"The master is serious, and these are all disciples’ wishes!" Jiang Ziya Road.
"What happened here, would you like to return to the celestial world with me?" Quasi-mention.
"Disciples are naturally willing!" Jiang Ziya Road.
"Then let’s leave!" With Jiang Ziya must leave the earth star, to the celestial world.
Soon after Zhunti left Earth Star with Jiang Ziya, the face of the original Buddha suddenly changed in the Jade Palace thirty-three days away from the celestial world, because he felt that the fate of his interpretation had dropped a lot, and even the fate of the door had dropped a lot. The primitive Buddha quickly counted his fingers, and after a long time he finally understood everything. The primitive Buddha couldn’t help saying, "What a big calculation you two have, not only for me to explain my teachings, but also for the whole door. Well, it’s really good!"
Say that finish, the original Buddha is no longer sit still, he got up and went to Lao zi’s eight scenic palaces, such a thing, Lao zi will not sit still.
When I came to Bajing Palace, I met Laozi. The original Buddha said, "Brother, now the Buddhism has taken away the fortune of my gate with points, but what should I do!"
When I heard this, I just looked at the original Buddha faintly, and I was always afraid of the original Buddha.
"In that case, it seems that I have to give them a big gift!" After a long time, Lao Tzu finally spoke.
"Brother, what do you mean?" The original Buddha asked puzzled.
"You will naturally understand this in the future. Well, go back first!" Lao Tzu said. Say that finish, Lao tze to close your eyes again.
Seeing Lao Tzu, the original Buddha couldn’t say anything more, so he had to leave the Bajing Palace.
After the original Buddha left, Lao Tzu took out the wind and fire futon and gently brushed it, only to see a man coming. This man prostrated himself before Lao Zi: "See you, Uncle Duo!"
Yes, this person is Taoist Duobao, the great disciple handed down by the leader of Tongtian. When I was in Wanxian Array, Duobao shot at Lao Tzu, but I didn’t want to be put away by Lao Tzu with a wind and fire futon.
"Duo Bao, stay here and listen to my sermon for the time being!" Lao Tzu said to Duo Bao.
Although Duobao doesn’t know why Lao Tzu is so, no one wants to miss it when he can listen to the sage’s sermon, and Duobao naturally won’t refuse it.
In a flash, 500 years have passed. On this day, it must be calculated, and it is time for Lao Tzu to turn Hu into a Buddha. I want to distract myself from Buddhism, and I want to see whatever I say.
At the thought of this, Zhunti left the Dojo, went to the Earth Star, searched for it, and Zhunti drove away to Hangu Pass. After walking for a certain distance, I was sure to see a man coming from afar by a green cow. This man was Lao Zi, and Lao Zi followed a man behind him, but he was a Taoist with many treasures.
"Brother Dao is polite!" Must come forward to Lao tze way.
When Lao Tzu saw the quasi-mention coming, he was surprised that he had cast spells before his trip, which disturbed the cat’s nest. It is reasonable to say that no one among the saints would count this matter. Why can this quasi-mention know? Could it be that his way is far beyond me? This is impossible!
"What is the reason for the quasi-friend to come here this time?" Lao Tzu asked.
"But it’s for Duobao!" Zhunti replied.
When I heard this, I said, "So you want to stop it?"
Zhunti shook his head and smiled: "It is God’s will for Duo Bao to teach this, but I won’t stop it. I just came to watch."
After listening to Zhunyi’s words, I really can’t figure out what medicine this Zhunyi is selling in the gourd, but now it is at this point, but it must be done. "That friend might as well go together!" Lao Tzu said.
Zhun Ti said, "That’s what I’m thinking!" Say that finish, I saw an extra deer under my legs. So, three people together in the direction of the former letter valley pass.
The general of Hangu Pass was named Yin Xi. When Yin was young, he was fond of astronomy, loved reading ancient books, had profound cultivation, was obsessed with Taoism, and was proficient in calculus.
On this day, Yin Xi saw the gathering of the Oriental Ziyun, which is three Wan Li long and shaped like a flying dragon, rolling in from east to west, looking at the sky, but secretly calculating. After some calculation, Yin Xi busy sent someone to clean the road for four miles, lining the way to burn incense.
This afternoon, the sun was setting and the sun was falling. Yin Xi, who was waiting at Hangu Pass, suddenly saw an old man riding a green cow among the sparse pedestrians. There is a bald man riding a deer beside the old man, and there is a man behind him. Looking at all three people, they are extraordinary, especially the old man, whose hair is as white as snow, his eyebrows hang down on his temples, his ears hang down on his shoulders, his knees hang down, and his face is full of beauty. Once again, according to my own calculus, the old man in front of me must be the saint.
"The customs clearance of Hangu ordered Yin Xi to visit the sage, and may the sage live a long life." Yin Xi came forward to pay homage to Lao Tzu.
Sitting on the green cow, Lao Tzu wobbled and denied: "Guan Ling’s adult has admitted his mistake. I am just an ordinary old man. What kind of saint are you talking about there?"
