According to the original plan of Huang Pusong, Dong Zhuo would have been killed by this time.
It’s a pity that there are no two people now. Although Huang Pusong had long guessed that such a situation might occur, Huang Pusong was still very angry after it really appeared.
Dong Zhuo dared to disregard the national security just because he was in conflict with him, which was forgivable in the eyes of Huang Pusong.
Huang Pusong’s heart, whether he wins or loses after this war, will also go to the spirit emperor to participate in Dong Zhuoyi.
to be continued
Chapter 26 War IV
I have long suspected that Dong Zhuo may not act according to the plan, and Huang Pusong still does so, and I am sure of it.
Before Dong Zhuo told the plan, Huang Pusong still had expectations for Dong Zhuo, expecting that Dong Zhuo would be more important than the overall situation.
At the moment, this silk expectation has turned into fly ash. Emperor Pusong’s heart is full of anger at Dong Zhuo, and he can’t wait to behead Dong Zhuo immediately.
But I also know that all this can wait until after the war.
Although angry in my heart, Huang Pusong’s face is still very calm in the center of the war.
The mood of the general can easily affect the soldiers at hand. If Huang Pusong is disheartened and disappointed with the war because Dong Zhuo didn’t come here as planned, it will definitely affect the soldiers around him.
This kind of emotion will spread in circles like ripples in the water, and all soldiers in the battlefield will be infected with despair and disappointment.
So can a desperate army win a war?
Although Dong Zhuo didn’t come, at the moment, the Han army didn’t fall into the wind and the two sides were evenly matched, and everything was possible.
Even if the Han army is now in the wind, the coach Huang Pusong should be full of confidence.
It is not impossible for a coach to bring confidence to his soldiers with absolute confidence.
This is not a modern war, this is a cold weapon war.
Modern warfare will be destroyed even if you are confident in absolute high-tech weapons, which is not for the coach to decide.
In the cold war, ordinary soldiers are all about listening to their own coaches, especially making them believe in them.
The manager said that if you can win, you can win. The manager said that if you retreat, you should retreat. Everything the manager said and did affected them.
Fighting in a cold war means that morale is high, winning morale is low, and losing is as simple as that.
On Ru Huang Pu Song must be full of confidence and not have any negative emotions when facing his soldiers.
His confidence can give soldiers strength, courage and indestructible morale.
Huang Pusong, the center of the large array, always commands the teams of all sizes that make up the large array.
At the same time, Huang Pusong is maintaining all kinds of strategist skills all the time.
The slow recovery of physical gain is not much to say. Besides these two, various strategist skills such as making soldiers excited, boosting morale and making enemy soldiers weak emerge one after another.
Of course, even if Huang Pusong is a six-star counselor, it is impossible to do so when 500 thousand soldiers are still long.
He can observe the battlefield to see where he needs help, add some endurance to the soldiers in the east, and set the Qiang soldiers with high morale over there weak
Give your own steeds some speed so that they can cut off the legs of enemy soldiers and add some systems to heavy infantry. They will run out of physical strength prematurely.
Emperor Pusong is doing these things, and Lingyun is not watching. Although his strength is a little low, it is also better than the wind dance. Lingyun Ji lost his skills as a counselor to the wind dance.
Huang Pusong added various states to the Han army. There are also people on the Qiang side who are making various skills. Although the strength is not as good as Huang Pusong, the Qiang has an advantage.
Even if the skill of Huang Pu Song Counselor is powerful, it can maintain a balance.
If Dong Zhuo can come as planned, Huang Pusong will never let this happen, and this war may have already ended.
After all, the 500,000 troops in his hands are now evenly matched with the Qiang. If you add Dong Zhuo’s 500,000 troops at this time, even if the 500,000 troops are in a straw bag, this number alone can definitely make the Qiang rout.
You know, if the number of Han troops suddenly doubles at this time, it will definitely demoralize Qiang.
500 thousand can draw 1 million with them?
All Qiang people will think so. As soon as this idea appears, these ordinary Qiang people will definitely lose their fighting confidence.
If everything can be done according to the plan before departure, Huang Pusong is 100% sure to destroy the Qiang.
However, Huang Pusong guessed that Dong Zhuo might not follow the plan, so he had six levels of assurance in his mind.
Whether it is 100% or 60%, even if there is a level of certainty, Huang Pusong needs to fight for it at this time.
Although Dong Zhuo didn’t follow the plan, the outcome of the war became somewhat uncontrollable, but Huang Pusong regretted it.
Even if Dong Zhuo didn’t agree to send troops to Huang Pusong at that time, he would kill him alone with his 500 thousand army