I’m sorry to scratch my head. "In fact, I didn’t do anything but help take out a stone and give you 13 holy coins for no reason. I invited you to eat whatever you want this evening."
"All right!" Mad dog dragon is more fond of this dirty guy. "Then I’m welcome."
The two of them met the right person when they got together. They ordered three catties of beef, four roast chickens, five plates of steamed bread and two roast ducks, and then they didn’t talk. They buried themselves in all kinds of tearing, scratching and biting. It was full of oil and a table full of confusion.
Passing by, a soldier looked at the chicken bone table and looked at it again. The two men snorted with disdain.
Soon the soldier came in from the outside again, but this time he was not the only one who came in.
There are more than twenty people in this group, and the most striking one is definitely the leader.
And it is naturally a beauty that can make many "miners" who are eating at the field let go of their glasses and turn their heads.
The first beauty can no longer be simply "out there", but it shocked everyone in the hall to breathe.
Mad dog dragon has a high epidemic power to beautiful women, and he has seen many beautiful women, such as Xia Xiaoqing, Qiushui Yiren, Justice Chivalrous Wind, Sunny Day, Yan Yuhua Allure, Qu Zhiyan, Golden Dance, as cold as ice …
These people are beautiful and have their own customs, but … they are more or less inferior to the one in front of them.
Because these people usually dress up more or less, not to mention the colorful costumes and jewelry of Qiushui Iraqis. Even on sunny days, they occasionally like to put on something like blush and eye shadow, but the plain face in front of them doesn’t wear powder.
As soon as she saw it, she knew that the Chinese people were not tall and had not been carved, showing a natural beauty. It was also very common to wear a mage’s robe, and there was a lot of dust. It should have been a long way to get here.
At first glance, you think she looks like a dummy, like a pure girl depicted in the picture, but when you look at her face again, it becomes vivid, as if there is a magic that attracts you to come face to face, that is, to do everything fresh, even the mad dog dragon can’t help but look twice.
However, these are still secondary keys. This person’s aura is too strong. She seems to feel that her eyes are staring at herself, so she turned her head slightly and glanced at the scene. Most people immediately bowed their heads and continued to eat.
This is another big shot. It is estimated that his identity is comparable to that of the former Qiao Yuhan.
It’s very simple, because as soon as she came in, the shopkeeper personally greeted several shopkeepers with tea and water.
On the second floor of the hall, a middle-aged man came along, and his attitude was so enthusiastic that he was close to buttering up. "Xiaoyi is here. Have you had dinner? I’ll let the kitchen arrange what I like to eat! "
This is called Xiao Yi Mei Ren Dao. "I can’t eat it. Let’s arrange for someone to send rutile away!"
This is very polite, and there is nothing wrong with the tone, but it just gives people a cold and faint feeling.
"Who is this man?" Mad dog dragon is curious
Sao ha ha whispered, "I don’t know this. I do know the man, the innkeeper Liu Cheng."
Mad dog dragon road "looks very powerful"
"Money is true" with a coquettish smile.
"Right!" Mad dog dragon dark I feel like he is so reckless, it is estimated that this is called Xiaoyi Beauty.
He guessed that it was true that Liu Cheng and Xiao Yi were busy next to each other when they talked. One box after another was carried from the second floor and moved to the guild escort car outside.
When each box is moved out of the door, a group of coolies will carry it to Xiaoyi and ask her to check the boxes.
After watching it for a while, the soldier who despised the mad dog dragon buzzed and said, "Come here, those two people over there!" " to be continued
Chapter three hundred and fourteen Talking well will kill you?
"We?" Mad dog dragon found that the gesture was pointing at himself.
The soldier said, "Yes, you two horses come here!"
Mad dog dragon’s brow wrinkled up immediately, and SAO Hehe pretended not to hear him holding a chicken bone and left to see right to see it.
"Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me? " The soldier was annoyed.
These two guys seem to be really deaf, so don’t give a shit. Damn it, you want to talk to us, not us. Will you die?
"It’s a shame!" The soldier was so angry that he was persuaded by the shopkeeper. "Let me do this kind of thing!"
The shopkeeper came slowly and politely handed over, "I’m sorry to bother you for a while."