Aunt Li a lag smile apologetically "madam, this has just started even not so fast! Madam, please be patient and wait slowly. There is always hope! "
Lian Fangzhou is almost ready to cry!
Isn’t it true that when someone gives birth to a baby, they immediately cry and cry? Is this going to happen? How to fight a protracted war when you get to her!
She sighed softly and asked faintly, "What time is it?"
Zhou said, "I’m afraid it’s almost dawn."
Said the hand for her haircut sideburns broken judo "sister in law don’t try so hard to wait! This is your first child. You always have to suffer more! Don’t worry, soon! Just get through it! "
What else can I do? Lian Fangzhou smiled bitterly.
Eagerly looking at the zhou "eldest sister-in-law but how long! Can you tell me that I have a hope! "
Aunt Li, Aunt Zhao and Zhou couldn’t help laughing secretly.
Who can say for sure about having a baby? If only I could be accurate!
Aunt Li smiled. "Madam, it is best to have a sleep if you are relieved to wait! How long will it take? It’s hard to say whether someone is fast or slow! However, my wife is in excellent condition and will be safe and smooth! "
"Yes, you can sleep well first! Don’t be afraid that I will accompany you! " Zhou busy soft comfort.
Even Fang Zhou vaguely "hmm" and gently closed his eyes, but where can he fall asleep? I’m always half awake and half asleep, and the pain is coming off one by one.
Before you know it, it’s dawn, and when they see that Fang Zhou is asleep, they are far away and talk in a low voice.
In a short time, Redjade led Qinghe and Maixiang to change shifts, and Aunt Li said, "Madam, go and have a rest, too! Tell the kitchen to cook some rotten porridge and chicken soup, etc. How much do you want to eat when your wife wakes up? Our two wives have to lean on it for a while and wait! "
Zhou promised to say with smile, "Let’s go out and get something to eat first! I’m just resting in the wing. Call me if you need anything! "
Out of the door, Li Fu quickly got up and asked, "What?"
Zhou glanced at even Fang Qing, who was carried to Dongzili by the girls, and even Ze and his son got up and looked up while they were still smelling the words.
Zhou shook his head gently and smiled. "My sister-in-law slept peacefully this night, so it’s good to wait for the birth to have strength!"
Li Fushu a sigh of relief, "she and the child good! Sister-in-law, go and have a rest. Don’t worry about me! "
Zhou doesn’t know how to comfort him. He has to nod.
When Lian Fangzhou woke up completely, the sun had already risen.
My stomach still hurts, but it’s not that deadly. It’s a little relieved
The waist is so weak that it seems that all the bones have been torn apart.
It also made her feel suddenly separated from the world, dead and alive again.
It’s daylight again! I don’t know when this terrible little ancestor will come out!
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help smiling.
At the other end of the delivery room, Aunt Li squinted and dozed off on a simple couch against the wall. Aunt Zhao rested for more than an hour in the middle of the night yesterday, and then stood in front of her bed and said that she had drunk less than half a bowl of porridge and a bowl of chicken soup.
Even Fang Zhou couldn’t help but ask, "It doesn’t hurt so much now. Will it take a long time to give birth?"
Aunt Zhao endured a smile and said, "How can this Li Furen talk like a child?"!
Then he laughed. "Now that it’s started, it’s fast! At this moment, the child must be accumulating strength! Madam, just let nature take its course! Wait for the lady to rest for a while, and then the lady will touch it and see the situation! "
Even fangzhou sighed softly and stopped talking.
In a short time, Aunt Zhao touched it carefully and smiled. "Madam, the fetal position is extremely correct. Maybe the palace entrance will be opened this afternoon."
"Is it almost born at noon?" Lian fangzhou asked quickly
Aunt Zhao nodded and smiled apologetically. "You can have a wife when the palace is open and raise your spirits and wait!"
Even fangzhou whispered "hmm" and closed his eyes again.
So tired!
She hasn’t been at peace for a quarter of an hour since she broke into the delivery room last night. Even when she fell asleep, she didn’t feel that kind of pain after falling asleep.
The whole person is really in hot water. 85 Chapter 85 Soon.
Now she has nothing to miss, nothing to care about, whether it hurts or not, and she can endure it bit by bit until the little ancestor is born.
Lian Fangqing woke up and blinked. "Ah!" Exclaimed a turn sat up and rubbed his eyes. "Why am I here! Where is my sister? Did you give birth! "
"Huei-fang!" Sitting on the side, thinking and thinking were awakened by her fright. Before they got up, they thought and laughed. "Huei-fang fell asleep in the outside hall, so the uncle asked someone to hug Huei-fang and sleep in this warm pavilion for a while. She hasn’t been born yet and didn’t hear anything!"
Even Fang Qing’s nasty kang complained, "You didn’t wake me up when I fell asleep! I just let me sleep! "
Sisi then laughed "Is that the handmaiden is wrong! It was the handmaiden who was so sleepy at that time that she couldn’t call Huei-fang! Huei-fang, are you going there? "
Even Fang Qing dazed couldn’t help heart "I forgot that you also want to sleep! I’m really used to being lazy on weekdays, but I’ll stay up all night to see what you can do! Cheer up for me! No one is allowed to fall asleep again until my sister has a little nephew! "
As he spoke, he put on his shoes and walked toward the outside.
Sisi and Xiao Nian glanced at each other and hurriedly agreed to follow her.
Li Fu, Lian Ze and Li Yunhan are still waiting outside. Lian Ze and Li Yunhan don’t know what they are writing in the novel. Li Fu sits there with his back straight and looks at the front.
Lian Fangqing smiled and called out "Brother-in-law!"
Li Fu looked back and smiled at her. "Why did you get up? Your sister is still early. Go and get some sleep! "
Lian Fangqing rubbed his eyes and shook his head and said, "I won’t sleep. I have to wait for my sister."
Li Fu smiled and said, "Then go get something to eat! Don’t be hungry! "