Nolon looked at Neil. He was not angry at being robbed by Bolen, but turned slightly calm. "Then I’ll prepare the barbecue first. See you later, Nolon."
Nolon smiled at Bolen and left the playground with Lawrence. It seems that even brothers in a big family have to compete!
————————————— I am the dividing line leading the way.
Lawrence led them to a western magic store, which is not big, about square meters. A saleswoman with a faint magic saw us coming in behind the cabinet. The zerg saleswoman greeted Nolon with a smile before walking quickly. "Hello, two. What can I do for you?"
"I want three blood orchids, 20 grams of phantom dust, four strains of green emperor grass, two pieces of barley and a bottle of purified water from the temple."
"Ok, please wait a moment." After the clerk wrote these things down, she took them over about three minutes later.
"Hello, three blood orchids, 20 grams of phantom dust, four strains of green emperor grass, two pieces of barley and a bottle of pure water in the temple, right? Cheng Hui has a total of one gold and twelve silver. "
Nolon took out the badge Neil gave him and put it on the table "help me put it on the human cavalry account"
The clerk’s badge has a mark on the account. "OK, I’ll charge this money as before. Do you need anything else?"
"No goodbye." Nolon put away his badge and didn’t talk to the salesman much. Lawrence helped with the wrapped things and they left the store and moved to the station together.
When we arrive at the station in Nolon, ask Lawrence to hand him these magic materials. "Lawrence, you go to Bolen. I’ll see you at the barbecue first."
Lawrence respectfully saluted him and said goodbye. "See you later at Nuolongge."
Nolon went back to the compound and took the stairs to the second floor. In the soundproof room, the chair sat securely and entered the tattoo.
Today, the temple in the god tattoo is a curly hair. Ellie flew towards Nuolong. "Nuolong, what did you want to do when you bought these materials?" Can I help you? " Nolon thought that it was still dangerous for him to do the ceremony, but Ellie couldn’t go out now, and he didn’t know whether the ceremony could be held in the temple, so he asked Ellie first.
"Ellie, can I hold a magic ceremony in the temple?"
Ellie pointed her finger at the attractive and lovely face and thought, "It should be ok. My deity is tied to the temple of Noron’s tattoo. If Noron doesn’t hold a blasphemy ceremony here, everything else should be ok."
After hearing this, Nolon didn’t say much, but he immediately came in with these materials. He took out his own’ luxury magic tool set’ from his backpack, which his daughter bought from the auction house in the game.
Deluxe Magic Tool Set (Strange)
+1% success rate of ordinary magic objects
+5% rare magic success rate
+3% Success rate of excellent magic objects
+1% epic magic success rate
+3% success rate of odd magic objects
(This is a tool kit that can make amazing magic things, and it is a treasure that all magic things makers in Lafia mainland dream of and are willing to lose everything.)
Nolon took out this strange prop, but faced with a lot of materials, he didn’t know how to handle it. In the game, he would automatically read the bar if he clicked refining, but in reality, Nolon was helpless about the need to handle the combined materials himself.
But just as he looked at the materials and didn’t know what to do, a line of fine print appeared in the materials.
(Does the elite magic potion whip tears?)
Haha, I knew that since the title of scholar can make me understand the language and insight (that is, stare carefully), it doesn’t make sense. My title of master of magical things manufacturing is to put on a good look. I reached out my right hand and clicked’ Yes’ (which later became the classic move of Master Nuolong before refining things-point your right hand forward)
After Nolon clicked, he was suddenly stuffed with the method of refining tears. He looked at his hands and decided to give it a try.
But as soon as he picked up the manufacturing tools, it seemed that all the tools kept the methods in his mind. First, he smashed three blood orchids into a beaker and added eleven small bottles of pure water. Shake for a minute, then mash Mailan and put it in a beaker with one-fifth purified water; Wait one minute for the beaker liquid to turn yellow, then add 20g phantom dust and pour into half a bottle of purified water; Shake it for a minute, then pour the juice squeezed from the grass into a beaker, add all the purified water, wait a little, and then the magic flame lamp heats it until it turns purple.
Trigger luxury magic tool set (odd) +3% excellent magic success rate. The original success rate was 99%, and now the success rate was 1%. The potion was successfully made.
In this way, the lashing of tears was completed. Nolon looked at the lashing of tears in the beaker in amazement.
Whip tears (elite) lv1
Later, people will have the illusion of being whipped by force. Magic potions often fail to find obvious scars. Trial is also one of the ways to temper battlemage’s will.
(oh! Your Majesty, please whip me! )
Ellie watched in surprise as Nolon moved until he finished the potion making. She looked at him in surprise and said, "Ah Nolon, you are amazing. You can still make magic potions?"