Chapter two hundred and eleven Into will die
Ding Tao took Fan Chou all the way to follow Dong Zhuo’s army. The army plundered urban and rural areas from time to time, and Ding Tao couldn’t bear to see it, but the screams in his ears were still heard.
Next to Guo Si, I saw and laughed. "I advise Ding Tao that you should take a closer look. This is that Liangzhou is not as prosperous as the capital. Only strong people can be born here. Women are not allowed to appear here, and the base is dead. You are the one I value more. I hope you can take a good look. This will exercise your will."
Ding Tao had to watch the horror in front of him, and finally it was said that the Qiang people were raging. As a result, it is no wonder that Dong Zhuo would make people and gods angry in the capital. How can such an evil situation not be spurned by the world
Lu Dong Zhuo received a reply and agreed to Dong Zhuo’s request to go to Beijing. Dong Zhuo is even more famous this time, and he will not delay for a moment and hope to arrive at Luoyang as soon as possible.
When the officials in the DPRK received the news that Dong Zhuo was allowed to lead troops to Beijing, they were shocked. The suggestion Zheng Tai quickly found it in the palace and said, "General, let Dong Zhuo go back quickly. Never let Dong Zhuo lead troops to Beijing!"
Don’t care if you get full? Zhong Ying gave me a voluntary visit to Beijing to root out the eunuchs. I saw a man in the Han Dynasty who was so dedicated that he couldn’t come. "
Zheng Tai said anxiously, "It’s quite an objection to let Ding Yuan lead troops to Beijing, but Ding Yuan is still loyal to the Han Dynasty, so there should be no chaos when he comes, but this Dong Zhuo is a jackal! If you let him go to Beijing, there will be a bloody disaster! "
"Day feet can he unbridled line you don’t say" into already some impatient.
Before Zheng Tai could answer, someone outside shouted, "Zheng Yushi is right. I know that Dong Zhuo’s life is cruel. If he leads the troops into Beijing, he will be afraid of disaster."
It’s Lu Zhi when you look at it.
During the Yellow Scarf Rebellion, Xiao Huangmen was sent to inspect the military situation and asked Lu Zhi for a bribe. Lu Zhi refused to give it, so he was framed by Xiao Huangmen and his official position was still in prison. It was not until after the Yellow Scarf Rebellion that Huang Fusong pleaded with him that he was released.
The world-famous scholar Jin should be polite, and he has always wanted to curry favor with such a scholar, but today he went into an uncharacteristic and slightly angry way: "Although I was born as a butcher, I also know that I can’t stab my friend in the back. Lu Zhi, a contemporary scholar, said so about your friend."
"It is because Dong Zhuo is my friend that I know Dong Zhuo’s disposition is like …"
"That’s enough! You all go. I have ordered that nothing will change Fujian! " Into a wave of his hand and left directly.
"Two adults please!" Stand before someone said
Alas! Both of them sighed at the same time and left with sleeves.
Lu Zhi even said, "If I want to watch Dong Zhuo ruin the capital, I don’t care!"
The next day, there were countless people who took the lead in resigning in Luzhi, almost as many as half of them forced Dong Zhuo into Beijing.
But the more officials go in this way, the more stubborn they are, and the more urgent they are, the more urgent they are to let Dong Zhuo gallop and come.
What’s going on like this is nothing more than that those literati respected themselves before, but they also respected themselves. They didn’t bury themselves in private. Now, seeing that they are so concerned about their decisions, they feel that they have a strong sense of being with them.
Within ten days, I received the news of Dong Zhuo’s upcoming arrival, which actually arrived in front of Ding Yuan, the secretariat of Bing. Bing is closer to Luoyang than Liangzhou. How impatient Dong Zhuo is!
It’s impossible to finish giving those literati a face, so I sent someone to let Dong Zhuo stay in the rope pool and didn’t let him come to the capital, which made Dong Zhuo very depressed but suffered from no reason.
Like Cao Cao’s conjecture, recruiting warlords outside the town has leaked out, and the first ten regular servants are afraid of themselves and don’t know what to do.
Zhang Rang and others know that they are determined to kill themselves this time, even if they beg for more people.
"If the butcher wants to kill us, we can’t just wait and die. Why don’t we kill first?" Zhang Rang said maliciously.
The ten regular waiters are Zhang Rang’s first, and everyone said so. Of course, everyone agrees that this plan should be done, and everyone has no idea.