Yin Xi immediately said, "I have a little knowledge of the eight diagrams, but now I have a divination, but the divination image shows that golden flowers gathered by aura are falling all over the sky. This is a natural vision generated by heaven and earth when saints come. And the divination also shows that the bearer is an old man riding an ox. Please see, teacher, besides you, are there any qualified people here? "
After listening to Yin Xi’s words, Lao Tzu was delighted to see this man so smart. He laughed and said, "You are a smart man. You and I are apprentices. Would you like to come and sit under my door and be my registered disciple? "
When Yin Xi heard this, he was overjoyed and said, "Disciples meet the teacher, and the teacher will live a long life."
Lao Tzu received a gift from Yin Xi, saying, "I am Lao Tzu, the sage of Taiqing, the head of Sanqing. Since you have entered my door, I have to give you a Taoist name, which is Changmei." At this point, he pointed to Zhunti and Duobao and said, "This is the Zhunti sage in the west, and this is Duobao, the great disciple of your uncle Tongtian."
Yin Xi listen to Lao tze said this bald head is also a saint, the in the mind is also a surprised, hurried forward JianLi. I don’t want to see the two saints in one day, but I also worship at the door of Lao Tzu’s sage. Yin Xi is a little dizzy.
Lao Tzu added, "Although you entered my door, I don’t think you are suitable for me to be too clear-minded. Now I will teach you a set of methods that I created before I became a saint. This method is a sword-wielding technique, but it is strong and overbearing, which is inconsistent with my being too clear and quiet, but it is most suitable for you." With one hand pointing between the long eyebrows, he passed the sword practice to the long eyebrows, including a set of array methods called Two Instruments Dust Array.
Laozi took out a charm and a pair of swords from his arms and said, "One of these two things is an innate charm that is too clear, but it was refined by me. In the future, you will use it to suppress your fate after starting a Sect. These two swords are called purple and blue double swords, but they are two rare innate treasures, which are given to you for self-defense."
Long Mei took the purple and blue double swords and kowtowed to the innate Qi Taiqing charm, saying, "Disciple thanked the teacher for passing on the dharma and treasure."
Long Mei accepted the treasure and introduced Lao Zi to Guanzhong Road: "Teachers are saints, and most of them live in seclusion. I wonder how many people want to be taught by teachers. Why don’t teachers write the next book to educate all the people?"
Laozi was originally the leader of the people’s education, but the leader of the people’s education had to educate all the people. Hearing the long eyebrows, he nodded and said, "This method is very good." Then he set up a book, divided into two parts, a total of five thousand words. The first article begins with "Tao can be Tao, but it is extraordinary;" The name can be named, but it is very famous, so it is called Tao Jing. The next chapter begins with "being virtuous is not virtuous, but being virtuous; It’s called "The Classic of Morality" and "The Classic of Morality" together. "Tao Jing" says that the root of the universe contains the opportunity of the change of heaven and earth, which implies the beauty of the change of yin and yang; The next book "The Classic of Virtue", the way to talk about the world, contains the skill of advancing and retreating, and contains the way to live and see for a long time. This is the root of the teachings of human education.
Long Mei saw this book and said happily, "Teacher, this book can enlighten the world."
Laozi laughed and said, "After you pass on this book, you will go to Mount Emei to practice. I can meet you again someday. I will go."
After that, Lao Tzu turned to Zhunti and said, "Daoyou, let’s move on!"
Zhunti nodded and said, "Good!"
So, Lao Tzu left Hangu Pass with Duobao and Zhunti and continued to go west.

Chapter V Duobaoli Hinayana
It was said that Zhunti, Lao Tzu and Taoist Duobao, together with three people, left Hangu Pass and went all the way to the west, and arrived at a territory called Tianzhu Kingdom.
On this day, Lao Tzu stopped moving on and said to Duo Bao, "Now it’s time!"
Through these days’ understanding, it is found that the people in Tianzhu are ignorant, with different truths, hungry, naked, eating and drinking, and everyone is for himself. At present, he said to Lao Tzu, "Brother Dao has chosen a good place. If Duobao can establish a religion again and educate the people here, it will be a great achievement!"
Lao Tzu said, "I am the leader of teaching people, so I should do that to educate all the people!" "
At this time, Duo Bao paid homage to Lao Zi and said, "Uncle, my disciple will never be a treasure again. I hope that he will see my teacher one day and plead guilty for Duo Bao, saying that Duo Bao is unfilial and can’t repay his kindness!"
Lao Tzu nodded, saying, "Come here, I will temporarily seal your magic power and your divine knowledge, so that you can be reincarnated as a human being and practice penance. If you achieve impermanence without me, your seal will disappear, and your golden body will be tightened, so that you can live with heaven and earth, and your Geng will be better than the sun and the moon, and you can become the master of a religion by interchange!"
After hearing this, Duo Bao came to Lao Zi without saying a word. When Lao Zi was about to cast a spell, he said, "Don’t worry, Taoist friend, I still have something to say!"
Lao Tzu asked, "What do Taoist friends say?"