"The identity of the guardian of my kingdom tells everyone that he personally gave me the will. If he died unfortunately, the successor of the waning moon kingdom was Ye Shang. At the beginning, he asked me to assist with the general marshal. Unfortunately, he betrayed his soul and turned his back on his country! !”
He took out the king’s decree and the national decree proved that the suspicion was true, and they believed in Wang Tianlong dialect.
Now, the king of Chu has a gray face. Even if he kills everyone, it will be difficult to save the people’s hearts. If he loses the people’s hearts, the emperor will inevitably die! !
"Wang Tianlong leaf injury! ! !”
"Give me kill them! !” At this moment, even the king of Chu sent people to dare not make a move because they were afraid that the king of Chu would be subverted, and if they talked wrongly, it would mean death! !
And those who didn’t support the king of Chu simply didn’t move. They were waiting for who was the real winner.
Everything that happened in front of him made inverse Chennan’s face gloomy. He slowly raised his head and was covered with generate’s black arrogance. "Now you can die."
Chapter one hundred and sixty-Forget the dust and return
"Leaf injury and Wang Tianlong root is nonsense. The king is my brother. How can I force him to death! ! !
"They are now in a bloody spray! ! !”
"Give me kill them kill those traitors! ! !”
The king of Chu is still unwilling to roar, but now he is not in the hands of Ye Ye, but in the hands of Wang Tianlong. Wang Tianlong’s means can naturally convince everyone. There is one reason why he is the guardian of the kingdom. He has never betrayed the waning moon from generation to generation, and Wang Tianlong has followed the wishes of his ancestors to give up wealth and take the initiative to go to the street town to guard the frontier. It is precisely because of his proud support in Wang Guocai.
Ministers obviously chose Wang Tianlong’s side.
The king of Chu’s face is getting more and more gloomy. If he does anything out of line in front of the whole people now, things will come to the point of legal redemption. Moreover, the words of inverse Chennan have made the king of Chu have a crisis. He is afraid that inverse Chennan will give up his certificate at this critical moment, which is still valuable. He must do something.
If the king of Chu is not weak enough to kill Wang Tianlong here, he can still suppress all his opponents by force, so he is called to do it! !
"Wang Tianlong, this is what you want to cheat, and you won’t be a thief, so you can be executed by yourself! !” King Chu’s practice of waning moon is the highest, and his heart is the third, and his strength is also at the peak of innate state. Although he has heard of the extraordinary strength of King Chu from the leaf wound, it is even more frightening to play against him now.
It turned out to be the peak of the innate state and the pressure of the first world war.
However, after all, Wang Tianlong has already stepped into the peak state for many years, and although the king of Chu is also in the same peak state, there is absolutely no way to take it in the face of Wang Tianlong’s terrible at the moment
But it was at the beginning of this chaotic war that the general marshal of the army finally said that he could not bear to drink, so that the thieves of the chaotic ministers even joined the war. The king of Chu was still in a weak position, but now the strength and weakness immediately showed that Wang Tianlong was under pressure.
But it inspired Wang Tianlong ferocity to see him take out a sharp cold knife from the bosom and drink a total marshal. When he saw his face change, he immediately woke up to the king of Chu. "King Chu, be careful, this is Wang Tianlong’s skill of killing dragons! !”
As soon as the dragon slaying skill came out, the dragons roared and the situation changed color.
"Unload Long Jia! !”
"Luna tactic! !”
"Go to heaven to cut! !”
Three kingdoms top np strong at the same time to the energy tide fluctuation is huge, the whole central square is a mess, see the present situation in Chennan face more gloomy, but how about the kingdom and he has nothing to say to those who have touched his interests! !
From the beginning, I didn’t intend to let go of a person who sabotaged his plan! !
So he made a move
The swift and violent thunder was terrible, and Chen Nan played his best speed to see him jump from the sea of people and even forced Ye Dongchen and them to escape in the direction of human body.
"We have sinned against me Wolf Warriors family want to escape is insane! ! !” Inverse Chennan was wrapped in black gas, and the strength was the highest. The strength broke out from the body and sprinted away like oil.
Leaf injury said his face changed "stop him for me! !”
"Shock wave definitely! !”
Sharp and firm but gentle strokes across the leaves, forehead, hair tips flying a few strands of residual hair, while the leaves fall back a few meters, and the birds look awe-inspiring. The orcs change their forms, their wings flap and they hold a sword, and their faces are gloomy. "Your opponent should be me."
"Opponents?" Leaf injury cynicism birds are strong, but he hasn’t reached the level of fear. At the same time, the firm but gentle moon radiates bright moonlight, and the weapons collide with each other. Seeing the sword passing by, the two swordsmanship is even different.
The waning moon sends out dazzling light and launches a dazzling moon chop. A half-moon chop comes out conveniently, and the bird’s mind winds immediately with a sword to block it. After the moonlight, it turns out to be a leaf injury. It’s like a beast’s eyes with a sword, like a roaring dragon’s firm but gentle sword, and suddenly it’s as close as his heart.
The huge hole left in the wall in the distance is caused by the sudden thorn of the waning moon, and the birds are even more worried when they see the imprint left on the wall. If they have just failed to escape, they will even open such a hole in their hearts! !
But he also got enough time for inverse Chennan, because inverse Chennan had already flown out when they met for a moment.
"You’re stronger than before. No wonder Nan recommended you to our family. Unfortunately, you don’t know how to cherish it, but it’s too late. Your companion is doomed to death and failure, and you will die on the Nanli Line if you want to save people." The bird proudly said, but was shocked by the growth of Ye Shang.
Ye Shang didn’t speak, and he also saw the trajectory of inverse Chennan’s action, but it was precisely because of this that he was relieved to concentrate on dealing with the enemy in front of him
Listen to Ye Shang’s name [black cloth], and the strong will attack because this man is strong and terrible.