As soon as the voice fell, fifteen younger sisters rushed forward and raised their bows.
(These days, many brothers are discussing the setting problem. Lao Bian wants to say that let’s throw this online game history debate for ten thousand years and we can’t get a result. The problem is that entertainment is easy and happy, but it’s not simple and funny. There are always superficial and wonderful things. Li Dalong said that he rushed to the new list in the last week and asked the brothers to give strength to the motherland and smash all the tickets! )
Chapter 53 Fried you didn’t discuss
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The guiding ideology of beautiful women is actually quite correct. Everyone rushes forward, but it is not necessary to rush to the place where the distance between the two sides is about 2 meters like a soldier. You can shoot the mad dog dragon into a hedgehog with arrow and rain tactics, but the range of a group of archers of about 15 levels is just like that.
This time, Mad Dog Dragon didn’t dare to force himself too much, and the red bow appeared in his hand. This time, not only the sky was crazy, but also the other side was dumbfounded. Fuck, it turns out that you were a bowman, but the problem is that Ya Gen didn’t take an arrow. Did you shoot a string?
When the zither rang, it was a parting sound, but this mad dog dragon was wrong. He was a bachelor ray and had not really practiced archery. The bachelor ray was not shot out, but was bounced out and exploded to about 15 meters.
Although it didn’t hit anyone, the big fire still made the archer across the street lose his sight.
My poking is still unfamiliar, and it doesn’t conform to ergonomics. Mad Dog Dragon summed up the experience and lessons, and immediately changed to a spider mine, which is specially designed for the bow to bounce. This ejection is not only accurate, but also almost 25 meters away.
To say that a thousand mad dogs and ten thousand dragons dare to be so arrogant and stay put is to accurately calculate the distance between the two sides.
Since I dare to boast that the girls of the Arrow Team still have two brushes in their hands, I have learned a few lessons from the previous bombing. This time, when I saw that there were "things" flying in the sky, the rain of colorful arrows went up into the sky, not to mention that several of them actually hit the thunder that was about to fall.
After the spider ray was hit by an arrow, it quickly spit its tentacles in all directions, and the tentacles were entangled in other people’s arrows. Because the arrows flew into the air, it produced a pull spider ray, which exploded after emitting strong light in the middle. A group of people rushed to the ground … In fact, it is impossible to blow up the people by the so-called spider Reagan.
Wang Lian was suddenly shocked. "Wife, let’s kill that thing!"
Day crazy fourteen waves at the sight of mad dog dragon trick failure immediately got up from the ground "brother flash-"
"Okay, I’ll go!" Mad dog dragon unhurriedly raised his bow and pulled the string again. "I flashed this group of grandchildren to death."
When the girls saw that something was falling again, they also took their time to raise their hands and shoot angrily. It was their fault this time. After the "thing" gave a "bang", it was followed by a bright white light, which replaced the dark night. Almost most people gave a "ouch!" and covered their faces and eyes at the same time.
In fact, we all know that a dragon has a bad habit, that is, once it is successful, it is easy to forget, and once it is forgotten, it will bleed again.
After several flashes were shot out in a row, no one on the opposite side had a normal vision and was flashed into blindness.
In the crazy day, the two men stared at the mad dog dragon and put away his bow, but they swooped down on the enemy camp alone with their bare hands and went to get rid of the hungry dog and poop.
Single-handedly, it’s true, with bare hands, it’s a fake mad dog. While running, the dragon touched the bomb and threw a bunch of various kinds of thunder "cars", which ushered in the most spectacular day in history. The fire was everywhere, and the thunder rumbled. I don’t know if there was a big earthquake here.
Watch is close to the mad dog dragon shout again and again pulled out of the spear and shield day crazy fourteen waves completely vomiting blood "nima ya is not an assassin? How can you play with a bow? Will this become a soldier again? "
Shi Guo also said that his associative ability is richer than his. "Well, I think he is a hidden career!"
"What?" The sky is crazy and the waves are confused. "Why have I never heard of a hidden career?"
"If you hear about it, is it still called a hidden career?"
"That’s true!" Day crazy fourteen waves see mad dog dragon has entered the enemy lines, he also regained confidence "let’s go! Revenge for the two brothers! "
At this time, they are not all the same. In the running, "blood" has already hit tons of injuries, and more than half of the people on the opposite side have been killed and injured. It is already the harvesting rhythm until the sky is crazy and the waves are fourteen.
