dragons are rolling in the mud again. It’s a pity that the unknown area in the imagination has not been seen at night, because it’s daytime, which means that it’s still not available in this pair.
Soon all the people were sent to the door and rolled out. One by one, they fell on the hillside.
Kang ye growled at her body pain. "Where’s the time wheel? Where is my time wheel? "
Mad dog dragon didn’t bother to pay attention to his box, which is now scrap metal. It is estimated that the magic inside was stimulated and sent to the door.
Master Kang picked up the box and immediately became furious. "What the fuck is this?"
Yong Bang climbed up "who can tell me what’s going on? I’ve been dead since I came, and now I’m alive? "
Dream of seven emotions sitting on the grass panting "what is this place?"
Remnant thoughts are also looking around, but no one knows where this is.
But one thing is certain: it is absolutely underground on the Great Wall, because the air on the ground of the Great Wall is very cold, and it is very hot here, and it is still daytime.
Mad dog dragon stared at Kang Ye. "What exactly is that Xi ‘an dagger if you are definitely not this box?"
When he asked this question, everyone got up.
Mad dog dragon suddenly smiled treacherously and strangely. "Kang Ye, your ya is very selfish."
Master Kang said angrily, "You broke the time wheel and haven’t settled accounts with you yet. What do you mean?"
Mad dog dragon laughed. "What are you looking for? You know it very well, but you just lie to everyone."
Teasing Bilong is worthy of being mixed up with people on the river. A pair of eyes are very poisonous. In fact, from the moment he saw that Kang Ye’s team was not United. Because many things Kang Ye kept everyone in the dark, it was normal for everyone to kill each other.