In fact, the two are just once.
Just now, when Director Zhu took Xu Taotao to recognize people, he also saw Shao Qingze, who was silent beside Director Feng.
However, it’s polite to nod your head slightly if you don’t know each other well.
Xu Taotao didn’t expect that he would take the initiative to talk to himself
She smiled "thank you"
"I have something to do. Let’s talk later?"
Shao Qingze’s eyes flashed with disappointment "Good talk to you later"
Chapter three hundred and twenty Eat Rabbit Team
"This National Day, Master Liu has specially prepared a new dish for us, which is especially to the taste of Mayor Zhao."
"Mayor Zhao had the luck to eat delicious today."
Leaders, you held the mayor Zhao in a good mood.
Mayor Zhao: "Hey, stop it, or everyone will say that Master Liu is partial to me. I didn’t secretly give him benefits!" "
Everyone knows that mayor Zhao is a joker, ha ha ha, and laughs with him.
Ye Ji’s face also smiled. "Then let’s go and see Master Liu’s new dishes later."
Minister Qin followed Ye Ji’s side and said, "Remember that Jamlom, a meat joint factory, also gave me a hand today. She used to be a famous chef in a state-run hotel. I thought it was rare for comrades to come here today and specially asked Jamlom to make a dish. Would you like to see it?"
"Meat joint factory Jamlom?"
Ye Ji still has some impression on the young comrade who is in the limelight recently.
He frowned. "Why did you let her cook for us, Lao Qin? You have some shortcomings in this matter. When Jamlom is the deputy director of the slaughterhouse, he is not the canteen to cook for you. Master Liu’s craftsmanship can’t satisfy you? You also let Jamlom come to you today. I want to criticize this practice. "
Ye Ji suddenly became serious, and there were some changes in the atmosphere.
Minister Qin is a red man in front of Ye Ji. I didn’t expect him to do such a stupid thing.
This is flattery. I got a horseshoe
Who knows that Qin minister’s mistake is also quick? "Remember that I did something wrong and I am selfish today.
As we all know, the slaughterhouse recently bought a batch of rabbits in Chen and Xian counties. When the slaughterhouse took them over, I knew many people were waiting for a joke.
However, Lao Zhu and Xiao Xu of the meat joint factory didn’t treat themselves as a joke. They specially opened a new production line’ rabbit cooked food processing’ to help comrades solve their difficulties.
Today, Jamlom is the head of the production and R&D department of the meat joint factory with her newly developed’ cold rabbit train’.
I this also calculate jobbery do some propaganda for their slaughterhouse "
Ye Ji was silent for a while.
He said, "Then let’s try a new product from the slaughterhouse. I’m also curious about how delicious those rabbit meats will become after processing."
Minister Qin’s smile deepened. "I also want to see if you can give a few points to the new production of the slaughterhouse."
Say that finish a line of people toward Xu Taotao window.
Followed by director Zhu secretly wiped her sweat.
Director Feng didn’t good the spirit. "You may be tired of playing Xiaocong with Minister Qin now!"
Director Zhu wry smile in my heart.
He’s easy. Since Jamlom said, he took the opportunity today to push their "cold eating rabbits" list to the front of the record. He’s also very flustered. Okay.
Sure enough, when he secretly communicated with Qin Minister, he was severely scolded by Qin Minister
If it is not done well, it will arouse the resentment of the leaders.
Fortunately, he didn’t promise to give him a hard time, Minister Qin.
Director Zhu gritted his teeth.
Jamlom, you bitch, it’s done for you. If you don’t let me shine today, you can remember Ye directly.
Just go back to the factory and wait!
Xu Taotao suddenly sneezed with a "ah-cut"
Brother Xu looked nervous. "Get dressed quickly. Is it cold?"
Niu Qingcao has different ideas. "Nonsense must be spicy!"
Xu Taotao rubbed his nose. "I think someone must have said something behind my back."
No sooner had she finished this sentence than she saw a group of people coming towards the window here.
The first is the gentle face and the leaves.