Before you know it, the fans in Cances Center have a dignified look on their faces.
If we continue to fight like this, the outcome is really unpredictable! It’s hard to predict the outcome, but it’s still a shame for the walkers. If this continues, the walkers will surely lose!
O ‘Brien’s forehead was covered with sweat, and his palms were sweaty.
If this game, through the psychological and realistic double suppression, successfully forced the Celtics to attack their own team. If we still lose the game under such conditions, there is no hope for this round of series in Tan Shengli.
Now that the Pacers have fallen behind in the scene, O ‘Brien can’t do anything on the sidelines. Because everything he said has already been said, and everything that should be arranged has been arranged. Now it’s up to the players on the field to play.
"I hope you can seize the opportunity!" O’ Brien in the heart andao.
Tinsley’s hook was covered and the Celtics’ counterattack was swift as the wind. Rondo made a one-stop layup, and the Pacers were overtaken by their opponents at home.
Li Cheng frowned. "It can’t go on like this."
However, Li Cheng has almost done his best now, and he can’t do any better.
Li Cheng has begun to consider whether he should "take drugs", and at this moment, violent cheers broke out at the scene and interrupted Li Cheng’s train of thought.
I saw Granger sitting on the ground, waving his arms and yelling with a ferocious face. Pierce, on the other hand, stood helplessly, his hands akimbo, sighing.
"Play four points! Danny-Granger! ! !”
"In the most difficult time for pedestrians. Danny Granger stood up. He had been suppressed for too long. Under the radiant light of Li Cheng, Danny Granger’s light was completely blocked. However, today, when the team was in the most difficult time, he stood up. "
"Danny, no one can stop your light. Yincheng Gemini, each of which is not allowed to be underestimated. "
Just now, when Li Cheng was distracted. Granger forced a shot from outside the three-point line. He made a foul on Pierce when he hit the shot.
Standing on the free throw line, Granger hit the free throw firmly, and the Pacers took the lead again.
After hitting the free throw, Li Cheng went up and gave Granger a high five. Granger said firmly, "The two of us. Crush them together. "
Li Cheng grinned and said, "Crush them."
Li Cheng temporarily put away the idea of "taking drugs", and the next time, it was completely the time when Granger broke out.
At this moment. At this most important moment, Granger broke out and took over the game.
Continuous mid-range shooting hits. Then another three points. Granger’s crazy outbreak, he scored 16 points in a row, the Pacers led by Granger played a wave of 16-6 attack, and the Celtics were suppressed again.
At this moment, the pedestrians are in full swing.
Ray Allen missed the shot again, Foster grabbed the rebound, and the Pacers got another chance to expand the score.
Li Cheng dribbled the ball directly to the opposite half. Although he forgot the "dazzling" skill, there was no problem with his straight dribbling. Moreover, the Celtics have preconceived ideas, and no one wants to break Li Cheng’s ball.
Li Cheng took the ball directly to the hinterland of the Celtics, and he immediately stopped the jumper.
"Hey!" After the shot hit, Li Cheng shook his arms and roared.
When it comes to opposing battles, momentum can often determine the outcome and direction of the game. Nowadays, the Pacers have completely occupied the advantage in imposing manner, and the Celtics have been beaten by some people.
"Go on!" Granger coldly spit out these two words. His voice is not loud, but in this noisy venue, it has reached the ears of every pedestrian player.
"Pacers! Indiana Pacers! The fighting capacity and fighting spirit they have shown today, even if their lineup does not change, they will also be a megatron alliance. "
"But they may not reinforce? Larry Bird is not a fool either. If they don’t reinforce him, Li Cheng, a super genius, will definitely transfer. At that time, Indiana was almost like Philadelphia. Even more stupid than Philadelphia. "
"The Pacers will certainly continue to strengthen, so I can assert that as long as they can build a team around the Incheng Gemini, this team will be more terrible than the previous Pacers."
"Maybe this walker that appears in front of us now is the prototype of the dynasty team!"
The commentator took advantage of Rivers’ time-out to discuss the future of the Pacers.
The pause ended and the commentator ended their discussion. Because the game continues to start, they have no time to discuss other topics in such a tense battle.
For the commentator, when it comes to such a game, they are very contradictory. Because this kind of competition can always stimulate people’s excitement, and it can also stimulate the excitement of commentators. But when they are explaining such a tense game, their mouths can’t rest for a moment, and it is very tiring to keep talking at a high speed for a long time.
"Garnett’s shot hit, and he finally helped the team stabilize the situation."
"Next, the Celtics should hold steady! Stabilize first, and then slowly figure it out, and they will have some opportunities to turn the scene back. "
Before the commentator dropped this sentence, he immediately shouted excitedly: "Pedestrian! Granger! Three points! Here we go again. The walkers have gone crazy! In this section, Granger has scored 19 points, and he made 3 of 3-pointers, which is terrible! "
Celtic won’t give up, they are still sticking to their own style of play. But a team like the Pacers won’t leave you any chance.
Sung Jae Lee’s shot near the free throw line continued to hit, and the fierce cheers at the scene were like a pot of boiling water, and the fire under the pot was getting bigger and bigger.
The scene continued to boil, and the Celtics were stunned by the series of attacks by the Pacers.
As the game continued, the walkers had no intention of stopping at all.
By the end of the third quarter, they had led by as many as 16 points. Some fans who have just turned on the TV now even wonder if the TV station has got the wrong score. Are the names of the two teams reversed? The Celtics should lead by 16 points!
However, with the beginning of the last game, they realized that the TV station was not wrong, but they were wrong.
The Celtics were really ready to seek a counterattack in the last quarter. However, the ensuing outbreak of Li Cheng completely plunged the Celtics into the abyss.
Within the three-point line, Li Cheng’s shooting has no dead ends at all. At any angle, as long as he is given a chance, he can send the ball to the basket. What kind of feeling is that? Listen to the cry that the scene almost exploded!
“mvp! God of war! "
“mvp! God of war! "