"That afternoon, Mr. Ho said that he had called me several times and I knew who Tao was."
Yan Shuhan condensed his mind and paused slightly. "Does your wife know who it is?"
"Well, when I was just getting ready to go to school this afternoon, a course manager said that the teacher wanted to receive any information and transferred me a shared form for me to fill out."
"When I was sliding, I saw a special one. Later, I found that it was not exactly the same. Then I looked at the name … and found that it was Li Wenle."
Yan Shuhan’s eyebrows puckered slightly. Li Wenle?
That Lin Qiu said that his wife started meeting that alpha cub at the shooting gallery?
Later, it was said that I met him at noon.
What, from physical education class to ordinary classes, you also checked his wife’s words?
It seems that this cub has really disappeared without tears.
Yan Shuhan’s eyes darkened as soon as he heard it. Su Mo knew each other at a glance that this was as bad as when he first learned that Li Wenle was the man who called him.
Then hurriedly explained to people.
Unexpectedly, his own alpha doesn’t seem to believe it and is determined, but Li Wen is willing to do something wrong.
"But at that time, the information on the board did say that the seller was Li Wenle, and he also said that he had a disease in his third year of high school, and now his age is consistent with that of the seller."
Yan Shu-han gave a sigh of relief, but his face conveyed a message that he just didn’t believe it was simple.
Su Mo is a little worried about what alpha will do, but he also knows that he should not help Li Wenle more at this time.
After all, an alpha knows that there are strangers and he is still his own ega. In his life, he may meet people and harass his ega many times.
That really takes each other seriously.
No matter what reason or excuse the other party has found.
At this time, the other ega should not defend the molester more.
What’s more, this person is still an "alpha"
But … After all, the other party is an ordinary person. What would happen if Mr. Wang made a move? Su Mo didn’t dare to think.
After all, Yan Shuhan means Su Mo feels that he is absolutely clear. At that time, when the other party helped him to take care of the Su family, the reason was terrible and powerful … Those who killed people did not see blood.
However, overnight, the Su family’s stock plummeted, from the magnificent mansion where "waiting people" lived to the street where everyone shouted to beat mice. Since then, the Su family has almost disappeared in his world.
At the beginning, such an all-powerful Su family couldn’t resist it.
Li Wenle is one of his students …
Su Mo feels that he still needs someone to say a word or two. After all, the other party told him today that it is necessary to expand his second-hand shop to sell second-hand things, and it is probably because of any difficulties at home.
Who else would call so many strangers like that?
Be scolded as a bad guy.
"Sir …" Su Mo gently called Yan Shuhan.
Yan Shuhan naturally knows what the other party is going to say, but it’s such a coincidence …
If it’s true, it’s even more important for him to guard against it.
And Yan Shuhan’s mind Su Mo is probably not white
"Madam, don’t say much. Am I measured or do you say that Madam likes him?"
How can you say you like another alpha in front of your husband?
This is simply a Taoist proposition.
Su Mo knew that Yan Shuhan was jealous again, but he didn’t really doubt that he remembered to make that call with someone at noon and couldn’t help laughing at them. "Mr. Wang promised me not to always be jealous of others when he was talking at the base today."
"Now this is jealous again?"
Being poked and jealous by his wife, what is the highest executive of the alliance? Some ears are red.
"Well, I’m a little jealous," but I still chose to tell the truth
In a relationship, it is better for two people not to misunderstand Yan Shuhan than to misunderstand that Su Mo suspects him.
In fact, he is really jealous.
I can’t help it. After all, according to what ega just said, isn’t that freshman alpha very predestined with his wife?
Fuck fate, he is the most predestined relationship with his wife!
A generation is tied to fate.
His mother and his wife are good sisters!
Maybe madam’s biological mother and his mother also know each other.
Is it really better than his fate with his wife? Wishful thinking and dreaming!
And the opposite Su Mo looked at Yan Shu’s cold eyes flashing with emotion for a while.
After all, Yan Shuhan actually looks a little cold when he doesn’t talk, especially when he doesn’t talk at the moment and his eyes are getting deeper and deeper. It always feels like Mr. Yan is thinking about something extraordinary.
"What should I do with my wife? I’m jealous." Yan Shuhan looked at Su Mo a little piteously. "I’m more jealous than I think. I have to take a bath with my wife tonight."
What causal logic is this?
Su Mo suddenly blushed and felt that alpha seemed to be intentional.
But it’s better to see the meaning in each other’s eyes fade away. After all, it’s more appropriate to take a bath together than alpha for an ordinary college student.
"Good together to wash" Su Mo to Yan Shuhan clip vegetables "Sir, don’t be jealous and eat vegetables"
Ega sweet voice also agreed to his request. Yan Shuhan felt that it would not be too much.
After all, what about fate?