About ten steps out, I always turned around and looked back.
However, there is one person behind him.
Kuang ting came out as soon as he had a cold sweat.
Before he could understand what was going on, a ghostly voice came close to him and whispered in his ear.
"Do you remember the name Charles?"
Chapter 18 one last dance
Bai Tang told him according to Fang Zhi for two minutes and then went to the courtyard.
The moonlight is gentle at night
The cool night breeze that brushed my face swept a trace of gamey smell into the beautiful flowers.
Bai Tang leng turned around and saw the tall figure in the court. The more it appeared in the moonlight, the more temperament came out of the dust.
I was just about to walk over to find a friend. Just two steps closer, I saw a man lying in a position that was previously blocked by flowers.
The man’s face is facing this way, his face is stained with blood, and his expression is frightened and stunned as if he had seen something incredible.
Bai Tang’s head burst into white, and he stepped back two steps obsessively. After that, he leaned back against the column behind him and consciously opened his mouth.
"What … what are you doing?"
This sentence belongs to the maid Windsor’s lens and lines.
A few days ago, Bai Tang was told to watch the whole play many times. At this moment, although his brain was flustered and absent, he consciously picked up the most familiar lines.
The young man turned slowly.
But the gentle temperament he was familiar with had long since disappeared, and he looked over with heavy eyes, eyes, tail, face and side stained with bright red blood, and the whole popularity field was cold and strange
Winter just stood there quietly watching him.
Bai Tang has completely replaced the role in consciousness.
Then naturally switch back to Geller’s lines.
"What?" He murmured, clutching his hair with both hands, and looked contradictory and corrected, "Why do you want to do such a thing? You are not such a person. "
Geller’s voice is very light, as if he were asking a friend or saying it to himself.
Winter took his steps and walked quietly in his direction.
Finally stop at a distance of 30 cm from him.
"Tell your company what you saw, arrest me and personally arrest me …"
The winter sound is dry and ugly like rough sandpaper.
It was Geller who interrupted him before he finished his speech.
"You are my best friend. How can I do it myself?"
Those two words are on the tip of my tongue, but Geller can’t say them anyway.
Winter gave him a deep look and walked across his side to the hall.
When winter leaves, Geller seems to have lost his strength and slipped to the ground along the back pillar.
"What shall I do?"
His eyes looked at Sam’s knees and knuckles turned white because of too much force.
Geller buried his head in his arms and his whole body was shaking.
….. It’s too cold at night.
By the time the maid player finally remembered that he had an important plot, he hurried to the scene of the murder, and both of them were gone.
The scream of a woman attract people’s attention.
The plot also smoothly entered the stage of detective’s appearance reasoning and excluding suspects
In the original play, I was hiding everywhere at this time of winter, but I knew that I didn’t hide at all. After cleaning up my body marks, I walked up to Alice generously.
In front of my lover, winter seems to be that handsome and gentle young man again.
He held out his hand and asked with a little smile
"Would you like me to dance the one last dance?"
When ling reacts slightly again, he has put his hand into the other’s hands.
Chapter 19 Timetable
In the tutor’s grading part, group Z scored an average of nine points as a whole and 35 points for personal performance.
Total 94 points
In the first round, 300 players ranked first.
I know that I am confident in my ability, and I am more worried about whether Bai Tang can play smoothly than I am promoted to the ranking at the moment.
I didn’t expect that as soon as I met the teenager, I came in tears. "Brother Fang meowed, I can actually get into the top 20 meowed, so I can continue to eat pudding …"
Fang Zhi patted him on the back, "Are you all right?"
Bai Tang looked puzzled and wait for a while asked, "I … What can I do for you?"
Fang Zhi looks into his eyes and slaps him on the shoulder.
"You may be more suitable for acting than you think."
Bai Tang didn’t understand this, which means that his brother is encouraging him to scratch the back of his head with silly joy. Hey, hey, smile, "It’s all luck."