Park Xuanying retorted, "How can I be vulnerable? Compared with the average girl, my strength is not bad. It is because you three are too strong that I am weak. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Since I know that my body is not strong enough, why not practice well?"
Park Xuan-ying said, "I told you, I can’t practice if I don’t want to."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I think you are lazy."
Park Xuan-ying said indifferently, "I admit that I like to be lazy, can’t I?"
Zhang Chengyuan said some naively, "You can be lazy if you want, cheeky girl. Don’t come to me after suffering."
Park Xuan Ying-hun doesn’t care. "What can you suffer?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "You’ll know when you debut." Korean artists, especially singers, almost always work nonstop every day. If they don’t have a strong physique, they will get sick sooner or later.
Park Xuanying said, "Are you worried that my physical strength will not hold up after I debut? But it’s nothing. I’ll talk about it then. Anyway, with you here, you will help me treat me even if I get sick. "
Zhang Chengyuan gave her a slight stare and said, "I don’t care about you lazy girl!" Then waved and said, "it’s getting late when you go, and you should go to bed!" Wisdom grace you also go back to the room to sleep. "
Park Xuanying and Li Zhien knew that Zhang Chengyuan should have something to say to Lin Zhixiu, so they got up and saluted and left. In addition, Park Xuanying habitually stared at Zhang Chengyuan before leaving, as if to wake Zhang Chengyuan up and treat Lin Zhixiu better.
After they went back to their rooms, Zhang Chengyuan reached out and held Lin Zhixiu in his arms and said, "Just now, two directors of iris, Kyoo-tae Kim and Yun-ho Yang, talked about some things left over from the decision to star in this TV play."
Lin zhixiu nodded and should be a.
Zhang Chengyuan went on, "But I have a vague feeling that there will be some variables in this collaboration with them, so you should also help me pay attention to the movement of an iris crew."
Lin zhixiu asked, "boss, what do you think will happen?" She has great confidence and no doubt about Zhang Chengyuan’s premonition.
Zhang Chengyuan nodded slowly and sighed lightly, "This variable should be that Lee Byunghun invited him before me, and although he refused, I always felt that this person was very threatening to me this time and might take away my role, so I had to guard against it!"
Lin zhixiu said, "boss, you seem to attach great importance to iris?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "This TV drama is good. I have a hunch that the ratings may easily exceed 3% in the future. If it was before, I still called it, but now there are fewer and fewer TV dramas that can exceed 3% except for long TV dramas. I have to pay attention to those few movies every year to keep my’ ratings guarantee’ signboard, especially in the case of breaking the ratings of 3% based on The Wind Painter. Besides, if my current position in the film and television industry is pried away, wouldn’t my role be humiliated?"
Lin Zhixiu said, "I don’t think so. Lee Byunghun has been active in the film industry for years and is not interested in shooting TV dramas. I don’t think he will threaten you."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "If it is natural in the past, but now the Korean film market is extremely sluggish, he will return to the horizon without any good films to shoot, and the drama" iris "will know at a glance that there is considerable potential, capital and enough to bear his high salary, so Lee Byunghun is likely to be tempted, and then my role may be taken away by him."
Lin Zhixiu said, "Then I will sign your contract with the" iris "crew as soon as possible and try my best to pay a high penalty."
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and said, "Usually, the acting contract is officially signed before the start of shooting. At this time, there should be about half a year before the start of shooting. Although my position is ok, the iris crew signed the contract with me when it was not so long ago. Otherwise, if there are some unexpected situations in the middle, it will cause a lot of losses to both sides, especially in the current economic recession in South Korea. You are afraid that it will not work, but don’t worry too much about this matter. I will take care of it."
Although Zhang Chengyuan had previously asked Kyoo-tae Kim and Yun-ho Yang to promise to inform him before changing roles, Zhang Chengyuan didn’t trust them enough to ask Lin Zhixiu to pay more attention and add a layer of insurance.
Lin zhixiu said, "I know the boss!"
After talking about business, Zhang Chengyuan picked it up and walked to the bedroom. You will know that he wants to talk to Lin Zhixiu again tonight. Lin Zhixiu will naturally not be reluctant, but she suddenly remembered one thing and said, "The boss just called me and said that she would like you to come to her tonight."
Zhang Chengyuan kept asking, "What is it?"
"She didn’t say"
"Yeah, I know, but there’s no need to wait for me to satisfy you first. Besides, I haven’t wanted you for a while. You should stay with me tonight."
Lin zhixiu said nothing, her face was full of blush, her eyebrows were full of spring, and to tell the truth, she was also very eager for Zhang Chengyuan’s impact
Chapter five hundred and nineteen Wedding date discussion; Video drama starts
When Zhang Chengyuan and Lin Zhixiu fought passionately, Park Xuan-ying, the next room, lay in bed and said sadly, "This bad uncle is lascivious and shameful. Every time he comes here, he always makes Ji Xiujie sleep for a long time. I also want to give you a face to listen to you tonight and practice Qigong well, but since you make so much noise, I’m too lazy to practice it. If this Qigong is practiced deeper, doesn’t this sound make me more noisy? Alas, I’m afraid I’ll have to stay up for more than an hour tonight. "
Fortunately, she didn’t wait for more than an hour tonight, because Zhang Chengyuan came from Lin Zhixiu in less than an hour. This is because he was thinking about Han Caiying and didn’t spend too much time in Lin Zhixiu. Even so, Lin Zhixiu was still exhausted and limp.
