"People say that men are willing to give you money for ostentation and extravagance, which is what values your position in his heart." Lao Pei holds Mi Wei’s hand and listens to the baby’s fetal sound for a while, which looks more exciting than the new couple at the wedding.
"If he is willing to marry me, how can he be unwilling to give me ostentation and extravagance? Others are others, we are us, and it is already very difficult for me to be with him."
Mi Wei doesn’t talk much, but it’s true.
Come out of here thinking about this sentence.
Heart together is enough.
And, of course, the last sentence of the wife
"No, I still think it’s really ostentation and extravagance to let Lin Feng marry me with 20 tractors ~ that’s so cool ~"
Lin Feng said this.
I didn’t hear anything myself ~
Mi Wei’s wedding Lin Feng brought back a special training by the way.
A training plan that Mi Wei said was more suitable for her.
What is it like?
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Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Not in the plan
On the third day of May, Lin Feng and Lao Pei came back from Mi Wei’s simple wedding.
Lao Pei has become more emotional. He has not led a team competition recently. Lao Pei has nothing to do now and seems to be fine. When he sees some bitter dramas, he will be in a daze. When he sees the three treasures of Korean dramas, car accidents and incurable diseases, he will be particularly sad and say these things to Lin Feng.
"Come if I have a terminal illness, will you not want me?" It’s especially sad. It seems that Lao Pei has cried for a circle. When he looks at Lin Feng with red rabbit eyes, he is always particularly lethal.
But if you are often asked this kind of question.
And be especially careful when asked every time.
I guess a person will be a little tired.
"No ~" Come to look at the DOA training chart in front of you and touch your forehead when you control SVEN in the extreme anti-killing training.
"It’s very kind of you to come. You don’t look like a Korean drama. You ate the benefits and tofu of a female pig’s feet, and then you found a female No.2 when the female pig’s feet needed comfort and support most." Old Pei Xinxin held her chest and a pair of white rabbits squeezed her back.
"That is, you won’t live much longer anyway." Come and hold your head down and have a powder fist.
How many times is this today?
Lin Feng can’t remember how many times this is asked this question, but every time Ji is asked, his brain training will definitely fail because of distraction.
Nine Swords of Dugu sounds arrogant, but in fact, Zhai Hao just takes a name.
Some things names don’t matter.
Just as the name of Chopin black keys’s etudes is not important, the good effect will become a classic that will not be erased
Lin Fengyi still thinks that the training link in this training map is just something very basic according to Xuanke.
However, with the experience of G-League matches being added to various competitions, it is difficult to take the lead and protect your back row. Sometimes you need to treat yourself as an explosive bag and make a valuable cannon fodder.
Especially in the qualifying match of Blizzard Invitational Tournament, Lin Feng found an assistant to cut into the battlefield as cannon fodder, especially for VS, a hero.
Changing your opponent’s back DPS is actually very profitable.
Many commentators and DOA senior hosts, such as Fat Fish, praised Lin Feng’s team consciousness as very good.
To put it simply, it’s an assistant to do cannon fodder consciousness and to fight for it in the later stage with explosives. Things come from practice and make perfect.
Come to know that this is the practice card in this training chart that Zhai Hao gave himself.