"Wait" fire Kirin suddenly cried.
Jinyang just wanted to get out of here, and suddenly he heard the fire unicorn shouting, and his breath was so high that he had to kill it first if the fire beast dared to fight for serious injuries. Judging from the memory he just got, it was definitely doubtful that he would be trapped by this god array.
Aware of Jinyang’s vigilance against him, Kirin snorted angrily and said coldly, "Although my Kirin foot belongs to the demon race, we also have dignity and ingratitude. We can’t do anything yet. Don’t worry, this god array will deal with those bald donkeys. My parents and grandparents died tragically in their hands, and I want to avenge it."
Jinyang smiled a little embarrassed and laughed at himself. It seems that he is really suitable to be a villain. He asked faintly, "Now that things have happened, you have successfully got rid of the shackles of the array of gods. What do you want me to do?"
Fire Kirin didn’t have a horse to answer Jinyang’s growl. At the same time, his body suddenly changed into a middle-aged man, and he looked at Jinyang coldly. At the same time, he gently recruited the cave wall with his hands and immediately flew out eleven lux SPAR, which fell into the magma according to some kind of appearance. After a flash of fire, the SPAR disappeared, and then he recruited eleven SPAR to sacrifice and refine it in the same way, and then a mass of magma was wrapped and thrown at Jinyang.
Jinyang took over the magma mass and swept it gently, then he learned that it was an object, so he said faintly, "Send the array?"
Fire Kirin answered affirmatively, "It’s true that the acquired hexagrams and pale fire array is an attack on the God Array, and I have refined it into this innate hexagrams and locked fire array, so I’m going to keep it here. If there are people from Yandi, you should let them practice here much faster than the outside world."
At the fire unicorn, Jinyang light didn’t say anything. The body directly flashed through the cave and shot at the top of the mountain along the cave passage. In my heart, I secretly felt that this unicorn beast was a temperament middleman. With him in the Wanyao Temple, this southern state will be very lively in the future.
Jinyang’s figure, such as quickly flashing out of the cave, ignores the smiling phoenix bird and directly drives the green wolf to flash out of the demon array and fly in the direction of the unique domain.
It wasn’t long before the fire unicorn followed the cave and felt refreshed without the suppression of the god array. Staring at Jinyang’s disappearing direction, a different color flashed in his eyes.
Phoenix saw the fire unicorn out of the cave, and immediately the white fire unicorn was out of trouble. Immediately, he smiled and congratulated him, but he saw the fire unicorn staring at Jinyang’s disappearance, so he asked faintly, "Is the temple Lord a small person? Before I tried to test him, he deliberately trapped him outside the demon array. In the end, the demon array was like a decoration. "
"Demon array?" Fire Kirin’s eyes shot two flames sweeping the whole Yaoshan Mountain and then said lightly, "Is this broken array? Others don’t say that if you just say your own strength, he is definitely not there. The Jade Emperor has told you many times not to provoke him. Even the forces behind him will be afraid of three points. "
The phoenix bird was frightened, and I really couldn’t figure out what other forces in the three realms besides the western paradise would make the jade emperor fear.
Feeling that Jinyang has gone far away, Kirin said, "I heard that he is going to marry the jade emperor’s female doll. You should prepare a gift and take someone to send it in person. Anyway, we are neighbors. We must not be too shabby and lose the face of the demon temple. There is still a long way to go."
Phoenix quickly replied, "It’s the temple master."
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Celestial Volume Chapter 37 Wedding 1
Celestial Volume Chapter 37 Wedding 1
Since Jinyang came back from Wanyao Mountain, he first sent the fire unicorn to the array and arranged it properly, and then let the magic eagle with thirty thousand Vulcan troops first enter the array of creating gods and concentrate on cultivating the fire element in the’ innate divination lock fire array’. One day, it will definitely have external effects for several months, and it will take ten years at most to create a group of true fairy masters.
After arranging everything, the avatar will enter the top of the mountain’ strange array’, and the body will be closed together, and the practitioner will realize the memory left by the God Emperor. The avatar will realize that the creative array will come over and remember, and the two bodies will digest and absorb the huge memory at the same time, and realize that the realm is also shared, and the realm will rise rapidly, which is more than several times faster than that of one person.
January may be a little long for ordinary people, but it’s just a flick of the finger for successful practitioners. True fairy masters often close for a hundred years. In January of the Millennium, it was really a blink of an eye. At the same time, they opened their eyes and said, "Go quickly!" Don’t let her wait. "
Look at the body and close your eyes again. The avatar secretly nodded and slowly got up. His brow was full of firmness. He directly flashed out of the’ strange array’ and looked at the stable life of all ethnic groups. Jinyang did not bother them but chose to go straight to the exit.
A flash of golden sun appeared in a huge jade temple, the walls of which were all paved by Baoyu, and thousands of dragons were carved on the surface. The hall was filled with the inflammation left by Emperor Yan, and the golden sun brought thousands of dragon souls from the Lingxiao Treasure Hall, flying in the inflammation Cindy Yang fire, absorbing the essence of the top inflammation Cindy Yang fire and slowly refining the flesh.
