The worker knocked on the locker room door to wake up the players and go to the aisle to queue up for admission.
After the workers left, all the players got up and they formed a circle in the center of Li Cheng.
The players hugged each other. Li Cheng said calmly and firmly, "We are six points behind the American team. In fact, we have a chance to win. This means that our strength is already very strong. Spain is strong, but their dream gap may be more than six points. Today …"
The other teammates shouted firmly, which revealed a strong self-confidence
Six points short of the Dream Team, there is no reason why they can’t have the confidence to beat Spain, and the cohesion of the team department has obviously risen to a higher level after the American team game.
Spanish one-time world champion, they are stronger now than they were then, but China team today expressed a belief of winning.
This belief was impossible before Li Cheng joined, but after Li Cheng joined, China team had the strength of World War I and it was possible to defeat the matador army
The players filed out of the audience from the player tunnel and remembered the enduring applause and cheers, which went straight to the sky and cheered all the China fans.
Then Yao won the jump ball, and the China team won the first attack ball. As Liu Wei controlled the ball and walked through the half court, the song "Singing the Motherland" sounded at the scene.
Perhaps many foreign media don’t understand why everyone will sing the motherland at home in China, but for China people who have been educated in China since childhood, a strange emotion often surrounds them when this song plays.
This kind of emotion may be "national pride" precipitated in five years, but in any case, this kind of emotion will greatly enhance the excitement of the players and make them play a more powerful role in the game.
Liu Wei felt that his heart was shaking, and this time he wanted to come by himself for the first time.
Li Cheng naturally saw Liu Wei’s mind, and he naturally pulled to the right to create opportunities for Liu Wei.
Li’s achievement is like a black hole. If he is present, it will attract the attention of the opposing players.
Navarro followed Li Cheng, Paul Gasol, and his eyes turned to Li Cheng, and Fernandez kept an eye on Li Cheng’s movements.
A successful star player can help the team pull the other team’s array if he appears on the scene. What’s worse, Li Cheng is a good ball runner. He is more threatening when he has the ball than when he has it.
Yao pulled to the perimeter and gave Liu Wei a pick and roll. Liu Wei slipped in, and then he made a false move to give the ball to Li Cheng. This move made Lu Biao, the defender, look in the direction of Li Cheng and seize this gap. Liu Wei jumped up and shook his wrist, and the basketball already flew to the basket.
A ball hit Liu Wei and excitedly waved a fist at him.
Spanish head coach Garcia was on the scene to wake up his players and not to miss people’s attention.
Garcia frowned tightly at this time.
The idea of coming to Garcia is that the tactics of "double Gasol" will kill Yao and oppress the outside pitcher of China team at the same time, but now his idea is obviously going bankrupt. Because Li Cheng suddenly joined, Garciagan dared not continue to let two "Gasol" defend Yao.
Pau Gasol’s defense must be expanded, otherwise Li Chengqiu’s running will cause great trouble and death to Spain.
But even so, the threat of Li Cheng has not been solved. Li Cheng still needs perimeter players to double-team, otherwise Navarro will definitely be blown up by Li Cheng, and Hernandez is a player who attacks heavily and ignores defense. If the Spanish perimeter is blown up by Li Cheng, they will have no chance.
So Garcia immediately gave up the defense plan and took decisive defense to force Li Cheng to reduce Li Cheng’s range of motion.
However, Li Cheng’s influence on the scene was so great that the Spanish players’ attention eventually moved with China’s No.4 jersey, which affected the joint defense.
Garcia is awake with his players and thinking about some on-the-spot command countermeasures.
Then Spain attacked, and the Gasol brothers didn’t kill the soft persimmon. They played a wonderful match, and Gasol hit Spain in the basket hook to equalize the score.
The Spanish team is certainly more luxurious than the Spanish team, but the China team is fearless. They have long since stopped putting themselves in the weak position.
People’s mentality is so strange. When you feel that you and your opponent are at the same level of strength, you can often play a more powerful attack.
After the first test of the Spanish team in China, the horse entered the hand-to-hand combat stage, and the rhythm of the game was instantly picked up.
Liu Wei gave the team attack to Li Cheng to organize the China team to start the most powerful attack mode at this stage.
Junasz has been thinking about running Li Chengqiu to Li Li recently. If you coach a player like Li Cheng and don’t think about running Li Chengqiu, it will definitely be a storm in the sky.
Junasz had put his ideas into the training yesterday, but he was not prepared to let China adopt that tactic at this stage, which would bring out China’s secret weapon in the knockout stage.
There is no need to worry about China’s qualification now. Without Li Cheng, China might have to worry as if it were a breakthrough from the death group, but with Li Cheng and China, it is like having an indestructible spear, which will become a sharp weapon for China’s deus ex team.
Now the China team is still carrying out Li Cheng’s tactics of organizing attacks, and there are also many changes in this tactic. At this stage of the game, we are not worried about the team law to play its combat effectiveness
Li Cheng took the ball and he dribbled it, which caused great trouble to Navarro.
Many times, you see the information from the video and experience it personally, which is definitely two different feelings.
Navarro felt dizzy when he first contacted Li Cheng’s dazzling dribble, and his defensive position also showed loopholes
Li Cheng seized the loophole and directly passed Navarro. Although Navarro was still tightly blocking Li Cheng at his side, he was already half a step behind Li Cheng.