After getting out of bed, Zhang Chengyuan’s true qi cleaned himself and Lin Zhixiu’s body sheets and left some traces or smells in the air, then dressed, kissed her face a few times, comforted her and left.
After hearing Zhang Chengyuan’s door sound, Park Xuanying complained in his heart, "It’s really a bad man not to stay with Ji Xiujie after taking advantage of Ji Xiujie." While thinking about going to bed, he soon slipped into Lin Zhixiu’s room and hugged Lin Zhixiu, who was tired and sleepy. "Uncle Ji Xiujie’s bastard won’t accompany you and I’ll accompany you." Then he pecked at Lin Zhixiu’s face.
Lin Zhixiu said softly, "Xuanying, do you feel sorry for me?"
Park Xuanying hesitated, "I can’t say that you are pitiful … but some bad men like uncle don’t deserve your sister!"
Lin Zhixiu said slowly, "He is not a bad man except lewd, but he is really not a good husband candidate. You must not like him."
PiaoXuanYing red face way "elder sister what are you talking about? How could I possibly like that bad uncle? "
Lin zhixiu whispered, "I hope so!" I thought to myself, "I’m afraid you have a good impression on him now!" Maybe you will really like him if you have a proper opportunity. "
Park Xuanying stared at the ceiling silently and thought, "How could I like that bad uncle? Although he is really very attractive, he is the most attractive man I have ever met, but he is Ji Xiujie’s man and there are so many women … Anyway, he is not a man worthy of my liking, and I will not and cannot like him. "
At one o’clock in the morning, Zhang Chengyuan hugged Han Caiying, who had just been satisfied, and joked, "Sister Zhiying, you are really crazy tonight, as if you were hungry for three days and nights and wanted to eat."
Han Caiying grunted, "It’s all your fault. You didn’t come to see me once in the last two months, but you made Yuan Shen busy teasing me every day."
Zhang Chengyuan sighed slightly, "If you can put me in two places at once, I won’t be patient until now."
Han Caiying is quite naive. "Actually, I almost regard him as you, because if not, I’m afraid I won’t be happy in my life."
Zhang Chengyuan sighed again and apologized, "I feel ashamed when I think of what I did in the past. Sister Zhiying, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have provoked you, otherwise you might have a very happy family now."
Han Caiying laughed. "Did you finally realize your mistake?"
"Well, I realize it, but I don’t regret it, and I’m very glad I was confused in the past. Otherwise, how could I get such a beautiful and kind creature like you? I am really lucky to get you! "
Han Caiying said, "I don’t regret following you, although sometimes I can’t help complaining about your playboy in my heart. Now that you have realized that you are wrong, you’d better provoke less women."
Zhang Chengyuan said, "Sister Zhiying, I know that I will try my best to keep my heart open, but I won’t let go of the woman I like at present. Oh, by the way, Sister Zhiying, did you call me here tonight for anything other than missing me?"
Han Caiying said, "Well, there is something I want to discuss with you-our wedding date, but before we discuss it, I want to ask you-how many days are you going to let me go on a business trip? He is not with me these days, and I suddenly feel very unaccustomed and disrespectful, and I can’t make up my mind about many things about marriage without him. "
Zhang Chengyuan was very happy to hear Han Caiying call Xiao Yuan "I Xiao Yuan" and laughed. "Don’t worry, Sister Zhiying, I won’t let him leave you for too long. He should be able to come back at the beginning of next month. If he wants you then, don’t refuse him again."
Han Caiying scolded lightly, "You bastard, do you really want your woman to be possessed by other men?"
"Elder sister said where to go? Isn’t Xiao Yuan also me? Besides, every time he makes out with you, doesn’t he always turn into me first? Doing things with him is actually equivalent to doing things with me, so you need to reject it. "
Han Caiying said, "Anyway, my heart is always a little awkward. Well, maybe I will accept him after a while." She didn’t want to argue with Zhang Chengyuan on this issue and casually responded to him.
Although Zhang Chengyuan recognized her meaning, he didn’t care and said, "That’s good. Um, Sister Zhiying, tell me about the marriage. When are you going to marry me?"
Han Caiying mused, "My parents said that I am not young and urged me to get married at the end of the year. I thought about it. I think there are still two or three months before the end of the year, which is enough for us to make full preparations. Besides, I can get rid of my work before the end of the year so that I can concentrate on my marriage. I think getting married at the end of the year is quite good. What do you think?"
Zhang Chengyuan said, "I’ve listened to you about Sister Zhiying. It’s up to you. Let me know before you need my cooperation."