"You’re very good. You really deserve to be able to hunt the 11th-order strong. You really deserve to be a god-level achievement method holder!" Ouyang Feiyu looked at Gao Chen’s light mouth for a moment, and the two men now spoke in almost the same way!
The difference is that Gao Chen’s face is cold without the slightest expression, while Ouyang Feiyu is the real expression. He is not as deliberate as Gao Chen. Everything in his eyes is dull. Gao Chen wonders if this facial expression will not change his face. Is it carved?
"Don’t talk to me in such a tone that you seem to be really amazing. How can I not be evaluated by you?" Gao Chen looked at Ouyang Feiyu in a cool tone and said to each other that it seems that the predecessors praised the younger generation and made Gao Chen dislike each other more than an eleventh-order nine planets. You know, even the gods Wenshi’ an have never talked to Gao Chen like this!
"Since you don’t like my comments, don’t comment on it. Your strength is a small clan owner. It’s a pity to join our hunter association and give you a vice president title. What do you think!" Although Gao Chen’s tone is not at all polite, his face is still the same without any change. I have to say that he is really not a qualified lobbyist!
"Vice President title? It’s a title, so I’m not interested. Of course, I’m not interested even if it’s a real title! " Gao Chen gave a light smile at F. I didn’t expect the other party to pull himself in. It’s unique to say such a thing with such an expression and tone.
Although the Tianchen Temple is a small clan, Gao Chen’s ambition is to surpass the Hunter Association. Of course, even the Tianchen Temple is not necessarily much weaker than the Hunter Association. You should know that Gao Chen has two guardian beasts to summon things. The most important thing is that Gao Chengen will not stay in the martial arts world for too long. For him, the martial arts world is just a short-lived scenic spot. He is going back to the practice world!
"This is not a title. You are as powerful as me when you join!" Ouyang Feiyu’s face is still without any expression, and so is his tone.
"Like you, you can also seal the vice president of others?" Gao Chen looked at Ouyang Feiyu and mocked him. This is obviously a nonsense. If Gao Chen believed the truth, it would be a damn thing. If so, isn’t the vice president of the Hunter Association too worthless?
"Of course, this is not true. Your vice president title is not given by me but by the president!" Although the unexpected Gao Chen asked, if it were a normal face, there would be some different expressions, even if it was not anger, but he also appeared
But this Ouyang Feiyu’s expression remained unmoved. After he finished, Gao Chen smiled and said, "In this case, please ask your president to come and tell me!"
"Our president, if this is sometimes the so-called, but now he has something to do, you should know that the attacked city is not a kang city, and our hunter association wants to protect it!" Ouyang Feiyu’s faint face is still the expression of Gujingbo!
"You can’t protect Kangcheng. It’s not a problem to join the Hunter Association if I protect Kangcheng. Don’t say that Lord Kangcheng doesn’t know what you’re here for?" After Gao Chen finished half a sentence, he actually ignored Ouyang Feiyu but looked at Kang Tianlai and asked! …
But when he finished speaking, several people looked at Gao Chen. Because Gao Chen’s tone was a little crazy, he actually said that he would give Kangcheng to him for protection. You should know that Kangcheng is now facing, but the race Yingyuehu is backed by the whole forbidden forest. Even he Ouyang Feiyu dare not say such a thing. You know, three cities have been destroyed. Although Gao Chen is a little crazy in his heart, he didn’t say it. Because he saw it, it is still difficult for Gao Chen to join the Hunter Association!
"Well, I want to ask if Kang Yue came with you?" Kang Tianlai asked nervously, but 200 thousand people, no matter how careful he is, can’t find his own son from 200 thousand people. He forgot Gao Chen’s crazy remark that Kangcheng should be protected by him!
"Of course, come out with me, so how can you fight less and see him now!" Gao Chen looked at Kang Tianlai mouth way
It’s true that Kang Yue is the second most powerful disciple in Gao Chen’s disciples at this time. Although he is now listening to Tonghua’s command, this is because Tonghua’s command surface is more familiar, but now 200,000 brothers have formed a powerful battle, that is, the mage is in the front and every mage is surrounded by a samurai warlock in the back. Although Kang Yue is in the front, this is the root of 200,000 people. At first glance, it is impossible to find it because they pretend to be unified. How can this be found?
"Then can you let him come out and meet me?" Kang Tianlai looked at Gao Chen with a happy face and said with some expectation. This is the last time he has been away from Kang Yue. What kind of words did he want to say after meeting Kang Yue!
"This sentence is the second time for me. If he wants to see you, he can do it now. I haven’t asked him yet." Although Kang Tianlai’s face is expected to make him a little soft-hearted, he won’t just promise Kang Tianlai to be continued. If you like this one, you are welcome to vote for recommended votes and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. Chapter 372 The face is given by others, but it is lost by yourself.