According to the order of Jinyang before closing, ten islands were forcibly merged into one island. According to the specifications of the Heavenly Palace, a large-scale fairy mansion was built, with a range of nearly a thousand miles. There were thirty-six halls in the center of the Yanyang Temple, one hall with columns of jade unicorn and longevity star platform, Qian Qian’s famous flowers were never unloaded, and there were thousands of evergreen grasses on the hearth.
The hall where Jinyang is located at the moment is called Qianlong Hall, which is the most heavily guarded hall where the entrance is unique. There are more than a thousand dragons and dragons guarding it. Although they have no dragon body, the strength of cultivating goblin Huadu in the dragon soul for hundreds of thousands of years is absolutely not to be underestimated, especially with the combination of Yan Emperor Liu Yan, Cindy Yang fire and dragon converging attack. Even if the jade emperor master wants to enter by force, it is impossible.
More than a thousand dragon souls suddenly woke up when Jinyang just came out of the entrance gate of the unique domain, and gathered around the location of Jinyang to see clearly that it was Jinyang. Only then can you rest assured that if you just met an unfamiliar person, these dragon souls will attack immediately, even if you have the wrong person, you will attack in the end, and you will not let people walk into the unique domain.
Out of the Qianlong Temple, Jinyang suddenly brightened up at the moment, and I felt like I was in heaven when I first arrived. Thousands of colorful glasses sprayed with purple mist and blue jade made several golden heavenly generals hold their heads high, hold their beams against the pillars, and hold thousands of silver heavenly soldiers with halberds and whips, and hold swords.
Although they are all mountain soldiers and heavenly generals borrowed from the Yi, most of them are the Yi confidants and know that it is the residence of Xu. These arrogant and accustomed mountain soldiers and heavenly generals dare not be too presumptuous, and they also do their duty from the absent without leave to reassure Jinyang. Many halls and palaces are very similar to guarding and getting good at it.
Jinyang flew over several halls, and I couldn’t help feeling that it was really gorgeous and luxurious to build it according to the specifications of the 72 halls of Tiangong. Each hall was surrounded by hundreds of giant pillars, and the golden scales shone with red beards, while the halls were circled by a 10,000-meter-long jade bridge with colorful feathers. Ling Dan Dingfeng Bridge was chasing the game with fairy fish and tortoise.
Thirty-six Heavenly Treasures reflect the sky, the jade hairpin, the beads and the purple ribbon, and the golden bell knocks against the three Cao gods. It is a pity that Jinyang is not a jade emperor who has a treasure hall to enjoy, but he can’t be in the third world.
Soon, Jinyang will fly to the Yanyan Hall. This is the hall named by Jinyang to build the Yanyan Temple. After the completion of the building, it will be built according to the Temple of Heaven and Clouds. The Jade Emperor has no objection to it.
Once the first hall of the Three Realms, it was really luxurious and gorgeous. Gold nails saved jade, colorful phoenix danced, and the Zhumen Corridor was exquisite everywhere. Three eaves and four clusters of dragons and phoenixes soared, and it was no longer simple and gorgeous to shock the real words to describe his splendor.
When Jinyang entered the temple, he slowly looked around, and the surprise in his heart was that there was a purple towering, a dragon lady hanging palm fan on the top of a large golden gourd, and a yu woman holding a fairy towel in the middle of a glass plate with many overlapping Taiyidan; Insert some winding coral trees in agate bottle.
It is the foreign body in the Heavenly Palace, such as other pieces of gold, silver and silver, and the purple house, Qi Hua Yao Cao and Qiong Pa.
Although the resplendent and magnificent hall can really attract people’s attention, Jinyang is not unheard of. People will soon get out of the surrounding environment and sit quietly in the heart of the Zijin throne to calculate the upcoming wedding. Jinyang doesn’t believe that the wedding will be safe and sound, and someone will make trouble by making excuses.
In a short time, a shining golden sky will come into the temple to see that Jinyang, who is in meditation, is not angry but not arrogant. Compared with the Jade Emperor, he is not too proud to let hurriedly respectfully call out, "There are ten Taoist priests outside the island who want to enter the island. The leading Taoist priest claims to be a Taoist priest, saying that he is a disciple of Xu, fearing misunderstanding and being a spy who wants to blend in, he has come to Xu for verification first."
Jinyang quickly nodded and said, "He came in with ten people and brought them in."
Looking at the shining golden sky will be out of the doors of the temple, Jinyang lamented that these heavenly soldiers will be good, but they are not loyal to themselves. Sooner or later, they will have to return to the temple. We have to find some loyal masters as soon as possible to guard the temple. It is also good to find some demon soldiers and demon generals. When I thought of Jinyang here, I thought that Qinglong Palace should let Qing Jiao that beast send some demon soldiers and demon troops to come over. Those brainwashed demon troops are definitely much better than the heavenly soldiers.
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Celestial Volume Chapter 371 Wedding II
Celestial Volume Chapter 371 Wedding II