"Hey Yueer, I’m back!" Jiuzhong sat on the plane with his legs crossed and smirked and waved at Shen Yue.
Seeing a smile on Shen Yue’s face when he was playing around, he hung his heart and fell to the ground because of the tense situation in green gang.
The plane stopped, grabbed the pilot in the front seat, came from the plane together, and threw the pilot to the Dragon Tooth Guards nearby.
"Big Brother!" The driver who was handed over to the murderous dragon teeth guards shouted, "You said you would spare my life if you wanted me to fly well!" I did what you said. You’re such a big shot. You can’t break your word! "
"I didn’t say I would kill you!" Jiuzhong felt that this novel was a bit interesting and waved his hand. "Take him to tea first!"
"Why did you come back by helicopter?" Shen Yue Chou Chou nine heavy helicopter behind him "which come of a helicopter? ! Don’t … Is it Luan’s house? !”
"Of course … no! Although I think her family can afford a helicopter! " Jiuzhong took Shen Yue’s slim waist and walked into the villa. "This is when I came back, I grabbed it halfway and killed green gang Wang Yan Nanfei!"
"Ah?" Shen Yue heard fog "how did you meet him and kill him? !”
So Jiuzhong will encounter Yan Nanfei and his gang to intercept on the way, and tell the story again.
Shen Yue listened to Xiu Mei and frowned slightly. "So … green gang’s action was premeditated and the target was you!"
"Of course it’s for me!" Jiuzhong smiled indifferently.
"But we in green gang have always ruled out what they want against you? !” Shen Yue puzzled way
"I didn’t do anything! But after seeing Yan Nanfei, I found out that it was a big deal! " Nine heavy stroked Shen Yue waists and asked, "Yue Er, do you know who Yan Nanfei is? !”
"Many people also? !”
"He is the prince in the game! Do you have a grudge against me? !”
"… it was him!" This answer is beyond Shen Yue’s expectation. "The grievances in the game have actually been brought to reality. This human nature is really enough!"
"It’s strange that the gang boss is not enough!"
"What about you? !” Shen Yue Gherardini looked at nine heavy.
"Me …!" Nine times to touch the bar "hee hee, of course, is more enough!" Said on Shen Yue waist hand unruly.
“……!” Shen Yue patted off the nine-heavy salted pig hand. "Stop it and get down to business!"
"All right, business!" Nine-fold expression walked "how was the meeting in green gang? !”
"… not optimistic!" Shen Yue is a little worried. "Although we have a geographical advantage in our own land, green gang is bigger than us after all, and we are more disadvantaged in manpower!"
"It doesn’t matter if there are many people …!" Jiuzhong touched his earlobe and said, "As the saying goes, the train runs fast by the front of the car. Without the front of the car, they are just a mess!"
"Do you want to shoot people first? !”
"Right!" Nine heavy touched Shen Yue small nose and asked "dragon evil spirit people didn’t go out? !”
"no! A large number of people in green gang surrounded the dragon domain, and I didn’t let them go out and let them stay in the dragon domain with Longya Guards if there was a mistake in the dragon domain! "
Since the second Tenglongge chaos, Li Yuanzhen, Zhou Dingguo and other four families moved to Longyu for temporary refuge, Jiuzhong simply didn’t let them go, leaving all the four families in Longyu villa area to live together, in addition to better protecting their personal safety, they can also take care of each other. Jiuzhong is a lively person.
Now it is all ages, women and children in Longyu.
"That’s right! Since Xuanye and the group of Tenglongge brothers settled in Longyu to form the Dragon Evil Team, they have not made any achievements, but the enjoyment is the top treatment of the club. Although the congregation doesn’t say anything, it’s hard to feel a little awkward. Today, I just take this opportunity to let them see that the absolute power of Yi Long Evil Team can afford this top treatment! "
"Do you want to personally led the dragon evil spirit team? !” A look at Jiuzhong’s bright eyes and Shen Yue will tell that Jiuzhong is already excited.
"Of course!" Jiuzhong dragged himself to pose and said, "Let those people in green gang see that I am brave and heroic, and they will know that their boss’s plan has failed. Naturally, it will further undermine their morale and help to retreat from the enemy!"
