Mad dog dragon also showed its id. Sister Hong was not surprised to see his guild’s affiliation. "I have heard of you, and our former president has a good friendship with you."
Mad dog dragon said, "Are you from Colorful Paradise here?"
Hong Jie replied coldly, "When you enter this camp, there will be no guild to belong to. Can you guarantee that you will not die here?"
"This is true!" Mad dog dragon is thoughtful.
Sister Hong seems to know that he still has some unbelief. "Everybody show your id!"
Players in the camp have flashed the big word Mad Dog Dragon, and suddenly they are shocked by Phantom of the Opera, Golden Eagle Club, Shenyu, Tianji, and peerless Tianjiao …
These players are members of the big guild. Mad Dog Dragon tried, "Everyone is …"
Hong Jie nodded. "But everyone came here after receiving the news, but most of them hung up. If you want to live here, you must throw away those ridiculous guilds and unite to find a way."
Mad dog dragon found himself as if caught by Liu Chongyun, and the little one seemed to know the situation here, so he dared not venture alone and drove the labor out.
Mad dog dragon way "that everyone what not mountain? Maybe you can find a way out in the mountains? "
Hong Jie said, "I have answered this answer too many times. I urge you to come and explain it to him."
Strong is the warrior who just woke him up. "Brother, this mountain looks calm. Actually, it can’t be chaotic. It will rain and rain. These monsters will come out. There is not enough fire and runes. The mountain is just going to die. At present, there are more than a dozen people in the mountain. No one can come back completely. We are all lucky to escape back. Thanks to the reception of Hong Jie."
Mad dog dragon way "but we can’t all stay in this camp forever? Supplies will run out sooner or later. "
Qiang added, "You are right, but the complexity of this mountain is beyond your imagination. You can’t make a decision until the farmers come back."
"Who is the farmer?" Mad dog dragon frown way
Qiang explained that "the farmers are just exploring the way for all of us, and they should come back when the rain stops later."
Mad dog dragon finally stopped asking. There are too many oddities and mysteries in this hellhole. He decided to get to know it slowly.
The rain finally stopped, and the monsters outside retreated to the depths of the earth and sank to the bottom of the river like magic, and everything was calm again.
Half an hour later, two players appeared in the mountain, and their speed was as fast as the wind. Mad Dog Dragon found that the two men were not faster than themselves, so they arrived at the camp halfway up the mountain in a few minutes.
The first charge soldier is a farmer. The farmer has a cold face and a very high figure.
He was greeted by a public as soon as he entered the camp. "Why is there a person missing? What about three? "
The farmer said coldly, "I was killed by a big bug when I died."
Sister Hong seemed dazed. "What’s the situation today?"
The farmer took a sip of water. "Not bad!"
He seems to have found a new face in the camp. "Who is this new comer?"
Mad dog dragon immediately before "I’m a newcomer"
The farmer looked at him with great interest. "How fast?"
Mad dog dragon proudly said, "Not bad!" to be continued
Chapter one hundred and seventy Mysterious maze
The farmer said, "Run two steps to see!"
The mad dog dragon didn’t have to run. His figure suddenly blurred, and then he quickly returned to normal.
The farmer turned to Hongjie with a bright eye and said, "He can replace three."
Hong Jie immediately said to Mad Dog Dragon, "You will go to explore the road with the farmers."
Mad dog dragon didn’t ask about the way. Anyway, he should know by then, but someone told him.
An hour later, the farmer dressed in light riding and simple clothes went to the mad dog dragon. "Go and get ready to go. Don’t stop behind me."
Then he walked out of the camp and crossed the river by boat. After that, the farmers suddenly ran wildly.
This man’s speed is really amazing. On such a steep mountain road, it’s like he’s grazing on the ground. He’s very fast.
However, no matter how amazing his speed is, Mad Dog Dragon followed the fact. As soon as Mad Dog Dragon stepped on the mountain, he had a strange feeling. It seemed that some mysterious energy was activated in the air. As soon as he ran halfway up the mountain, it rained all over the mountains and monsters broke out again.
Mad dog dragon, what’s wrong with this white? Farmers want to rush at an amazing speed before the monsters break ground.
But what place can there be in the noodles?
He soon saw a hole in a ravine, and after entering it, he was sent to the door.
This delivery door is black, surging with black energy, and I don’t know what kind of mad dog dragon has a familiar feeling in an instant. He vaguely remembers that he has met this door before.
After entering the door, the scene before him reminded him of the passage of Loulan Ancient Temple. This time, he was speechless. "What is this place?"
The farmer said, "This is a maze."
Mad dog dragon said, "How big is it?"
The farmer sighed, "It is as big as you think it is."
Mad dog dragon was dazed. "It can’t be bigger than Loulan City, can it?"
The farmer sneered, "That’s what I thought when I first came in."
Mad dog dragon froze. "You mean this maze is too big?"
The farmer nodded and said, "I haven’t finished it since I arrived."
Mad dog dragon is a little white. "You mean this maze exit is where we want to go?"
The farmer said, "I can’t think of any other way out."
Mad dog dragon said, "Don’t you find the way out every day?"
The farmer suddenly took out a big piece of paper from his bag "This is a map"
Mad Dog Dragon took a look at this map, and its complexity was not inferior to that of Taizhong Star Map. There were so many lines criss-crossing that he couldn’t help asking, "Where are we?"
The farmer asked, "Do you see the black spot marked in the center?"
Mad dog dragon nodded. "Is this a door delivery?"
The farmer said, "No, this is the room where the door is delivered, which is now ours."
Mad dog dragon shocked the map, and many marks were circles, but the big room was marked with black dots and excluded those hemp lines. This maze is really bigger than Loulan.
The farmer said, "The delivery door will disappear every hour, and it will reappear in another hour. The location of the delivery door will always be in the center of the map."
Mad dog dragon was horrified. "Is there any change in this maze?"
The farmer’s expression looked heavy. "You should know why I have to return to the camp every hour now, right?"
The mad dog dragon asked curiously, "How long have you been here?"
The farmer said, "Today is 36 days."
Mad dog dragon said, "Is this maze terrain different every day?"