"Looking for death!" When the man saw Huangfu Zhantian, he still dared to take the initiative to attack. When he drank a sword with perfect body like snow in his hand, he suddenly cut off the wrist with a Raytheon hammer in his hand towards Huangfu Zhantian. A very cold chill followed the sword to Huangfu Zhantian, which made Huangfu Zhantian move slowly. Section 1591: Ambush.
"Let go of me!" The man saw that the suspection.i Zhantian really paused as he expected, and with a look of surprise in his eyes, the sword in his hand directly cut the wrist of suspection.i Zhantian.
A Jin Ming came to the perfect sword as snow and broke it into two pieces directly. On the other hand, Huangfu Zhantian’s wrist didn’t leave any injuries.
After seeing this situation, the man cried and paused. He paused. There was no pause in the hands of the Raytheon hammer. The man’s chest was directly smashed and collapsed. A mouthful of bright red blood poured out from the population and the snow fell to the end. It was very strange.
"Kill him for me!" The man was withering, pointing to any suspection.i war day pointed way but I’m afraid I also lost the power to see him die [
Those people who were left rushed to Cao Cao’s home, a cold place in the extreme north, and they had never been so insulted. This time, so many of them didn’t even get one and a half sizes, and they also damaged one person. As soon as they came, they all tried their best to make Huangfu Zhantian feel the pressure doubled.
"Boss, here we come!" Just suspection.i Zhantian struggled to support these people when they attacked. Then suspection.i Zhantian felt the surrounding pressure suddenly loosen.
"It’s time to kill these damn things for me!" Huangfu Zhantian is also angry at this time. Just now, when he was besieged, those people slashed his body with swords. Although there was no way to do any harm to him with one sword and two swords, these people’s offensive was very rapid. His clothes were already riddled with holes, and there were places where there were traces of blood. If the physical strength of Huangfu Zhantian was not too seriously injured, I’m afraid there was still no way to do this, but after Baguio got out of the magma, his physical strength reached a new level again.
"Boss, if you didn’t have energy fluctuations here just now, we didn’t know you were fighting here. Don’t call us? Is it because we are not strong enough?" Fang Jinyu fought against suspection.i heaven with people in their mouths.
"Be careful when you talk too much and get distracted when fighting!" Any suspection.i war day didn’t expect this guy to so many useless talk then drink a way.
Hear any suspection.i war days Fang Jinyu suddenly stopped to concentrate on dealing with their enemies.
With baguio, it is easy for them to deal with three people alone, but Baguio’s strength is the strongest inside. In a short time, all her opponents were killed and then they quickly rescued Fang Jinyu.
Only a few days ago, when the Cao family died, the strong man threw something high with a wave of his hand and then made a shrill sound.
Hearing this sound, the cold light flashed in the eyes of Huangfu Zhantian, and then directly knocked over all three of his opponents, and then together with them, killed all those Cao Cao others, because this person must have sent out that kind of distress signal, and they must not be allowed to get rid of these people with those people as soon as possible.
After getting rid of these people, they took all these people’s rings and then put on their snow beaver coats and quickly lurked nearby.
As far as a few of them just lurked away, seven figures arrived here quickly. After seeing those dead people, the seven of them were not angry at all, and they all observed the surrounding situation very carefully because they found that the snow beaver coats of these dead people were stripped off, which means that those who killed them are likely to lurk around.
"Give me an inch-by-inch search, and I must find out these people. I want to cut them alive and even hit our Cao family. I want to see which side is so bold!" An old man with a white beard has a cold tone. Although he can’t hear a trace of anger from his words, everyone can tell that he is definitely in a bad mood 2.
Look at all these people get together, even when searching, there is no point at all. Huangfu Zhantian knows that it is impossible to sneak attack. And among these people, there is the strength of the old guy. He can’t see through the strongest one of his six people, that is, the peak of the median god. Then the strength of the old guy is likely to be a strong god. When the time comes, I will deal with the old guy myself. Let Baguio stop three guys who have reached the median god level and leave the three gods to them. There should be no problem.
Thought of here, suspection.i Zhantian settled down and quietly waited for these people to search.
Soon these people searched less than five meters away from Huangfu Zhantian. At this point, Huangfu Zhantian no longer hesitated, and his body suddenly jumped out like an agile leopard. He directly smashed the strong head of a god. He didn’t choose to deal with the old guy because he knew that it would be impossible to kill the man with a blow. It would be better to kill a weak son, and their pressure would be much smaller then.
"Damn it, die for me!" The white-haired old man knew that someone must be hiding here, but he didn’t expect them to search for this person and choose not to escape but to kill them, which made them angry for a moment and filled their hearts.
"Fuck? I still don’t know who it is? " Any suspection.i Zhantian after finish, his body flashed and he flew to Baguio, where they were hiding.
"Kill this little one for me!" The white-haired old man said angrily, with that, his figure flashed fast towards Huangfu Zhantian [
When Cao Cao’s family were all chasing after Huangfu Zhantian, a figure suddenly flew out, followed by a powerful energy explosion. Cao Cao was directly stabbed in the middle of the back by this figure and then fell to the ground.
It was Baguio who negotiated with Baguio Sound just before Huangfu Zhantian took the shot. As soon as Huangfu Zhantian came out, he killed the other person, then led these people to fly to Baguio’s place and let Baguio kill one. Section 159: Catch.
"Damn it, die for me!" The white-haired old man didn’t expect to be ambushed by someone. When he shook hands with an iron bar in his hand, he slammed the blow at Huangfu Zhantian, and even there was solidification. This is what happens when speed and strength reach a certain level. This is also the result of adding plane rules and laws to the attack.
See this man attack incredibly strong into this kind of suspection.i war, as suddenly a fiercely, this man is not a god at the beginning, but a god of high order and definitely a god of high order in the strong.
"Hoo …!" It’s difficult to breathe in Huangfu Zhantian. Hum, a god’s higher order also wants to overwhelm me. Even a god’s dzogchen realm has killed the strong and I’m afraid of you.
Thought of here, suspection.i war days know the sea soul force suddenly broke out, will form a lot of needle-like soul spikes ruthlessly toward the old man.
"Ah …!" The old man cried with his head in his arms. Although his strength is stronger than that of Huangfu Zhantian, he swung his soul strength to Huangfu Zhantian. I don’t know how many times it is stronger than him, and even those who have reached the realm of a god dzogchen are not necessarily stronger than that of Huangfu Zhantian [