The appearance of [trading hall] has made the whole Tian Jiacun look brand-new, especially when trading goods. When the villagers have great autonomy, there are many herbs in the warehouse of the trading hall that Tian Tang has never seen before.
The trading hall warehouse and Tian Tang warehouse belong to two trading halls, and the trading hall will be upgraded every time the transaction reaches a certain amount, and the warehouse stock will also increase.
Since the emergence of the trading hall, Tian Tang has put the Sanqi and cabbage planted these days in the warehouse of the trading hall, and some saleable goods have also been thrown into the warehouse of the trading hall.
In this way, Tian Tang’s own warehouse can make room for other things.
Building classrooms is a part of primary teaching.
The classroom is a village house, and the blackboard and chalk were exchanged by Tian Tang from the game for tables, chairs and benches, which were pieced together by everyone.
Tian Tang looked at Tian Jinhua from a distance outside the classroom, holding a cabbage. When she saw her, she raised her hand and shook her to say hello. It was a moment when she almost fell to the ground because she couldn’t hold the cabbage with one hand.
Tian Jinhua squatted in the same place holding the cabbage and breathed a sigh of relief. "It’s okay that the cabbage is okay."
Tian Tang smiled and walked over. "Are you okay? Do you need help?"
"No, no, no" Tian Jinhua held the cabbage and looked up at Tian Tang Xiao. "I like it and I will hold it well and won’t let it have an accident."
Tian Tang also squatted in front of her. "Is it enough to eat cabbage?"
Tian Jinhua frowned and thought for a while, "Can you just eat enough?"
Tian Tang may suffer from malnutrition if he opens his mouth to eat cabbage, but the thought of the present situation in the village will still come to his mouth.
At this time, don’t say that Tian Jiacun is afraid that it is underfed every day, just like Tian Jinhua said that they will not think about malnutrition. The only consideration is whether they can eat enough.
Tian Tang also wants to lower the price of staple food, because her stock is limited, and there are also notoginseng and cabbage in her hand. The only food that can lower the price is cabbage.
Tian Tang lifted Tian Jinhua up and looked at her walking home with cabbage in her arms.
Tian Tang turned and went to the trading hall after Tian Jinhua’s back left.
At the moment, many people in the trading hall come to sell medicinal materials and some to buy cabbage, rice and flour, which are high-priced staple foods. How many shelves are left untouched now?
The appearance of Tian Tang made the villagers a little excited, and some villagers wanted to stuff their herbs in Abel Tamata Tang.
Tian Tang refused with a smile.
In the corner of the trading hall, she directly transferred Sanqi from the trading warehouse to her own small warehouse without avoiding the sight of the villagers.
After this step, Tian Tang went home and carried a large laundry list and walked outside the village.
She’s going to town, on the one hand, to sell these Sanqi, on the other hand, she also wants to inquire about those who left Tian Jiacun the day before yesterday.
Just about to walk out of the village, she shouted behind her.
"Little sister!"
Tian Tang turned around and said, "Sister Chrysanthemum?"
Tian Juhua grabbed Tian Tang’s arm and watched warily. The blue barrier tugged Tian Tang into the village. "Little sister, don’t go out when it’s dangerous outside."
Tian Tang knew Tian Juhua’s idea of telling her what he was going to say. At the end, he said, "Sister Juhua, we can’t hide for a generation."
The scope of the security zone is so big. Now they can stay in the security zone. What about after that? Do they really want to trap themselves here for the rest of their lives and never go out?
Tian Tang looked at Tian Juhua carefully. In her plan, she hoped that all her sisters would achieve something, but if her sisters were not willing to take risks, she would not force Tian Juhua to choose to rely on herself.
Tian Juhua also noticed that Tian Tang looked at her mind and thought a lot. It was not until Tian Tang turned to go that she made up her mind, "Little sister, I will go with you."
Tian Tang’s eyebrows are "very dangerous"
"I know" Tian Juhua gritted his teeth "because of the danger, I can’t let you go to the town alone. The bandits passed by our village and now I don’t know where it is. I don’t trust you to go alone."
