Chapter 256 The third layer Buddha robot
Walking on the third floor, everyone looked at the hall except a bronze Buddha statue about three meters high. Some people don’t understand what this third floor is.
After all, according to the first two urine, there must be a guard here
"Judging from the old woman, there must be something hidden in that bronze Buddha statue!"
A read the words sound just fell PangXia a chestnut hit a read baldheaded.
"But after killing a hiding killer, you’re shaking up. Give me a good talk!"
"sorrysorry, according to the poor monk, there must be something wrong with that bronze Buddha statue."
"In that case, you can check it as soon as you read the master.
It’s good to tear down the Buddha statue and move back to sell it. "
"Me again?"
"Why can’t it be you? Who stipulates that one person should be rotated every time?"
"Don’t others break in one by one? How can we get to us and I can be alone?"
See PangXia and a read mouth cannon signs to continue to 9 hao sighed directly toward the bronze Buddha walked past.
However, just when he was three or four meters away from the bronze Buddha statue, the Buddha statue suddenly shook and the Buddha statue made a mechanical gear rotation sound.
In the public’s surprise, the bronze Buddha’s body surface peeled off a lot of green rust and then slowly got up.
"I’m sorry, who told me why there is such a thing in the martial arts game!"
Hear a word PangXia mouth way "want to come to this thing in reason should be such as what Mohist Luban descendants of people to build?
Pang Xia’s voice just fell and there was a sound.
"Mohist and Luban descendants join hands to build a robot. If you defeat it, you can go to the fourth floor and get a Mohist robot and a Luban wooden bird!"
"It seems that he didn’t say that he could deal with this robot alone."
Pangxia said as she touched the eyes narrowed and stared at the slowly moving body robot.
And they all laughed when they heard Pang Xia’s words.
Especially a smile is obscene!
"You wait for a while, wait for me to try this guy’s strength first, and then if I can’t, you can just try a new weapon!"
Hearing 9 Hao’s words, they stopped and looked at 9 Hao.
If it’s a team of strangers, then 9 Hao is suspected of robbing the monster
But they are all friends, and everyone has a good relationship, so 9 Hao said that he would try a new weapon, so that must be the purpose.
Even if finally 9 Hao can kill this robot, the reward will definitely be distributed to the people who need it most!
With a wave of his hand, 9 Hao flew out of the cuff of his broad robe and bit a golden viper on Robot Day.
But obviously it’s not that big. The robot waved his arm and wanted to catch the golden snake.
However, this golden snake bounced back to the hands of No.9 Hao, and then waved a golden sword with a blade in No.9 Hao.
There is no doubt that this is the golden snake sword in sword stained with royal blood!
Although the golden snake sword is the lowest artifact, it is a god-class weapon, and its power is far from being comparable to that of different weapons.
Especially with Juexue’s "Golden Snake Sword", its power can be maximized!
9 Hao waved the golden snake sword in his hand, and the whole person was like a giant snake wrapped around the robot body, constantly wandering on its body surface, and the golden snake sword constantly attacked all sections of the human body.
Although the festival is also protected by refined bronze, its protective ability is much lower than that of the part.
Therefore, in 9 Hao’s repeated attacks, the robot festival was gradually damaged and the ability to act was greatly reduced.
However, just as everyone was hanging on the 9 th hand, the robot suddenly made a dozen small holes on its body surface.
With a whistle-like sound, high-temperature steam spouted from those small holes.
9 Hao played it by ear. The outbreak of "Zi Xia siddhi" and the display of "Amazing Behaviour" instantly broke away from the attack range of the robot jet steam.
The golden snake sword was inserted into the ground to help 9 Hao stop.
Looking at stopping the steam injection and walking towards yourself step by step, the robot 9 Hao looked a little dignified.
This machine has a poor manpower and amazing defense. Although speed is a weakness, it is not weaker than the average player.
Moreover, there are all kinds of machine attack methods. The threat degree of this robot bronze Buddha statue is no longer a congenital realm np.