The palm of your hand is whistling, and the number of swords and shadows is exploding, and your mind seems to be fuelling.
This ghost is obviously not a provincial oil lamp. At first, it is fierce to kill the figure in front and try to quickly defeat Lin Yuan.
Rushing like thunder, the palm wind itself swept in, and the sharp sword shadow attacked the forest edge from the front and back, but the eyes were cold, and the backhand sword blew out the arm, and the purple-gold spirit force beat the five fingers like purple-gold spirit liquid flowing, and the power was broken!
The gathering of purple and gold spirits at the edge of the forest makes the edge of the forest more sacred at this time, and then qiankun sword sends out several sword shadows to show more light around it
The sword at the edge of the forest blasted directly from the front and back of the two swords, and it was hard to regret that the two touched each other. The moment was like a flash flood, and the power was rippling with the naked eye.
In the thunder, the two black figures were suddenly changed, and the terrible power from the sword at the edge of the forest turned out to be instantaneous to overwhelm them, and the most terrible thing was that the other party’s flesh was extremely tough, and the degree was even comparable to his own.
"How can his physical strength be so strong? !”
A horror color over two figure face soon to retreat.
"get out!"
But just as his body just moved, Lin Yuan’s face was a new smile, and the firm but gentle suddenly blew out.
Purple and golden spirit force poured into his arm from the edge of the forest, and a terrible force poured in behind him. The figure was directly blown away by a punch for hundreds of feet, and it was as if it would disappear at this time.
The black figure gradually faded away, and the ghost in front showed the same look of pain.
This scene immediately caused an uproar in this day. Those who pay attention to the fighters in the sky are all surprised. Who would have thought that the forest edge, which looks just half a step into the soul realm, should get wind in such a situation?
This kind of strength is not a half-step soul realm in the later period, even if it is the same as the half-step soul realm, it is difficult for practitioners!
After all, this ghost Shirley has a clan background, many mysterious and strange Wushu, and his sullen possession is better than too many fighters.
Moreover, the ancient battlefield has been deleted by Zongmen, and one way is to select younger brothers in this way, which is somewhat special.
"The third forest edge in this potential list is really not simple. No wonder it’s so strong. It’s a lot to see." Many fighters raised a strong interest in their eyes
Before some fighters, they thought that these people could not compare with ghosts and complete people. After all, the representative behind them is Zongmen, which is their dream place.
But I didn’t expect this to be only the third teenager on the ancient battlefield potential list, and it has recently emerged with such terrible fighting capacity.
Lin Yuan said nothing, purple and golden shock wave appeared, and suddenly the field control virtual trembled.
A sword makes heaven and earth change color, and then some illusory figures seem to be more insignificant in this sword.
Lin Yuan corners of the mouth light said hand qiankun sword suddenly bloomed a firm but gentle towards the figure behind the second area.
Being locked by the forest edge, it is impossible for the ghost to escape such a sword, and it is even more blurred to be directly penetrated by firm but gentle. Finally, it will melt into a black gas and disappear into the air.
"Damn it!"
As the shadow disappeared behind him, the ghost on the other side snorted and there was blood flowing out of the corner of his mouth.
"Soul sword!"
Ghost Shirley’s face is also due to this scene was a change immediately fierce binge drink a sword in the hands of Lin Yuan. The vibration of qiankun sword’s sword body is like a pen walking. It turned out that a black sword pattern was drawn in front of it, and then the sword whistling in the sword pattern turned out to be a black giant sword, and it was angrily cut at Lin Yuan.
Although this chop was powerful, it didn’t fall to the ground, but some trees there were already cut in two by that kind of infiltration and firm but gentle.
As soon as the soul sword came out of the forest edge, I felt the same situation as the second time. The black man lost his mind when he summoned the soul sword. At this time, the ghost sword seemed to be more severe, and the soul involved was more powerful.
Just when the forest edge felt this drag, the forest edge actually produced several runes and several chanting in the body bones.
"Taiyuanjing!" Lin Yuan was surprised, but then calmed down in the moment when the scripture was produced, and the feeling of pulling the soul disappeared instantly.
Then the edge of the forest’s eyes flashed slightly, and the shadow of the sword emerged. The flash disappeared like a ghost, but the sword light was swept away, but it was gained by swinging.
"Lin Yuan, don’t you dare!"
Sword fell that ghost folded face suddenly a binge drink a way
When drinking, the nearest man in black is to see Lin Yuan’s figure appear like a ghost in the latter’s elegant face and give him a indifferent smile to "make a profit".
Majestic spirit force is overwhelming since the forest edge body came out of it. qiankun sword also sends out a sharp but firm but gentle hand, which is hard to reflect at the beginning of the half-step soul realm.
Lingli rippling sword shadow is heavy, and the edge of the forest shows its purple mansion directly behind the edge of the forest. Several purple and golden sword shadows appear in the center, and a small fuzzy tower suppresses them. Finally, the shock wave appears directly, and the rainbow light bursts out, making it a huge comparison with the shock wave.
Lin Yuan’s eyes are cold, and qiankun sword sends out a sword sound and suddenly cuts it.
Several purple and golden sword shadows roared in the sky, and that firm but gentle burst into bright divine aura of heaven and earth, all of which escaped from that area in succession.
The black figure looked at it in horror, and the face of firm but gentle was fierce and instantly pale. Obviously, it was aware of the terrible offensive at the edge of the forest, and immediately did not dare to neglect a violent drink.
"Soul skills!"
The mighty black psychic force swept through him and turned out to be a huge shock wave of hundreds of feet. The shock wave seemed to have a huge thing in the womb and it was also sending out strong fluctuations. Immediately, the shock wave roared out and directly came from the repression, but it was hard to regret together.

Chapter four hundred and fifty-nine-solved you
This moment belongs to the half-step soul realm, and the strength of fighters shows the vast spiritual force gushing out, but in spite of this, the man in black still looks horrified.
Both the boom and the wave swept through, but soon the black man’s face changed dramatically, and it became unbelievable from the previous panic, because when he saw the purple-gold firm but gentle suppression, the black firm but gentle was defeated at an alarming speed.
That a firm but gentle seems to have some kind of seal power. Generally, once it touches his spiritual power, it is a suppressed seal.
Purple mansion world several firm but gentle suppression came out here, where the forest edge is the master, where the forest edge is the god, and the suppression of the Haotian Tower in the central area makes this more solid.
Lin Yuan’s expression is unafraid and not afraid of the black man’s escape hand, qiankun sword, shaking the whole instantaneous compression again.
"Give me a suppression!"
Qiankun sword at the edge of the forest suddenly fell.
Firm but gentle instantaneous enveloped and the black firm but gentle at this moment is also a complete collapse. The black man was pale and suddenly retreated, trying to dodge. But at this time, he didn’t want to dodge. Obviously, it was already late, but the firm but gentle roared and the instantaneous was crushed on his body.
One mouthful blood gushed out from the black man’s mouth, and the fluctuation of his whole body’s majestic spiritual force quickly weakened the body surface at this time, and a series of purple-gold firm but gentle waves appeared on the body surface. Those firm but gentle waves were like a seal, which suppressed the seal of all other spiritual forces.
Lin Yuan’s shock wave directly penetrated his body during the suppression of transient, and the blood column spewed out tiny shock wave and did not stop attacking directly towards his purple mansion.
"You …" The man in black looks horrified at this time. It’s hard to imagine that so many things will happen so soon.
Purple golden shock wave root didn’t give him a chance. Black shock wave was directly dispersed. Purple golden shock wave rampaged. Finally, purple golden shock wave surrounded the humanitarian bead.