The investigators did not hesitate to go along the path, and Guy opened the way ahead because there were weeds in the path, which was actually easier than yesterday’s visit to the valley road.
You walked along the path for about an hour, and when Zoe and Melinda felt the call getting stronger and stronger, a long yellow sand appeared in front of you.
Melinda Nelson # Consciousness stops "Ah, it’s a desert"
Zoe Alex: "I remember the village chief said yesterday that this valley is near the desert."
Melinda Nelson "It turns out that the path leads to the desert. Do you think those books are hidden in the desert?" And will calling me and Robin be those nationalities? "
Zoe Alex is "possible"
After some discussion, the investigators continued to move in the direction that Robin and Melinda felt.
After walking for about half an hour, the color in front of your eyes finally changed. In a yellow sand, you found some green plants. After you walked in, you found more and more green plants, most of which were cacti and other various succulents, such as agave. When you looked at the sand dunes, you found that this valley was almost occupied by green plants, and many succulents were shaped like flowers with complicated petals.
Melinda Nelson blurted out "Green Flower Sea!"
Steven Bennett # was so shocked by the scene that he took out the drawing paper and drew a draft.
Zoe Alex: "It really looks like a green flower sea. It seems that we have found the right place. This should be what the village chief called the green flower sea. Maybe we can find those Chinese speakers."
Only then did Robin and Melinda find that you sensed that the call had disappeared.
Robin Espel # Estimate how big this valley is.
Do you feel that this valley is almost as big as a standard football field?
Robin Espel # looked at his companions. "I feel that the call has disappeared. I don’t know about Melinda. I guess it’s as big as me. Where do you think it’s better to find it?"
Melinda Nelson # nodded. "My induction has disappeared. Why don’t we find it from it? Is the central position generally the most important? "
Steven Bennett # put a tail on the draft, and then put away the painting and brush to see what the valley terrain is like.
Do you think this valley looks like a pot with a sharp bottom, but the pot is a little bigger and its shape is not so regular?
Steven Bennett (that means the center of the valley should be the lowest point? )
Talent is high (right)
Steven Bennett: "I don’t think it’s possible to put it in the center. According to the village chief, there was a flood at that time. The center must have been flooded. We should start from the edge."
Zoe Alex # Observe the surrounding terrain.
Zoe Alex (I wonder if the valley is flat around it? Is the valley sinking? )
Only when you fight high, you find that the edge of the valley is relatively high in the surrounding terrain. You climb from a low place to the bottom, and you have to see the valley landform at the edge of the valley.
Zoe Alex "I don’t think so? If water flows downwards, it needs water to enter. Judging from the terrain around here, the valley may not be flooded. "
Robin Espel "can’t look at it this way. First of all, in case of rain in this area where the valley is located, even if the outside water can’t enter, the rain will gather at the lowest point, and the central area will still be the easiest to be submerged. Secondly, the terrain where we are now is that we now see that the terrain sand will flow, and the terrain of the desert will change greatly. Even if the valley is fixed by plant roots, the sand will not flow easily, but there are no sand-fixing plants around the valley."
Zoe Alex # Stunned to think that this seems to be the case. "Then … let’s start from the edge."
Melinda Nelson # actually doesn’t care much where to start. Since everyone thinks it’s better to start from the edge, they should follow good advice and make a decision, and the investigators will start to act.
Fight for talent (investigation)
Robin Espel R reconnaissance
Street boy [Robin Espel] carries out investigation and appraisal: D1=1/6, which is difficult and successful! Daoyou Daoyou is destined to be a man of practice in our generation ~
Melinda Nelson r investigation
Street boy [Melinda Nelson] conducts investigation and appraisal: D1=39/6 Success! Taoist friends are lucky and will be safe and smooth ~
Steven Bennett r reconnaissance
The street boy [Steven Bennett] made an investigation and appraisal: D1=76/6 failed ~ Taoist friends are unlucky, so read the Big Dipper more!
Zoe Alex r reconnaissance
Street boy [Zoe Alex] carries out investigation and appraisal: D1=1/5 success! Taoist friends are lucky and will be safe and smooth ~
Zoe Alex (! The regiment succeeded twice! Perfect! )
_ ____w_ w_ w___ _8_ __
After an hour’s search, Robin and Melinda found something unusual on the surface of a huge cactus that may be several of you. There seems to be something at the bottom of the sand here.
Melinda Nelson # squats to push the sand away and shouts to her companions, "Come and have a look at something here."
Robin Espel # Squat together to clear the sand.
Steven and Zoe heard Melinda’s call and ran to help dig sand.
Only after a few minutes of digging, a seemingly movable slate appeared in front of you.
Robin Espel # feels that he has found a hiding place, and he can’t help breathing heavily. He stretched out his hand and tried to push the stone tablet away.
Do you push alone? )
After receiving kp hints, other investigators quickly helped.
Only with your joint efforts, the stone has been pushed away, and the slate surface is about the size of a hole that can be passed by one person.
Melinda Nelson # probe at a glance
Only when you fight hard, you find that it is dark and smells stale because of long-term closure, but after getting used to the darkness, you find that there seems to be a star shining inside, but if you look closely, the star is gone again.
Melinda Nelson # excitedly came out and looked at her companions. "Come and look, there seems to be a star inside!"
The investigators were confused about Melinda’s words, and then they took turns to probe them one by one and all saw the gorgeous and mysterious article.
Steven Bennett # retracted his head and excitedly took out a sketch and began to draw, trying to draw the feeling of stars.
Talent is high (what a fanatical artist has invited art)
Steven Bennett r art
The alley boy [Steven Bennett] made an art appraisal: D1=67/8 success! Taoist friends are lucky and will be safe and smooth ~
You are addicted to painting, but you have forgotten the previous results, but you have roughly drawn that feeling, although you think this painting is still much worse than everything you see.
What do other people do? )
Robin Espel "Let’s go and have a look!"
Robin Espel # lit a torch into the hole.
Only when you jumped up, you found that the height from the mouth of the cave to the surface was about two meters, and in the firelight, you saw a small room made of slate. There was a stone platform with a stone box on it.
Melinda Nelson # Probe in and have a look.
Then you saw the situation in the stone room.
Melinda Nelson # didn’t find any danger and jumped when she felt good.