After all, she spoke. "What did you call me out for?"
As soon as "watching the scenery" came out of the camp, I wandered around in the sunset and looked lonely again for a few minutes.
"Well, don’t say the scenery is beautiful!" Bao Qi’s blink eyes drifted far away and agreed with his words.
"Not as beautiful as you!"
A man’s deep magnetic voice is mellow and melodious, like playing a heartstring for a while, and his fingers instantly touch Bao Qi’s darling. In her impression, Leng Xiao seldom says such sensational and praise-intensive words, but her memory is limited only a few times, and she and he rarely have the opportunity to sit and chat so quietly.
Small fan, two rows of eyelashes fluttered and flashed. She smiled and sighed. Her hands were folded and her knees rested on her knees. Her eyes rested on her feet in the clear stream, and her face smiled with a natural and quiet beauty.
"SEC. Uncle don’t boast me a boast XianEr! Come on, just say what you want to say. It’s not like you to hesitate. "
Lengxiao turned her face to see her resolute cold face sprinkled with a layer of Jin Hui.
For a long time …
He raised his hand and gently rubbed his fingers against her little face and pulled down a strand of broken hair. "Baoqi, what do you think?"
"What do you think?" The mouth is wide, Bao Qi twisted his brow.
Hey! ? What’s wrong with this man? Don’t blame her for seeing a man, but ask her what she thinks without asking anything.
Ignore her to detect the line of sight, and the topic of "Baoqi, do you have a heart?"
Eyebrows loose treasure pure pick in some suspicious asked with a smile "me? Of course I care, Uncle. Don’t you care? "
Deep cold eyes fall into her misty eyes, and the bottom line of sight becomes more and more complicated.
She didn’t answer. She stared for a long time. He patted his thigh. "Sit here."
"Uncle, what’s wrong with you today?"
Bao Qi’s heart sank and looked at his face, his face was strange, his expression was light and his eyes were cold and unpredictable, so I couldn’t help but feel a little confused, but she was obedient and moved over to sit in his leg and let him encircle her waist.
But men don’t talk.
Autistic children can’t afford to be injured, and it’s not a glib talk when they grow up and are cured!
Baoqi sighed and touched his face with his hands. "Uncle …?"
"Well," the man looked down at her and circled her narrow waist, palms tightened again, and a hot light flashed at the bottom of his eyes.
"What’s bothering you? Just say it, but say it first. If it’s because I’m not happy to see that psycho today, there’s no need to finish. Uncle, you know I’m a doctor. This is all necessary. Well, to tell you the truth … I’ve seen a lot of men’s stuff at school, and I really don’t think it’s rare!"
Say that finish to see his brow puckered into a ball, and she obediently leaned over her head to ogle at his lip corner and once again added her words "You are the best I have ever seen …"
"I know that I am old!" The man who pinched her waist severely sighed and wrapped her tightly around her chest, rubbing her back and forth on her forehead.
Coax him? ! She’s telling the truth!
Section 36
Well-informed and well-informed, I don’t expect to think of a man’s bad picture, and his face will turn red and push his face with a straight face. "I’m serious, don’t you believe it?" I feel that the man’s hand is working harder, and her body can’t help but feel numb! This man can always be reluctant to give up …
Lengxiao stared at her "don’t believe it unless you prove it"
"How to prove it?" Looking up with a suspicious color dyed Bao Qi’s brow.
What can I do if I can prove anything? That’s weird!
The man is cold and hard, and her forehead is slightly bowed. The cold eyes are deep and complex, and there is a faint ripple in her eyes, depicting that she can consciously perceive the scorching temperature.
Four words are as exciting as fishing out of boiling water. "What do you say? Huh? "
Another rhetorical question
Generally speaking, it is some kind of bad conscience to ask questions slightly.
Breathing suddenly tightened, and Bao Qi’s thoughts were ironed by his words …
When her body trembled, she was confused and moved, and she questioned "Uncle, in broad daylight, but a few wild banana trees covered you, so you thought of doing that again!" ? What a powerful nerve-"
"Well, don’t I guess wrong? Ha, tell me, how can I prove it? "
"Marry me!"
Chief Leng proposed for the third time!
It’s as cool as the previous two times, with a customary cold tone.
However, there are many expectations in my eyes.