Can’t you really let me see him at this time? Kang Tianlai, although he had already prepared for this in his heart, was still unwilling to say after Gao Chen refused, because he was afraid that if one day the tragedy in Suju City occurred in Kangcheng, it would really be over. Others might be able to run, but Kang Tianlai, the Lord of the body, definitely had a way to die.
It’s the same at any time, but I can go and help you, but I can’t see you when he sees you. This is beyond my control. I respect his choice of Gao Chen. He has long known that there is a certain deviation in what Kang Yue told him before. Of course, this is not to say that Kang Yue lied to Gao Chen, but Kang Yue doesn’t know that there is something hidden in this race. Gao Chen really doesn’t want Kang Yue to continue to hate Kang Tianlai.
Then when can you tell him? Why don’t we go now? Kang Tianlai’s face is happy. Looking at Gao Chen and Xi Yi’s mouth, you can see that Kang Tianlai is really eager to see Kang Yue.
I can’t wait to go together. I will naturally go to Gao Chen and smile. Although he can see that Kang Tianlai is eager to see the desire in his eyes, he still refuses his idea. Because if he goes together, he will see Kang Yue. If so, Gao Chen is unjust to Kang Yue.
You are Gao Chen’s nice young man. You will take us to see Kang Yuedu for ten years now. It’s time for him to know the truth. When he is disappointed, he suddenly looks at Gao Chen and says faintly.
Although Kang Li’s tone is very indifferent, it is this kind of look that makes Gao Chen feel uncomfortable. This kind of look is that the elders look at the younger generation and appreciate it. At this time, Kang Li’s look at Gao Chen is like this. Besides, his expression is not a discussion, but a direct command. Maybe Kang Li’s didn’t feel anything wrong with it, but it is not like that for Gao Chen. You know, even Wen Shi ‘an has never talked to him in this tone. If it can make Gao Chen feel refreshed, then it will be.
Who are you? As soon as Gao Chen’s face expression disappeared, he looked at his face without any expression. Although this person has a high strength and has eleven-order nine planets, it is nothing for Gao Chen. You know, even if he is a strong nine planets in the eleventh order, what can he do? He can’t deal with an eleven-order five-star moon-reflecting tiger alone, not to mention Gao Chen’s current hand and the guardian beast of Warcraft in nine planets.
Who am I? I’m Grandpa Kang Tianlai. You can’t be polite if you don’t have a little strength. Kang Li is embarrassed to be spoken by Gao Chen. The tone is choking and the look is not refreshing. If you don’t look at another Ouyang Feiyu next to you, Gao Chen will be right.
Although Gao Chen really doesn’t know who he is in his heart, it’s obvious that Gao Chen asks who are you? This is not polite to know each other’s identity, but it’s the feeling of Zhongshi to know that Kang Liyong, the strongest man in a city, was once a duke, and even now Kang Tianlai still has a lot of things to listen to him. His temperament is even more obvious than Kang Tianlai’s, which makes him dislike Gao Chen to the extreme.
Grandpa Kang Tianlai doesn’t know how to be polite, so I won’t bother you to evaluate Gao Chen’s faint mouth. If it is a little uncomfortable in my heart, but this sentence of Kang Liyou directly makes Gao Chen dislike him to the extreme. At this time, even talking to him feels like a grievance.
Do you know who you are talking to, junior? When Kang Li is angry, there are some spiritual forces in the air around him. It seems that the wind can’t blow into this area. Generally, these aura around him don’t swear Kang Li is angry …
Do I need to know this? Are you famous? Is Gao Chen still indifferent? Even if Kang Li is really angry and makes moves, Gao Chen is fearless, not to mention that he is very angry and wants to do it now.
Young players don’t want you to practice the god-level achievement method, which is really a god. Now you are still far from it. If you don’t look at Vice President Ouyang’s face, I will let you know what it is to respect the elderly, and he is ready to start work, but he has been enduring it because of Ouyang Feiyu’s side.
Don’t look at who’s face, are you really scared? You don’t want to face me, but you don’t want to face me, but you lose yourself. If you were you, you would never talk. You’d better go back to Gao Chen and smile and look at Kang Li’s faint mouth.
Good enough arrogance. Don’t young people know that they have a little strength? It seems that today, if you don’t make moves, you will still recognize that you can’t move. When he talks, the aura around him suddenly disappears. This is not that he doesn’t absorb aura, but that he is angry. He is ready to do it. People of their level let the aura of heaven and earth be peaceful before they do it. This is all quiet before the storm.
Senior Kang, who is the vice president of our Hunter Association, was ready to start work when suddenly Ouyang Feiyu’s faint voice came out.
Ouyang Feiyu’s speech directly destroyed the aura of Kang Li. Although they are all strong in 11th-order nine planets, they can see that Ouyang Feiyu’s strength is better than that of Kang Li. Of course, this may not be because the key is in Ouyang Feiyu’s identity, but no matter what the reason is, the kang Li Yi’s momentum disappears after Ouyang Feiyu’s words.