Rao is so mad dog dragon’s signature mode, or he left a deep impression on Lanxin people. My samurai spear is not a decoration. I don’t care if you are a man or a woman, I will stab you to death. Are you seriously injured lying on the ground? I’ll stick it right, too. It’ll be even happier if you lie on the ground. Watch me shoot you in the ass …
Orchid core people never imagined that this night turned out to be such a nightmare. It turned out that they were Yin people and turned into crazy and terrible counterattacks. Only four minutes later, the car was littered with corpses and horrible.
"Isn’t it a little cruel for us to be like this?" Day crazy fourteen waves asked
The mad dog dragon was covered in blood and his eyes were a little blank. "No!"
"No? Then be more cruel! " The spirit of "Crazy Days and Fourteen Waves" is chasing after the shock of raising a sword. Now there are two culprits, Wang Lian and Princess Qing, who are running for their lives. They are already in love with each other. The scene of the Mad Dog Dragon Big Bang is really not courageous to fight back.
In fact, this is not a matter of courage, but they know that they absolutely do not have the strength to make a comeback at present.
But how can the poor moving speed of the mage be compared with that of the magic swordsmen? Besides, even if you run out of the distance first, your mental attributes will not last long.
Wang Lian also lost two walls of fire. He burned the mad dog dragon with three walls of fire. It’s really no problem, but it can be a serious injury to burn the sky and go crazy with fourteen waves. The problem is that the teacher pot is crazy about adding blood at the end. How do they throw skills to treat the holy light and finally protect them well?
It didn’t take long for the princess to be chased by the crazy fourteen waves. The goods were cheap enough. An ice sword was cut on her heel. When the princess fell, the dog was covered with thin ice. Before she could see clearly what was going on, she was caught by the mad dog dragon.
Be honest with your friends, but never be soft with your enemies. This is the principle of mad dog dragon. So when the princess was caught, she was severely beaten in the stomach. These old punches made her see stars, and suddenly she bent down and vomited wildly.
"Look at what you eat at noon this junk? Is it paste? Are you disgusting? " Day crazy fourteen waves covering her nose way
At this time, Shi Guo finally chased a dignified face from behind. "Sao Nian and gm exploded seven pieces of equipment and some money was badly lost."
When you hear this, the sky is crazy and the waves are really evil. "Fucking spicy next door will cut you to pieces today."
"Don’t kill her in a hurry!" The mad dog dragon grabbed the princess’s hair and "snapped" it was seven slaps that directly swollen her face, and then she was given a big red medicine in the nude mode, which was too obvious to torture you slowly.
The princess’s feelings are not as arrogant as before, and she wanted to swear and scold her. The mad dog dragon slapped her cherry mouth and almost fanned her into a ham sausage. This is simply an insult.
Mad dog dragon is also angry when he listens to the big explosion of brothers’ equipment. He looks up to the front and shouts, "sb, don’t worry about running for your life. Look at your wife. Are you still a man?" Regardless of whether a woman lives or dies? "
Looking back, Wang Lian turned blue and clenched his fist tightly, but it was even more cruel to wait for him if he dared to return, so he could defend his eyes, leaving a bitter look, and then he gritted his teeth and ran away.
"Your man is such a virtue? Really m boring! " It’s a pity that he didn’t have fun.
The princess’s feelings are still silent, but the tears are already flowing. Women who have experienced this kind of experience should know what it is like.
"There’s no way to cheat my buddy out of sympathy," said the mad dog dragon angrily. "How do you want to die?"
The princess was hysterical and suddenly yelled, "Kill me! Kill me! I don’t want to live anyway!"
"Look at how beautiful you are. I’ll kill you if you say I kill you. What a dream!" Mad dog dragon quietly motioned crazy day fourteen waves two people back "you want to die, I won’t kill you! Leave you a dog’s life and let you remember it for a long time. Don’t pretend that you will break your pulse. "
After that, he threw her back for about ten meters. He suddenly threw two "things" with his backhand. Now the princess is no stranger to these "things". Although she doesn’t know what these "things" are, she knows their terrible power.