These people dare to have a problem. After hearing this, Ye Guchen nodded his head and agreed to be satisfied. After discussing some other things, everyone was dismissed.
And with the termination of this fix-up meeting, all the sects participating in the fix-up meeting were told not to leave the Ministry to go to this North Sea ice sheet to face the demon race. All those who fix-up the truth in their infancy must go there, or they will be killed! At the same time, the disappearance of Longteng Xiuzhen Grand Alliance has also been spread out. Those who fix the truth are inexplicably classified into this Tenglong Xiuzhen Grand Alliance, but it is a matter of resistance. It is decided by more than a dozen major sects in the repair world. They almost monopolize all the resources and 90% masters in the repair world. How dare they be disobedient when they are all in the family? Besides, this demon race is making such a big noise that everyone smells a little danger. Although it is unexpected, it is also understandable that everyone’s heart is not covered with a layer of clouds. I know that even the demon race will be in trouble this time, but this time it is serious.
The Dragon Alliance was established at a high speed, and everyone did their job, and the masters of the major sects set out for the northern ice sheet one after another. More than a dozen first-class sects, one valley, two temples, three sects, Buddhism, Taoism and magic rushed to the northern plain. They didn’t make any discount on this matter. First, they didn’t dare to. Second, it was too serious for the whole human beings to fix the truth. No one would tamper with it, although there was competition for interests, they were all unanimous in their foreign affairs. At this time, anyone who didn’t try his best to be
After the establishment of the Tenglong Xiuzhen Grand Alliance, the whole fix-the-true world started to run like a huge machine. Several lingshi were transported to the North Ice Sheet by various sects, and tens of thousands of fix-the-true practitioners rushed to the North Sea Ice Sheet, while the evil people and the evil elders all rushed to the North Sea Ice Sheet, where hundreds of thousands of fix-the-true practitioners followed behind. In addition, after receiving the news, the major sects also rushed to the North Sea Ice Sheet. The evil extreme sect has the fastest response. The 600-strong master of fitness keeps 100 guards at Zongmen, and 500-strong master of fitness is dispatched. Tens of thousands of distracted masters and masters of treating hundreds of thousands of infants have rushed to the North Sea Ice Sheet, which has become the most lively place in the field of repair. Almost every day, thousands of repair masters have rushed to the North Sea Ice Sheet, whether voluntarily or passively. All the repair masters have rushed to none.
"Take this token, don’t go to the evil extreme Sect. There are my evil extreme Sect guarding the ethereal sea of clouds and my 100 elders at the peak of the late fit period. Even if the demon clan forces to attack, you can guarantee that you will go to the Baihuamen security office this time." And when the fix true boundary works like a machine, Ye Guchen found Miaoyun in this clause and took out a golden token and said to Miaoyun in a low voice.
After all, this is the order of Longteng Xiuzhen Grand Alliance, and all those who fix the truth are exceptions. No one dares to violate Baihua Gate, although it has been valued by evil spirits, but it has been notified, but it has been stopped by Ye Guchen, a wonderful cloud. This is Ye Guchen who wants to say something to himself with a sweet mind, but when he hears this, he is obviously one leng.
"Is there any danger this time?" Miaoyun’s mind is agile to see Ye Guchen doing so, and his heart is sweet. At the same time, he immediately reacted to some worries and said, of course, he is not worried about himself but Ye Guchen.
It’s such a big fuss that the demon clan eliminated the overseas fix-up. The Longteng fix-up grand alliance was immediately set up to call all the master fix-up experts to the North Sea ice sheet. It is anyone’s guess that something big will happen, even if the fix-up world will experience a life-and-death battle. But this Longteng fix-up grand alliance declared that it was "the demon clan and overseas fix-up were destroyed because of old enmity in the East China Sea War. Although the demon clan defeated it, it was also a heavy loss. Although the human fix-up was not right with overseas fix-up, the demon Things on the whole human fix true face longteng fix true big league just with the birth called human fix true yuan baby period all masters to the north sea ice sheet ready to attack at one stroke will completely eliminate the demon race to prevent future trouble worry about human fellow revenge "
But now it seems that the situation is not what Longteng Xiuzhen said, which makes Miaoyun immediately suspicious.
