"I just want the results and rack your brains!" Sink shivered at the hunting team responsible for opening the ice.
With a wry smile, Liao used hunters to break the ice, which was so wrong! Serious things get twice the result with half the effort! However, at present, it’s the only way!
In a blink of an eye, five days later, the car war continued fiercely.
Sink was so angry. His sixty main attack hunters are nearly half of them, but the other side’s purple giant sword doesn’t seem to know fatigue. It is still cold and the sky is flying thousands of miles, and the water curtain below has not been replaced. That is to say, the other party has not rotated yet.
It’s useless to have a crowd!
This is probably the first time Sink has experienced such embarrassment in his life! Now, every hunter has done his best, but it has ended in a sparring result. Li Yi’s detection data shows that the other side’s purple giant sword. The means of attack are becoming more and more bizarre and changeable, and the attack power is becoming more and more heavy. In the last day, even the sword light began to differentiate, and there was attribute variation. However, the analysis of the material of this purple sword actually ignores the spiritual boundary force of the metaphysical world, that is, no matter how the hunters who are only on the flood level concentrate on the spiritual boundary force of their shallow blood world, they can’t hurt each other’s purple giant sword.
The most important thing is the sentence "Captain Sink, we may have met a quasi-Zhou Taoist", which made Sink fall into a very passive position.
Quasi-metaphysical, generally refers to the appearance of the world began to appear green spots, at this time. The world spiritual boundary force of the quasi-cosmic Taoist is unavailable, in this case. Quasi-cosmic Taoists will temporarily replace the world with instruments. The quasi-Zhou Taoist’s instrument is not a general instrument, because it is refined from the world’s fallen shell material, so this instrument can be included in the category of boundary instruments. This kind of multiplier is graded according to the number of boundary shell materials. It is said that the high-order boundary-closing multiplier, that is, the multiplier with more than 70% boundary shell materials, has boundary-breaking properties.
This is the passive reason of Sink. The purple iron sword can pierce the world of flood hunters, which means that the purple iron sword is close to the boundary device, and the owner of this boundary device is about to become a master Taoist.
As long as he is not a Taoist of the Zhou level, Sink will not look down on him, let alone a Taoist of the quasi-Zhou level. The problem is that the situation is special now. The other side has an absolute geographical position, and a quasi-Zhou Taoist is holed up in such a geographical position, and Sink has no amount of shallow blood hunters, so it can only be in vain.
"Is it really a quasi-cosmic Taoist?"
Sink murmured.
Unfortunately, no one can answer his question, and neither can the person involved. Because technically, Tianxin doesn’t own the world. Although the ancient yellow space follows the heavenly heart, its color is half yellow and half green, and there is no spiritual boundary force. So Tianxin can’t locate itself. And robbing a deep blood world and three shallow blood worlds can only be sealed. The use of spiritual forces in these worlds can only be used passively in material ways, and they simply cannot exert their due power.
Sink, Yi, Balingtai four knights have endless suspicions, but they would never have thought that there is no world in Tianxin, and even less thought that the flying and wonderful use of purple iron sword in the sky is that Tianxin is devoting itself to its own power of clearing emptiness.
Five more days passed.
Seeing that the hunters could only play the role of sparring partners, Sink and Yi resolutely led the crowd back.
And in the Millennium, a great achievement is slowly changing into a cross-examination.
"Xiaowu, can you take out your world and open your eyes to my sister, a collector of world law!" Jinyun said softly.
"No problem, I traveled all over the world just to broaden my horizons. The colonel wants to see my world, and I just want to ask him, why can’t my world be used? "
"Your world can’t be used?" The four knights of Balingtai were surprised at the news. "But we obviously felt the breath of the deep blood world!"
"It’s just that I took it from the world of fangs. Is this my world? " Tianxin reveals the yellow-green world.
"Why is it yellow and green?" The three male knights of Huoyun, Shuiyun and Muyun looked around curiously, and only Princess Jin screamed, "There is a little micro-world!"
"Little micro-world, what is that?"
"Small five, you are a monster. You have the legendary little micro world! " Jin Yun grabbed the yellow-green world and studied it carefully. "Say, how did you get it? No, it’s impossible to get a small world. Xiaowu, have you ever entered this world? "
"This, you know!" It’s Tianxin’s turn to be surprised.
"So, you are in! Is the time inside very short? No, is the time inside endless, with 365 days inside? " Jin Yun’s eyes spread strange brilliance.
"If you are talking about planet time, that’s right." As nods.
"Are you an internal practitioner?"
"Internal practitioner, I only stayed in it for one hundred days, not counting the internal practitioner."
"What? You will come out in a hundred days. "
"Yes, what’s wrong? When I was traveling for the first time, I accidentally fell into a hard yellow space and stayed in it for nearly a hundred years before I ran out by chance, and found that the infinite world actually lasted less than a hundred days. By the way, Kim, just now you said that there is a small world. Is this a small world? "
"Freak, I have raised a small world in one hundred days."
"But it’s no use, you can’t even extract the spiritual boundary force?"
"This ….. elder sister can’t help you. It’s hard to extract the spiritual power from the micro-world, and you have to understand it yourself! "

Chapter four hundred and fifty-five The world practice
Due to the inconsistency between the time and space of the world without boundaries, except for the solid color world, the other two-color world without boundaries, the three-color jade world, the four-color world without boundaries, and the nine-color world without boundaries can’t exert their spiritual power, but must be repaired both internally and externally. Your yellow-green world can also be regarded as both internal and external cultivation, and the inner cultivation sister doesn’t understand it. Therefore, only you can understand how to extract the spiritual boundary force from your tiny world. "
"So, my yellow-green world will never become a solid color world?"
"Of course, there are only two products in the world with two colors and less micro-world. The products are yellow and green, and the products are blood blue."
"What’s the difference between these two worlds?"
"I don’t know the other differences, but the size of the two worlds is a world of difference. Do you find that your yellow-green world is magnified to a certain extent, such as ten light-years or a hundred light-years, and it will never be enlarged again? This is because the world of ten light years or a hundred light years is already the original nature of the world of few micro-worlds. Those who practice the world, even those who are Yu-level Taoists, can only take pictures of the small world, but can’t fantasize about the big world. Speaking of this, this is the difference between the instrument and the boundary instrument. The instrument can be transformed by the skill of the imperial emissary, but the boundary instrument has its own limit, that is, the original body. Beyond the original nature, the world will not be bigger. "
"What about the world with little blood and blue?"
"There are only two products in the world, heaven and earth, and both products have a main phase, which can also grow. Although the little micro-world is the same as the pure color world, the color is the difference, but because time and space are different from the infinite world, the advanced of the little micro-world can also be judged by its final phase, that is, as long as the yellow-green world grows to the size of infinite 365 star fields. Then the world of yellow, green and little micro will be advanced to the world of heaven, blood and blue. Do you understand? "
"Listening to your words is better than reading for ten years. Just listening to the tone of the head of the team, it seems that this little world is not so rare. How come I haven’t seen anyone holding it since I debuted? " Tianxin asked questions.
"Not rare. Xiaowu, if you auction this yellow-green world, it will definitely cause a storm! "