When it comes to tracking Emma, they are more professional than mad dog dragon in some places. They are not far behind or close. Always pay attention to your voice and breath and never let the other side find out.
On the top of the mountain is a rock with a huge mechanical facility, Mad Dog Dragon, which neither of them can recognize.
But the ground was walked by a circular mouth, and it was dark and bottomless. It is estimated that Kang Ye went from here.
Emma looked at the walls. "They are really digging mountains, but the key is how did that guy get there?"
Mad dog dragon silently said, "Xiao Jia, go home. I think this side is dangerous."
"I want to leave me alone again. I can go!" Emma took out two short-handed sharp axes and embedded them in the walls "Ding Chi Ding Chi" for a while. "This stone is a knife rock and my axe works well."
The mad dog Longnai had to make Peter Pan face down.
The bottom of the pit was a huge magma pool to their surprise.
Emma was surprised. "It’s only seven meters high. There shouldn’t be magma here."
She didn’t talk nonsense, but it proved that there was something wrong with this mountain.
Mad dog dragon has pulled out the Yan machine gun and carefully touched it along the passage.
I don’t know how long it’s been, but the light is bright ahead and there are still people coming
Mad dog dragon put his index finger on his lips and turned to prepare to send Emma "shh–"
But when he turned around, his heart sank. Emma didn’t know when she suddenly disappeared.
Is it haunted Mad dog dragon suddenly felt a little cold in his palm and disappeared mysteriously. Look at the sound box again. Emma’s yellow duckling head is still on.
The mad dog dragon didn’t dare to make a sound. The scene before him was shocking.
This is a huge magma pool, and the iron and iron exceed the area of the football field. From time to time, the magma rises five or six meters high and red waves.
There are three twisted and rugged rocks extending from three different directions to the opposite side, which looks like three stone bridges from a distance. However, this stone bridge is very scary, and its width will not exceed 3 meters visually. The distance between the "bridge" pool is about 3 meters. The source of the three stone bridges is the four walls, and the location of the mad dog dragon is the most central one.
On the other hand, there is a small platform where more than 20 people gathered, and Kang Ye is impressively listed.
This group of people are watching around an old chair, which is more like a king’s throne strictly speaking
This scene is very similar to a treasure trove hidden in the mountains, and an ancient imperial mausoleum may be buried here.
Mad dog dragon carefully observed this group of people, which should actually be divided into three groups. First, Kang Ye led seven players.
Opposite Kang Ye is a tall and beautifully dressed female archer, Mad Dog Dragon. At a glance, it can be seen that this is Lan Xin’s family. He knows two of the five or six people behind the female archer-Wang Lian and Princess Qing. These two young people think that they were arrested and hanged by the local dog dragon and the crazy fourteen waves.
Next to the female archer, there is another group of about a dozen leading men who are wearing casual shirts and arranging a few buttons deliberately without buttons. It seems that many little girls like that kind of literary freshness.
However, Mad Dog Dragon can’t underestimate that people who can touch this place are not novices, even Wang Lian and Princess Qing. Although their food was not ordinary in those days, it must be a great progress after such a long time.
Master Kang raised his wrist and looked at his watch. "Haven’t you missed it yet?"
The literary youth laughed. "I informed him that it should arrive soon!"
The female archer said, "Yong Bang, when I came, my thoughts were still on the border. Can he speak as fast as you?"
Yong Bang seems to be very friendly. "Sister Meng, you can rest assured that you will get it in 1 minute."
Kang Ye is a little impatient. "This guy is really so bothersome every time."
A group of people have been chatting with mad dog dragons for a long time, observing and listening carefully for fear of missing information.
The dream sister suddenly said, "Lao Kang, are you sure that time wheel is in here?"
The mad dog dragon was shocked when he heard this. Isn’t the time wheel refreshed in Baizhi Mountain? Why is it brushed here? What the hell is that?
Kang Ye satisfiedly smiled. "Sister Meng, how many times have you asked me? I assure you it’s in there. Alas, I would have got it long ago if it hadn’t been for those people with purple eyes and the little trouble of the Eastern Dynasty."
Yong Bang also smiled at her. "Dream sister Kang Ye knows that it is definitely right to listen to him more than us."
Sister Meng left her pie mouth. She wasn’t very cold about this intentional gigolo, but she didn’t do anything too much. She couldn’t say much about the topic "What was the Nimbus doing then, Lao Kang?"
Mad dog dragon suddenly pricked up its ears. Unfortunately, Kang Ye’s answer was unsatisfactory. "Hehe, dream sister, just follow. It’s good for you when it’s done."
At this time, Kang Ye’s watch is red, but it’s a pity that Mad Dog Dragon can’t see the specific picture and see the change of the surface of the watch. One screen picture is a miniature scanning radar with red dots beating on it.
"What person?" Master Kang was alert, turned around and shouted, "Get out!"
Mad dog dragon lay on the ground and controlled his breathing very calmly. He firmly believed that he had not been discovered.
Sure enough, on the left side of the bridge, there were three big men in battle. The first big man had a black scarf tied to his head.
Others may not know these three identities, but the mad dog dragon is very clear in his heart. The golden bow and arrow signs are printed on the shoulders of the three men’s battles, and it is difficult to be found if you don’t look carefully
The Golden Bow family actually came here. What is this place? What kind of secrets are hidden? This matter is getting more and more interesting.
Black headscarf laughed. "I always lit a cigarette and you found it."
Master Kang’s eyes narrowed. "Black Wolf?"
The black wolf laughed even harder. "Lao Kang didn’t expect you to remember me?"
Master Kang frowned and said, "What are you Golden Bows doing here?"
The three black wolves have already left the stone bridge. "Of course we are here to do it."
Obviously, even if Kang Ye is a colorful paradise, people are not willing to provoke such a difficult mercenary force as Golden Bow.
"Black Wolf, we haven’t had any conflicts before. No matter what you do here at the Golden Bow House, I hope you’d better not break people’s fortunes!" Kang ye said coldly
"Don’t worry, Lao Kang, we’re not here to find what you want!" The black wolf said that, but his eyes fell straight on the dream sister. The eyes were like a hungry wolf who saw a piece of fresh meat.
"The girl has a good figure and her ass is quite upturned. I just don’t know how to feel?" When passing by her, the black wolf put aside this sentence.
If this is changed to a female player, it is all a way to endure the murderous look in Sister Meng’s eyes. "I didn’t catch what you said just now."
"Ha ha ha ha!" The black wolf laughed again. "Beauty, don’t be angry. I’m kidding. The atmosphere here is too tense. I’ll ease it."
Sister Meng gritted her teeth and said, "Don’t dare to joke like this again. Either you kneel or I fall."
This was so murderous that the black wolf ignored him and turned to look at Yong Bang. "Which child is this?"
Yong Bang is very polite. "Big Brother, I’m an intermediary businessman. I just introduce some small business."
Black Wolf looked at him with great interest "what small business? For example? "
Yong Bang smiled. "Do everything from medicinal food to mineral raw materials to obsidian runes. Does this big brother also want to take care of a business?"
The black wolf’s eyes flashed, and the young man could not see through him, but he was about to answer when the dream sister was surprised that she had "missed her thoughts"