"But … you now personally with dragon evil spirit team attack you don’t worry about the dragon teeth guards will be jealous? !” Shen Yue is a little naughty. "They are your closest guards, but they all go out with you!"
"This time it’s an assassination …!" Nine heavy clap around a dragon teeth guard way "this is not their strength, they are good at is from the front to deter and defeat the enemy! Don’t you think? !”
"hmm!" Just now, they were a little jealous when they heard that Nine Important was advancing the Dragon Evil Team, just as Shen Yue said, but now they are relieved when Nine Important said this.
"Don’t talk nonsense. Call Xuan Ye and them here quickly!" Nine heavy rubbing their hands and shaking their heads way
"Oh yes, that won’t do either!" Shen Yue suddenly remembered a big event. "I almost forgot that you can’t go out of the city in person. Something big happened in the game. You have to hurry back to the game to preside over the overall situation!"
"What’s the big deal?" Nine heavy one leng "what’s wrong with the last battle in Vietnam? ! It shouldn’t be. Shuang Lu Bu’s ability to destroy a small Vietnam area is not just holding a pinch! "
**** *w*w*w**** ***o*m
"It’s not a problem in Vietnam’s front line, but a big problem in Huaxia!" Shen Yue looked dignified and said, "In addition to Sirius’s first Vietnam player, Japan, the Philippines, North Korea and South Korea were left in Shuanglu to sweep the last map of Baling in Vietnam. When the players in Sirius City Vietnam entered a stalemate, the power launched a raid on our misty city!"
"Is there such a thing? !” Nine heavy touch earlobe son "this help a rabbit cub is really against the day, I didn’t go to find them trouble them to their own door! That’s just taking this opportunity, let’s take a two-pronged approach to completely occupy Vietnam, and by the way, drive his mother back to her hometown in the remaining four areas and settle accounts when the time comes! !”
"Suddenly, the holy alliance combat troops failed to reach the designated position, and I’m afraid it’s not optimistic without you as the backbone to preside over the overall situation in the game!" Shen Yue said, "In reality, let me take your horse into the game to preside over the overall situation!"
"No need!" Jiuchong smiled and shook his head. "If you can’t even insist on this, why should they fight with the forces of the four regions, not to mention the strongmen of other countries in the world in the future! But …! " Jiuzhong calculated, "Our side lost a god-level combat power immediately after the accident of the Kowloon Games. This is still a conservative estimate. If Tao Feng and Tao Luan are not online, then our god-level combat power defect will be more serious in the face of the other side’s god-level combat power challenge, and we will definitely suffer a big loss!"
"Tao Feng … Tao Luan …!" Hearing these two names, Shen Yue Leng Leng immediately suddenly said, "That’s a good phoenix dance." !”
"Exactly!" Nine nodded and continued, "So I’m temporarily offline, but you have to go!"
"What about Longyu?" Shen yue said, "as soon as you lead the dragon demon team to play in the dragon domain, no one will sit in the town!"
"There is Li Tang, isn’t it! You don’t need them to give orders and coordinate the command to hold the dragon domain. This should be no problem! "
"Well … all right!" Shen Yue nodded and agreed, "But you should also solve things here as soon as possible and return to the game before it changes!"
"Don’t worry, I will solve the battle here as soon as possible!" Nine fingers touched Shen Yueqiao’s face, "Never let my darling wives wait for me for too long!"
"… there’s nothing serious to do. Let’s split up!" Shen Yue acted in a vigorous manner and said that he would do it immediately. He immediately returned to the apartment line and entered the game.
Split up. Nine heavy horses also called the close-quarters Dragon Tooth Guards to summon the Dragon Evil Team. It was not a mysterious night, and 100 members of the Dragon Evil Team arrived here.
"What is it? !” Xuan night expression flat not salty not light asked.
"You always kill people!" Jiuchong Road "Do you all know about the green gang firefight of the Kowloon Games? !”
"I know!" Xuan night light asked "need to solve their department? !”
"No, no, no!" Nine heavy pendulum motioning with his hand said, "how do you say green gang has also come to tens of thousands of people this time? Regardless of killing all the people, do you want to make a massacre to shock the country? !”
“……!” Xuan night shrugged noncommittally.