Zhang rang said, "I asked the queen mother to recruit the butcher into the palace. We need to ambush dozens of knife and axe hands near Changle Palace, and the butcher will die!"
They all felt that it was feasible for Zhang Rang to go to Changle Palace without stopping. Before several times, he cried sadly, "The Queen Mother, help! Save the old slave! "
Cui asked why Zhang Rang said, "The general has recruited warlords outside the town to exterminate the ministers and so on! Going to the Queen Mother can pity the old slave and save his life! "
Cui said, "Why don’t you come to the mansion with me and I’ll plead for you?"
Zhang Rang quickly said, "No, absolutely, I can’t wait to go to the government and be afraid of dying."
"Then how can I save it?" Cui asked
"The empress wants to invite the general to the palace to intercede with the palace officials so that the old slave can have hope of survival," Zhang Rang said.
Cui agreed, so the purpose was to let him enter the palace and see that there was nothing wrong with him, but he was opposed by Chen Lin, the main thin.
Chen Lin dissuade way "general must not enter the palace! It is impossible for the empress dowager to recruit the general into the palace. This must be a conspiracy of ten regular attendants to fear death! "
Jin laughed. "Master Chen is too oversensitive. How can the queen mother hurt me if she is my sister?"
Yuan Shao also thinks that Chen Lin’s statement makes sense, saying, "The general still doesn’t want to go. Now that the news has already leaked, the general will enter the palace again and enter the deep end of the pool."
Cao Cao chimed in, "If you really want to enter the palace, you need to invite ten regular attendants out."
"Ha ha ha ha! How dare they kill me when I hold the heavenly horses! " Into the wild laughter, strutting towards the outside.
Not far away, Chen Wu silently muttered, "Is troubled times coming? How can I get to the back? "
Anyone who knows the history knows that if he goes here, he will die. When Dong Zhuo goes to Beijing, he will be in trouble, and the world will discuss with the heroes. Then there will be a picture of the separatist regime.
Chapter two hundred and twelve Into, ten often serve all out.
Yuan Shao said, "No, you can’t let the general make a risk alone. I’ll be an escort."
Cao Cao agreed that Lombardi would take 500 chosen men each, and Yuan Shu, Lombardi’s younger brother, led the chase.
"It’s really cautious of you to wait. Just wait for me outside the green lock door later."
"Be careful to sail a ship for ten thousand years," Yuan Shao said.
Into no longer speak straight to the queen mother’s bedroom Changle Palace and go to life. Yuan Shu lined up outside the green lock door and took Yuan Shao and Cao Cao towards it.
"Uncle Guo, wait for the Queen Mother’s bedroom and other people. It’s better not to go in." Yuan Shao and Cao Cao were stopped in front of Changle Palace by accident.
Jin said, "You wait here." He followed the yellow door to the inside.
There is no way for Yuan Shao and Cao Cao to take their pro-guards to wait in front of Changle Palace for a change inside.
Walking in a swagger, unaware of the danger, suddenly Zhang let the hand with a knife and axe jump out of the side and enter the face with a fierce face.
"What do you want to do? What about the queen mother? " Into the big drink a way
Zhang Rang laughed coldly. "Can’t you see what we want to catch? We are here to kill you! "
I’m a general in the imperial court, and I’m far away from Sangong. Do you dare to kill me and not be afraid of being destroyed by the Nine Families?
Hear the word general Zhang Rang quite some disdain "general? Without us, how can you sit in the position of general? You were just a butcher before, but we recommended you to get ahead step by step. I didn’t expect you not only to be ungrateful, but to harm us. We don’t want to kill you, and it’s hard for us to convict you. We have already thought about poisoning Dong Taihou, and the evidence is conclusive. Tonight you are born to die! "
Then the knife and axe went in and out together, and they were cut in half without shouting for help.
Yuan Shao and Cao Cao are waiting anxiously outside, looking around from time to time. There is nothing but darkness inside.
"It’s been an hour. Why hasn’t the general come out yet? If we don’t, let’s kill him!" Yuan Shao suggested that
"It is a capital crime not to enter the forbidden palace" Cao Cao quickly stopped it.
Lombardi nodded really can’t be confused, but why hasn’t this general come out yet! Yuan Shao Denai shouted at Changle Palace, "Please drive the general!"
I didn’t expect Lombardi’s voice to wait for a response. Because it was in the dark, I didn’t see what it was. When I walked in, it was a glaring stare. Who is it?