The moon smiles like a dog’s leg and laughs immediately after it. "Handmaiden, go with Shifei. I am familiar with this road."
"No need," Gu Manqi smiled at her. "You’ve had a long day, too. Go to bed early and I’ll walk slowly."
The moon shadow doesn’t have to follow her if she can’t smell it. It should be clever to watch her go out and get close to the painting. "My sister’s dress is really beautiful. I look at the orange sister’s dress. Is it so decent to follow the princess?"
From the beginning to the end, she wanted to ask for this kind of dignity. First, she paid some compliments against her will, etc. She saw clearly that the painting body was as smooth as moonlight and lake water, although it was not bright enough. She couldn’t help admiring it, especially when the painting head was wearing a golden birthday hairpin, which was obviously a craft. How many months did that weight suffice her?
She swallowed her saliva and looked at the painting with glowing eyes.
The painter was impatient and ignored her, but she also disdained it. "What is this? The girl sent us much better than this. We are just lazy to wear it. "
Is this not good?
Moon shadow is more envious.
The cool breeze blew over the head and a magnolia petal fell. When I covered my cloak, I heard the evergreen sound, "The world is ahead of the world!"
There was obvious excitement in the voice.
Xie Ting looks up and really sees Gu Man spread in a pale blue cloak and skirts, and a bamboo embroidery adds a bit of supernaturalism to Gu Man.
He grabbed Gu Man’s hand before his heart became hot and anxious. "What are you doing waiting at home so late?"
Gu Man smiled and glanced at his side with Qiu Xi Gherardini Yi "Qiu Xi has come out to meet? I wouldn’t have come if I had known. "
Xie Ting was drunk by the family’s gang and a little dizzy and confused. He glanced at Gu Man and looked back at Qiu Xi and wondered, "Didn’t you call her?"
Autumn evening has knelt down in a hurry before Gu Man spoke. "The world, the princess pardoned the handmaiden, and when they saw the princess’s full moon, they were afraid to disturb the princess and opened it independently."
She will run out now, not because Gu Man has been following the moon shadow, and they have no intention of picking up Xie Ting.
I must have seen myself coming out, so I followed him out. It’s really sinister.
She lamented in her heart, but she still looked scared in her face.
Xie Ting took Gu Man’s foot and walked and stopped and ordered, "Forget it this time. If there is anything in the future, remember to report it to Shifei first."
"Why do you drink so much?" Gu Man poured him a cup of tea and went to get a handkerchief to wipe his face.
Xie Ting’s face is slightly red. When Gu Man talks about this, he can’t help complaining that "it’s not because your younger brother and kid are older, and a group of them drink me."
That’s not bad. Gu Man comforted him. "You can count on it. At the beginning, the three brothers-in-law and the four brothers-in-law were much worse than you, especially when the four brothers-in-law couldn’t walk and could sleep in our house."
"It can be seen that a group of them are dead." Xie Ting laughed and stretched out his hand to hold Gu Man in his arms and sighed. "It’s good to have you here. Will you pick me up the day after tomorrow?"
Gu Man pushed him up, clutching his nose and said, "You’d better go and take a shower. There’s a message from the drunken princess. It’s said that there’s no need to have dinner in the past. The kitchen sent food. You go and take a shower first and then we can have dinner."
Xie Ting refused to hold her hand. "Don’t let me not be used to being served by others."
"No one wants to wait on you!" Gu Man broke his anger. "You think too much, don’t you usually wash yourself?" !”
Xie ting looked at her with some injustice and simply couldn’t get up in bed. "Now I’m drunk. How can I wash myself?" The pool is so big that it may slip. "
I really can’t stand the pity of men’s clothes, especially a good face. Men’s clothes are pitiful and resentful, but they can still go in and bathe him.
"It’s just a bath. Why is the whole room wet?" When I saw the clean room and the messy room, I couldn’t help but stare back and stare at it. "Shifei was drunk and mad last night?"
Gu Man’s hand is smearing mouth fat, and when he shakes it, he almost smears mouth fat on his face.
