Anthich can imagine.
What will happen if you lose the game?
He let the new chairman lose the first game. He let the new chairman lose face in public.
Then his own day will never be easy …
Maybe if you don’t wait until the end of the season, you will be swept out of the house.
But what if we win?
After winning, laporta happily announced that Barcelona’s prestige had been rebuilt, so he was fired at the end of the season at most.
To put it bluntly, you can’t leave yourself much to win this game. Even if you lead Barcelona to qualify for the UEFA Cup, it will never be him who directs this team to participate in the UEFA Cup this season.
Anthich lost his will to fight at the thought of being miserable regardless of winning or losing.
Not to mention the comparison of Valencia’s current state and strength, even if Barcelona is full of fighting spirit, there are several chances to lose to Valencia on the road.
Valencia’s home game against Barcelona before the 37th round of the weekend league is the focus battle.
The media are very concerned.
But it’s not because it’s a strong dialogue that they pay so much attention to.
Barcelona is really not a strong team in the season, and Valencia’s home game against Barcelona is not qualified to be called "strong dialogue"
If it hadn’t been for the stories of laporta and Changsheng more than half a week ago, the game wouldn’t have had such a sensational effect and caused such a multimedia note.
Now …
Dozens of media gathered in Mestalla to pay attention to the game.
Changsheng once publicly claimed that laporta was cheating the Barcelona players not to vote for laporta.
This result led to a great situation in the future, and laporta finally won the opponent narrowly.
This account is naturally calculated and will definitely be counted in the winning position.
The two clubs may become enemies because of this.
At the same time, Changsheng and laporta also have an account to settle.
Laporta used him as her own campaign to promote her fame and position in La Liga to help her campaign.
This incident has brought great trouble to Changsheng. At that time, there were rumors about various statements in the media.
It even led to Changsheng being scolded by some radical Valencia fans, which was a disaster.
Since both sides have accounts to settle, this game is interesting.
Not to mention this is a decisive battle for the league title to finally belong to next season.
If Valencia can beat Barcelona at home, then no matter what the result of the last two rounds of Real Sociedad, the winning team will defend the league title in the previous round.
Spanish Football Association officials also specially brought the La Liga championship trophy to the Mestalla Stadium. If Valencia beat Barcelona at home, they will directly award the championship trophy to Valencia.
The Valencia Club is also ready for the previous round of championship celebration. After the game and the award ceremony, the team will take an open-top double-decker bus to the city square to celebrate the league championship with the crazy Valencia fans.
Of course, Barcelona, which is bent on competing for the UEFA Cup, is not easy to deal with.
Barcelona is already very upset that it can’t participate in the Champions League. If it can’t even participate in the UEFA Cup, Barcelona, a big club, will become a laughing stock in Europe!
This is Barcelona’s new president, laporta, who can’t stand it.
By then, the competition for this game should be very fierce.
For Chang Sheng, he has more reasons to win this game.
Because he wants to prove to laporta that he is absolutely qualified to look down on Barcelona! And Barcelona root has no right to feel superior in front of him!
Of course, this incident actually embarrassed Guardiola.
After all, Guardiola was born in Barcelona and has deep feelings for Barcelona.
Guardiola will definitely feel embarrassed and uncomfortable when he declares war on Barcelona.
All the winners have avoided Barcelona in front of Guardiola for more than a week.
However, when the game approaches, it will be impossible to avoid talking about it, because he wants to let the players concentrate on preparing for the Barcelona game.
Although Barcelona is now down and out, it still cannot be taken lightly.
This Barcelona team is vying for UEFA Cup qualification.
There are two rounds left in the league, and Barcelona ranks seventh with 50 points.
Along with them are the sixth Mallorca and the sixth Seville.
In addition, there is a good chance that the ninth athletic score of Bilbao is 49 points.
It’s bad enough that Barcelona didn’t qualify for the Champions League. If it doesn’t qualify for the UEFA Cup …
It is a great shame for a giant like Barcelona.
But the enemy’s shame is that he always wins and loves to see you. Aren’t you awesome in front of the old?
Then I’ll let you not even play the UEFA Cup!
Make you awesome again! Make you feel superior!
Besides, Valencia and Barcelona still have accounts to settle.
Before he took over the last round of the league, Valencia challenged Barcelona to come to the fourth place in the league. Valencia finally lost the game and was robbed of the Champions League qualification by Barcelona, so he could play the UEFA Cup.
Although this game is not a constant victory command and there is no constant victory, it does not prevent the constant victory from saying something.
"Although we have won Barcelona in the league more than once, it is not really revenge. We now have a real chance to finish revenge. Since Barcelona can prevent us from playing in the Champions League, we can also disqualify Barcelona from playing in the UEFA Cup!"
Before the game, the mobilization meeting always wins, so he said to his players.
Guardiola was silent beside him. He felt that he had foreseen the tragic fate of Barcelona in the season …
He is really worried that Barcelona’s future will really collapse.
But what can he do?
Because this war is not always won.
It can be said that laporta provoked shouldn’t provoke people …
It’s not good to choose who to vote for in your own campaign. Why do you have to choose constant victory?
Chapter two hundred and twenty-three Scorpio