It is said that heaven rewards diligence, and how many people know how much sweat and hard work those who are rewarded by "heaven" have paid privately?
Close your eyes and see a huge sword suspended in the dark sea, in which the anti-guest soul ball runs around like a satellite ring Ri.
At this moment, the sword species is not as white as it was when it was woven, and its face is colorful and colorful. The four-she Taoist, Buddhist, and devil’s breath appears one by one, which does not interfere with each other but does not blend.
Seeing this, Chen Shaobai wanted to smile bitterly, which is why there are few three fellow initiates.
The gap between ideas is too large, and it is extremely difficult to get together. He won’t even think about it until he breaks through to the top ten.
Instead of refining the sword’s spirit, inscription, and symbol, he achieved a life-training array. When he was against the enemy, he was very different from the triple peak of quenching gas before.
"Don’t you have to throw money and die every time you fight with people?"
Chen Shaobai corners of the mouth twitched slightly. Although he only got nearly ten million Lingshi assets from Lingwei, no matter how huge the wealth is, it can’t stand such profligacy!
The whole world has spent a lot of money to ruin his family, but his loss of 300 thousand stone can be said to be a great loss of the country
Don’t doubt that an ox-like charm device doesn’t have this price. It is proper to get a medium-sized secular country and change to a throne.
Perhaps it was a sudden flash of light from the sky that crossed Chen Shaobai’s mind and he came up with a solution.
Thought colorful se sword will melt into Chen Shaobai chest midline.
There is also a sword shadow in the chaos clock pattern of Nabao point in Tan.
All kinds of magic weapons, spiritual materials and massive spiritual stones have been put into chaos clock, which has achieved stability and further achievements in the world. It may be very serious to put a sword in the world now, although it is legal to dress the living.
"The sword belongs to the sandalwood, and all methods are magic!"
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Chapter two hundred and twenty-six True Yuan insulation
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six True Yuan insulation
Chapter two hundred and twenty-six True Yuan insulation
Thought represents the Xuan y and n industry fire purple Se blazing and fills the air in the chaos clock clock face to wrap the sword.
Every symbol of the sword is Chen Shaobai’s past wisdom, J and jīng. Even if it is surrounded by a layer of purple inflammation, there are still five Se Guanghua released from time to time.
Chen Shaobai’s mind turned purple, and it gradually penetrated into the sword like heavy water in the soil.
He didn’t want to thoroughly refine the crystallization of the two Buddhist and Taoist inscriptions, but took another shortcut-demonizing with a layer of magic gas but leaving some room for recycling without hurting the roots.
It has been several years since chaos clock Yang got the Chaos Emperor’s inheritance, and Chen Shaobai has reached a nuanced level to make such fine-tuning for Zijin Shuangyan, though not superb.
Besides, with the chaos clock world’s power to suppress quenching and nine-fold self-attack, the root can be suppressed without worrying about what will happen.
Zi zi zi …
The crimson flame sank into the sword and plated it with a layer of luxurious se. With the demonization, the pieces of spiritual symbols gradually became connected, and their breath blended and communicated with each other.
The sword is a curved loop. If the tadpole hieroglyphs are rendered into purple Se, the work will have been completed in a short time.
There are a total of 512 pieces of Chen Shaobai Lingming Fuan, which is much more than the previous Qiu Wanfa. But in fact, most of them are the crystallization of wisdom gained by Chen Shaobai when he broke through the secret realm of quenching gas and read nourishing gas when he was still at the peak of refining himself.
Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, Y Ο n Yang family, Mohist school, doctor, Buddhist scriptures … all kinds of volumes of knowledge are condensed, and J Ο ng Hua, the milli-fighting rune, accounts for more than half.
Although these are not to say anything, they are not as good as the Buddhist and Taoist methods such as Xuanfo Gong and jīng Qi Xian Pupil in terms of resistance to Xing.
With the passage of time, the last 200 Lingming symbols have not been demonized.
Chen Shaobai knows that these are the real core areas of sword species and the most difficult places to attack.
The magic flame fills the air, the breath suddenly changes, the fluid inflammation infiltrates …
This closure is another half year.
This time, there were three years in the small secret land of Long Mai in Qiyang. Two and a half years passed when Chen Shaobai was closed. It was a bit cheat people.
You know, the ticket to let him in here is a "fiddling"! Now it seems that the dream glass plays the piano to help him practice.
When the two parties, Meng Li and Chen Shaobai, have long been indistinguishable from each other, it is a subtle change of mentality that does not come to light.
Before entering the little secret realm, I would be furious if I saw Chen Shaobai practicing so selfishly and making such rapid progress.
In that case, don’t let Chen Shaobai demons invade and repair itself, but also do so with great enthusiasm.
"Life is refined and condensed!"