Often mammy busy out yelling, "master is also can you talk about? Why don’t you just pack up? Today, Shi Shi and Shi Fei are going to the palace to give thanks! "
Nausea orange vomitted to stick out your tongue and honestly went to tidy up the room.
When going out, Xie Ting went to help Gu Man. She reached out and gave him a hard twist on his waist.
Xie ting else walked back and grinned and brought Gu Man’s hand.
The emperor thanked the court at the Qinzheng Hall and Gu Man went to the Qinzheng Hall to thank the emperor first.
"Come so early?" The emperor seems to be very cheerful and laughs with joy. "Look up and show me."
Gu Man immediately looked up and looked straight ahead to see the foot of the table.
The emperor nodded and looked at her and asked, "Are you still so grumpy after so long?"
Gu Man didn’t know what the emperor meant when he said this sentence, and he didn’t know how to respond at the moment.
Before Xie Ting was busy, he knelt beside Gu Man and said, "Grandpa Huang"
The emperor stared at him, "Don’t talk" and looked at Gu Man and asked, "I remember seeing you for the first time. Did you have a hard time with Changping? I heard that this time you are with Lao Liu again? "
Oh, I originally meant the incident in Houfu, Dingyuan.
Gu Man’s uneasiness disappeared when he knew what the emperor had pointed out. Many people explained that "it was Sun’s daughter-in-law’s faux pas that day."
"Forget it," the emperor waved. "You have a good sex. If he doesn’t talk, it’s good for you to be provocative and complementary."
The emperor will also say the word "complementary", which is full of small surprises.
"Well, when you see me so uncomfortable, go and see the queen." The emperor ordered Cui An again, "You personally send them there."
Yi Kun Palace is much more lively. Huang Ying is greeted with a beaming face. "The world and the princess are finally here? The queen has long been chanting, "Please please please."
The queen had already sat in the phoenix seat and saw the two of them come in, so she smiled. "People have been waiting for you for a long time. I didn’t expect the emperor to keep you for so long. What did he say that didn’t scare Aman?"
The emperor’s temper is getting worse and worse, and he always scolds people.
Gu Man shook his head and saw that the queen held out her hand and was busy with her hand.
The queen took her hand to see Xie Ting. "How do you two get along?"
Gu Man smiled and remained silent.
Xie Ting answered, "I’m fine with my grandmother."
It’s really rare that this sentence will come out of Xie Ting’s mouth. The queen is so happy that she has to nod her head. "That’s good. That’s good."
Gu Man chose Xie Ting only after her thousand choices. Of course, I hope that the two of them can be affectionate and Xie Ting will not appear so lonely again.
Seeing that Gu Man was a little embarrassed and stiff, the queen gently held her hand. "I remember that you had a lot of courage before. Why didn’t you talk today?"
As a new wife, of course, you should be quiet, otherwise the queen should dislike her for being too strong, fearing that she will rule Xie Ting.
Be careful after tooth extraction and remember to ask clearly. Good night.
Sixty-six discussions
Xianfei frowned at the sight of misconduct and made a ceremony. Linjiang Wang felt filled with anger.
When she had no children, the emperor gave her the child to raise. Although she didn’t like it at first, she was really sincere as she grew up raising him.
No one has a heart of stone. She is true to Xie Zhenxuan. She has done a lot of thinking from the baby to now.
"What on earth are you thinking now?" She waved angrily and dismissed the tea waiter. She stared at Xie Zhenxuan with no emotion in her eyes. It was scary to watch. "Are you out of your mind to let the palace match Zhao Wanger?" !”
Xie Zhenxuan is always relaxed when facing the virtuous princess, maybe he is afraid, maybe the virtuous princess has always been too vertical to him, even if he looks at the virtuous princess like this, he doesn’t stop talking.
Xianfei waited on the maid-in-waiting carefully to wake up. "Empress Shufei outside said she wanted to see you."
It is difficult for any woman in this palace to deal with a virtuous princess. She rubbed her forehead and asked, "Where is your wife?" But ignored the maid-in-waiting.
Some so-called Six Emperors read it again, fiddled with their nails and casually replied, "It should be coming soon."
He is 10,000 dissatisfied with Ruby Lu, and of course, he is snubbed by her.