With that, Tian Juhua took the initiative to take over Tian Tang’s laundry list and was about to speak when she suddenly realized that there was nothing in the laundry list. She was startled to see her "little sister, this …"
Tian Tang looked at her and smiled and pointed to the sky.
Now she feels more and more that it is the most important decision she has ever made to pull the banner of the goddess. No matter what she does, no one will suspect her.
Tian Juhua really suddenly realized that he carefully covered the thick cloth on the laundry list and took Tian Tang’s hand to "let’s go to town"
Tian Jiacun is some distance from the nearby town, and it takes an hour to walk.
On their way to the town, the two men passed by some villages. The situation in these villages was similar to that in Tian Jiacun. Up to now, the lively villages were deserted, and one village was completely destroyed by fire.
Tian Jiacun is probably the only living village after this bandit attack.
Tian Juhua walked beside Tian Tang and couldn’t bear to look directly at these villages.
"God bless God bless … Goddess bless Goddess bless!"
Go straight to the town, and neither of them has seen a living person. I don’t know if something happened before or if I hid somewhere else.
The town near Tian Jiacun is called Fengshou Town, which is considered as the largest town nearby, but the situation is not optimistic now. The most worrying thing is that the town is holding a broken bowl and begging along the street.
These people are not beggars, they are forced to appear here by the situation.
Tian Juhua turned to look at Tian Tang eagerly "little sister they …"
"Go back and talk about selling things first." Tian Tang didn’t reply directly. She jumped on the topic.
Tian Juhua immediately nodded and stretched out his hand to help the back behind the laundry list.
Tian Tang also put his hand on the laundry list and put Sanqi in the warehouse.
Tian Juhua felt a smile in her eyes behind her.
If the goddess takes care of Tian Jiacun, they will all be well.
Two people together to hold the laundry list, walked to the town, handed in into the town of copper coins, went straight to the town of medicine shop.
In a short time, the two men have reached the door of the medicine shop.
The people in the shop saw the two men coming out with a laundry list behind them to see "selling medicine?"
Take the game of life to ancient verse 11.
"Yes, yes, yes." Tian Juhua repeatedly replied to put the laundry list with Tian Tang. "We have picked a lot of Sanqi these days. I wonder if the shop will accept it?"
Tian Tang looked up and saw that the eyes of the medicine shop people lit up, but soon they sank and motioned Tian Juhua to open the laundry list.
Tian Juhua didn’t notice the other side’s strangeness, and immediately took away the laundry list to show the other side what was inside.
"Well …" The other side squatted and picked up a handful of medicinal materials and looked at them. "I’ll give you four pence a catty for your general medicinal properties."
Tian Juhua doesn’t know much about the price of Sanqi, but she knows that the purchase of Sanqi in Tian Jiacun trading hall is also four pence a catty and looks back at Tian Tang.
Tian Tang stretched out his hand and took the cloth from her hand to cover the laundry list. "We can sell six pence a catty if you want."
Each other like being poked in the mind suddenly frustrated "where these notoginseng phase value so much? On weekdays, the purchase price is four pence a catty. How can you talk big? "
Tian Tang looked at each other calmly according to his desire to open his mouth. "Sanqi has the function of promoting blood circulation and relieving pain. At this time, there is a big deal. If you don’t want us to change places, it will be a business. It is also a matter of medicinal materials that will lose harmony."
The other party also wants to say that Tian Tang is still smiling. "Things are scarce and expensive, but it’s not the price in a few days."
Almost Tian Tang squatted and held down the laundry list as soon as the words sound just fell, which means that "six articles are six articles, and we want them all. You are not allowed to sell them to other houses."
Tian Tang loosened his hand. "You can weigh a total of 30 Jin here."
The other party hired someone to come over and pour out the pseudo-ginseng in the laundry list. After weighing, it proved to be 30 Jin, one, two, no more, one, two, no less
He silently counted 18 pence and handed it to Tian Tang. He put the copper coins in Tian Tang’s hand.
Tian Juhua’s face is full of joy. She’s leaving with a laundry list.