On the horizon, an iron horse is surging and smashing the morning mist, penetrating Li Jing and rolling towards the south of the city.
The soldiers guarding the granary saw this iron cavalry coming at their side angrily from a distance. First, it was the one who looked at the army for a while, and his legs and stomach were soft with fear.
He shouted, "Go and report that the adult Youzi camp is in trouble with us!"
As if a verified prophecy, five hundred fighters came to the granary and immediately scattered around the whole granary.
The shallow water is cold and cold enough to kill the living. "What about your grain officer? Tell him to come out and see me."
It wasn’t long before the grain protection officer came out.
Maybe it’s because of the lack of fat that the grain protection officer is so fat that he has to weigh several pounds if he blows it.
When he saw the shallow water, he cried, "Why did the shallow general come to the official in a big fight?"
Shallow water Qing said, "Yesterday, I heard my brother say that the grain in the granary is not enough. I want to suspend the distribution of grain and grass in the word camp. Hum, it is also a soldier who leads the troops to fight. Why do I want to suspend the distribution of grain to other battalions but still receive grain from the Song Dynasty? It seems a little unfair for you to do so."
Song Grain Officer sneered, "Shallow General, you are wrong about who to give this grain to and who not to, and it won’t be me. Song has the final say. I am a small grain officer. Naturally, I can’t compare with general Hu Wei, but I still have to listen to what Nandu means. Now this lone star city has Nandu in the town. If the general is dissatisfied, he should look for the flag and Nandu to ask questions. It is difficult for me to run to this granary. Isn’t it a little grain officer who is suspected of bullying the weak and fearing the strong?"
Shallow water is clear and he looks at the blood. "It’s the first time I’ve seen a civilian with such hard bones."
Mu Xue immediately whispered, "I haven’t seen it before, I guess it’s new."
Thunder fire immediately replied, "I heard the word master Xiang when I came here. I heard that he was a guest of master Xiang."
In the eyes of shallow water, there is a danger. "No wonder it is like a civilian road to pinch our rations."
Across the Song Dynasty, the grain official is still sneering at the shallow water, but the dangers in the heart are getting more and more prosperous.
Has Nan Shanyue, the prime minister of the DPRK, finally made a move? He sent a grain officer, but who else did he send?
Literati are no more sinister than military attache. They are not good at fighting to the death in the battlefield, but they like to stab in the back.
And once you do, it will force you to jump into his trap.
Heng Changshun missed the Yun Feng dance twice and tried to kill Shallow Water Ching, but he still lived a happy life. Maybe even Mr. Xiang, who is far away in the capital, thinks that it is a great threat for Nan Jia to go so freely.
Commissary is just a guide, and then it will surely be a last resort.
And this Song Grain Officer may be the executor in that plan.
In the military system of Tianfeng, the most important position that a civilian can take in the army besides being the chief of staff of a military commander may be the grain officer.
"Song Grain Officer, why did the Southern Governor want to stop my grain and grass camp?"
The grain officer of Song Dynasty grunted coldly, "You’d better ask the good general of Nandu about this matter. If you do, please take your own soldiers and retreat quickly. Don’t blame me for not waking up the general. This collision with the grain depot is responsible for the general’s current position. I’m afraid I can’t afford it."
Shallow water counting nodded, "Well, I’ll send someone to ask his brothers. Let’s withdraw first. Today, I’ll give this Song pig a little face. I won’t come to get food for the time being. Let’s meet again." Then he even muttered, "Look at that pig. I’m really filthy. The military reputation of Tianfeng is based on his belly."
He said such a thing, and Song Liangguan turned pale with anger.
He has been criticized many times in his life for his fat body, and it is extremely difficult for the world to see him so fat. The first feeling is always that this person must be a greedy generation, but I don’t know that he is born with this obesity. He has no good luck in his life because of this obesity. It is not easy to use his brain to vote for the prime minister flexibly. He is also a small guest. He can also be said to have done his best.
When he vaguely heard about the personnel in shallow water clearing in Nanfu, he immediately felt that his life destiny decided to clear his body in this shallow water.
The plan to break the grain is that he went out to the south mountain and got his approval
On whether shallow water Qing is fighting for grain or letting his young master send grain to the south can take the opportunity to punish him. Nan Shanyue gave him this opportunity to send him to Lone Star City and let him take charge of the grain officer.
Before he left, the grain official of the Song Dynasty especially begged the imperial Buddhist Zhao to say that he had taught a divination.
Zhao’s wild talk is the best astrologer in Tianfeng Empire. Master Wen Bu really gave him a chance in Nanshan Mountain.
It turns out that the turning point of his life was in the East, and he was worried about food and clothing all his life.
He was overjoyed to know that he had made a bet on this trip.
I didn’t expect that when I first saw Shallow Water, I was so angry that I was so fat that I trembled all over.
Seeing the shallow water clear with his own soldiers and leaving Xiao Ran, the Song Grain Officer looked at the distant figure and his eyes became more and more vicious.
Don’t be too proud of your shallow water. This time, I will clean up your posts and regret what you said today for life.
Everything went to the worst as shallow water had expected.
South hurt one of the simplest reasons to ask back and forth about shallow water and clear water. Now there is not enough grain and grass in the town. The granary grain is only about 5 thousand stone. The army needs to cut the share of all the grain needed for the tenth day. You Zi Camp gained a lot from attacking Beijing Yuancheng the other day. Since the family is the thickest, don’t care so much about this commissary. Anyway, after the commissary is escorted, it will naturally be replenished to You Zi Camp. Now it is also a temporary plan.
According to the south injury plan, the so-called temporary plan is that he starved to death for a while
When the dog relayed this absurd answer to shallow water with a sad face, he didn’t even bother to get angry.
In Lone Star City, he is now surrounded by enemies.
It is true to be born less angry and use your head more in such a difficult environment.
Now he has a purple heart medal to protect his body and kill him with the method of south injury. The glory halo covers his head, and even the emperor laughed it off and did not deal with it, which shows that his grace is grand
The first thing that Nan Shang wants to kill him is to make the emperor stop appreciating him.
Then the crime of keeping a private army can achieve the effect just right.
If you want Cangye Wang to realize that shallow water is pure and ambitious, he will have no big deal.
The bigger the enemy’s affairs, the sooner we should get rid of them.
Shallow water is clear, and you can’t starve by the word camp. Perhaps Nan Shang hopes that the soldiers in the word camp will be dissatisfied with him because of this, and it will save him much trouble in the future by mutiny directly.
A general who can’t take care of his own soldiers and manage them well obviously won’t be liked by the emperor.
Of course, shallow water Qing can also choose to rob grain by soldiers, which will make it more convenient for Nan Shang to kill him.
On how many reasons and grievances he has, it is enough for him to lose his head immediately.