On the other hand, because most of these players can’t afford to sell, they naturally have low prices to deal with.
Moreover, at that time, it happened that the transfer market was in a hurry, which made him fish in troubled waters. Maybe if nothing happened to Juventus, it would be almost impossible for Moggi GEA to buy so many Italian players at a low price when it was still dominant in Italian football.
Now this favorable factor is gone.
Secondly, he doesn’t need such a big sale and cleaning.
Because in last summer’s transfer action, Lazio’s main framework has been built by winning.
The next thing is to adjust the positions.
And the money earned by selling ten people before may be enough for selling one person now.
It’s also a league champion team, and the players here are naturally much more valuable than before.
Lotito expressed his support for the winning after receiving the winning answer.
"No matter who sells or buys, the club supports you."
He said
There are really not many people who always win to sell.
He can’t move most of the players. These are his own teams.
Perhaps the most profitable player in this summer is Melo, the core of his main midfielder.
Melo has developed an offensive and defensive midfield core in his own hands.
Defensive and aggressive organization, excellent offensive ability, and many goals and assists.
The only problem is that Melo is as grumpy as before and often eats cards on the court.
However, Chang Sheng didn’t deliberately correct him.
Because he knew Melo wouldn’t stay in the team forever.
Although he is the main force in Lazio and has not won the championship, he will definitely go to a bigger team.
It can even be said that because of his success in Lazio, he has to leave even more.
The reason is salary.
Lazio has a salary cap system, and no one is allowed to exceed it.
Even the top star coach of the team always wins the salary.
This standard is two million euros.
2 million euros limit
Lazio’s highest salary is 2 million
The winning streak is two million.
He is also the only player in the team who has such an annual salary.
Most Lazio players are young people at the beginning of their careers. At this time, their income is generally not high and it is normal. No one will complain.
But Merlot is different.
Melo is a Brazilian, a black Brazilian, and like most other black Brazilian players, he comes from a slum family with a large number of brothers and sisters.
This made him attach great importance to money from an early age.
It is not an ideal for him to play football. It is simply money.
It is no problem for him to accept a low salary when he is not famous.
However, when he becomes famous and becomes a big star, he will naturally not be willing to take an annual salary of 900 thousand euros.
He needs a higher salary, which is far more than 2 million euros.
And this is what Lazio Club Law satisfies him.
Since the law is satisfied, you have to leave
Lazio and Changsheng are not melodramatic people.
It’s normal for players to leave because the club can’t afford a higher salary. Anyway, Melo didn’t cultivate himself and didn’t have much affection for Lazio.