He hasn’t promised you yet, hasn’t he? Kang Li has calmed down some anger after a discharge. He looked at Ouyang Feiyu and said,
He knows that the present weight of Gao Chen is not accurate, that is, the present weight of Gao Chen’s cultivation achievement method is not as simple as that of some powerful people, and it is said that those who practice the cultivation achievement method have the opportunity to promote the gods. This is not a general temptation to say that it is not impossible to get the hunter association, even if it helps Gao Chen to kill him. Although the whole terran is suppressed by his race, it is necessary to unite at this time, but it is not impossible to make an idea with the cultivation achievement method. Although there is a god. Spirit has attacked the whole Terran, but without gods, racial roots have no position at all, and if a race can have two or even three gods, then the whole martial arts world can be regarded as a big family
Even if he doesn’t promise, he is also a member of our hunter association. You should be Bai Ouyang Feiyu once again. Although his tone of voice is so light, although his face has no expression, it just gives people a certain feeling. It’s like a person who speaks is an order.
It’s a fact that Gao Chen is a hunter’s association. You should know that Gao Chen now has a hunter’s association badge. Of course, the main reason is that Kang Liyuan also knows that this matter can’t make a big deal. For people like Gao Chen, it’s just a moment of anger. Of course, the most important thing is that he can’t start work with Ouyang Feiyu.
You chat slowly and wait for me to kill the group of Warcraft and then come back to accompany you. At this time, Gao Chen suddenly said faintly, because at this time, Gao Chen found a group of no less than thousands of red dots from the map and went to his disciples’ positions. Although his disciples are now in good strength, if there is no eleventh order in this thousand red dots, it is not necessary to go there, but who knows if there are eleven orders …
See his words say that finish instantly disappeared Kang Liyou Ouyang Feiyu in front of them. This made Ouyang Feiyu and Kang Liyou surprised at the same time. First of all, they didn’t feel anything close to him, but Gao Chen knew that there was no need to be mysterious at this time. There was also the way Gao Chen left, which also gave them a big shock, and this also made their team Gao Chen’s cultivation skill level more certain.
After the instant stupefaction, they also quickly went in the direction of the disciples in Tianchen Temple. Of course, the best mood at this time should be Kang Tianlai. Although Gao Chen didn’t say that he would let him see Kang Yue, Kang Yue was fighting there at this time. Maybe when will he meet him?
A team of wizards, a fire wall, and a second team of thunder hit the first trapped spell for me. The second samurai were careful. They approached the moment and just heard the command sound of Tonghua.
And their opponent, Thousand Warcraft plus Moon Tiger, is being ravaged at this time. Although this Thousand Warcraft Group has dozens of orders, these ten orders don’t know what to do one by one, and the attack methods of these disciples are even more refreshing. There are hundreds of thousands of meters away to see these disciples raise their hands or wave their hands. There is a sea of fire covering thousands of square kilometers in front of these Warcraft Groups, and these flashes are constantly falling. They will know that they are closely related to these disciples at first glance. If you like this film, you are welcome to vote.
The three were shocked soon. Of course, this was not because of the way these people fought, because they always knew that Gao Chen cultivated the divine achievement method to return it. This divine achievement method is that Gao Chen can do it alone, but now it seems that it is not like that. It is obvious that all 200,000 people can do it. Can anyone cultivate this divine achievement method? The consensus in martial arts circles is to cultivate the corresponding achievement method. That is to say, the first thing is to need the corresponding talent.
According to this, uniting the so-called god-level achievement method shouldn’t require god-level talent, but look at these 200 thousand people. If they are all so-called god-level talents, what they say is unbelievable. Kang Tianlai was shocked. This is the power of god-level achievement method. Can a group of guys with less than ten orders easily kill the tenth-order moon-reflecting tiger?
But it seems to them that it’s really easy to kill a tenth order in front of people, and there’s really no pressure for them, because they are a person chopping out a ray, that’s all. Ouyang Feiyu said, if all our terrans have such strength and all of them can make this achievement, are you still afraid of them and other races
Of course, this is just talk. Although there are 200,000 people who can practice, it can’t be said that anyone can practice. The most important thing is that even if anyone can practice, it depends on whether Gao Chen is willing to teach. Of course, the most shocking thing in this group of people is Kang Liyi. Obviously, he didn’t expect Gao Chen’s disciples to be so strong
Is this still the average person? If it were for him, the martial arts world would be less than ten orders. Don’t say it’s 200,000, even two million, which may not be able to kill this group of Warcraft. To put it another way, even if it can be successfully killed, the price paid is huge. But the ten orders of Warcraft in front of these disciples in Gao Chen didn’t hurt them at all, and they have been killed without any reaction.