Ye Guchen didn’t hide this. He took a look at Miaoyun and immediately said, "Yes, it’s very dangerous this time. Those who fix the truth in Yuan Baby’s period went to the root, which is to die. Even in the fit period, there is not much place. According to the news we got, the strength displayed by the demon clan in the East China Sea War is really part of it. And now there are demon clans from all over the country rushing to the North Sea. I don’t think it will be long before the war will be held in the North Sea. Even this time, it’s even more tragic than the Middle-Earth War
"Then you" Miao Yun was suddenly surprised at this, and then she was worried. She took a look at Ye Guchen and bit her lip, but she didn’t finish. After all, she is not a person who is very good at expressing her feelings. This time is no exception, but anyone can see clearly the slightest bit in her eyes.
Ye Guchen smiled and said, "Don’t worry about this. To tell you the truth, I might as well fix it around the Dacheng period. Although this fix-up war is tragic, I guess it is not dangerous. You don’t have to worry about this. First, I don’t want you to have damage to Baihua Gate. Second, this time it is really dangerous. The demon dumpling magic bodhi old zu is not easy to provoke. The North Sea dumpling king temple is even more difficult. The demon population is tens of millions and there are many masters. Once the exhibition war is held, I’m worried that you’d better take care of it
Miao Yun’s mind is well-informed and naturally able to understand the meaning and eagerness in the words of Bai Ye Gu Chen. Suddenly, his face turned red and a sweet feeling flooded his heart. He glanced at Ye Gu Chen and lowered his head. The novel said, "Then you should also pay attention to me and wait for you."
Say that finish this is not too explicit words can no longer bear to face a red and turned around and quickly left here to leave a face of smile Ye Guchen then Ye Guchen laughed at himself and muttered, "I’m really playboy, Fluttershy Miaoyun Meinina has three? Well, I don’t know what to do then."
But when it comes to this, Ye Guchen’s face has changed and become a little ugly. I unconsciously thought about this Fluttershy and Nina thing. Fluttershy should still be fine, but this long-term revenge with myself is to calculate, but now I am too weak to find a long-term account, but Ye Guchen remembers that one day I have to calculate it.
Yu said that Meinina Ye Guchen was the most worried. After all, Meinina went to the western blood clan site, where she was unfamiliar with her roots and had too many experts. One bad one was likely to be dangerous.
"I don’t know what happened to Nina now? Alas, it seems that I need to improve my strength as soon as possible. After this matter is handled, I should also go to the blood clan site to see it. Well, at this rate, I should be in the middle of my adult life now, and I should be able to refine the immortal body in one hundred years and then reach the immortal strength. But it’s not a little too slow. Damn it, I’ll go out and break into this five-color divine tower world to kill that bastard and improve my strength, "Ye Guchen muttered unconsciously with a frown.
(Monthly ticket, monthly ticket, I want a monthly ticket, 55555555)
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Million fix true
Chapter two hundred and forty-three Million fix true
After the establishment of Longteng Xiuzhen Grand Alliance, the efficiency was amazing. Millions of Xiuzhen arrived from all over the world in one month, but this number was beyond Ye Guchen’s expectation. That is, the number of people who rushed here from all over the world in Longteng Mainland far exceeded this Ye Guchen’s expectation. The number of people who repaired in infancy was as high as more than 1.5 million yuan. Is it a concept? This huge North Sea ice sheet, which is about 3 thousand miles long, is covered with tents everywhere, and all kinds of it seem to have been set up by those who fix the truth by magic spells.
The North Sea Ice Sheet used to be a coastal plain bordering this vast North Sea and this Longteng continent, but it is too cold to hesitate. The ice sheet here does not melt all the year round, and the thick ice sheet has accumulated here, forming this snowy ice sheet. On weekdays, it is the four seasons. The vast ice sheet is spread all over the north, and the seashore is as deep as a thorn in the north of the whole continent. Surrounded by this North Sea on all sides, it looks as if this vast continent stretches out its tentacles. In the past, it was a demon paradise, where tens of thousands of demon families lived who adapted to the harsh environment.
But a month ago, the demon family who lived in this northern ice sheet has been completely eradicated. Although there are many demon families, compared with human beings, it is pitiful that those who arrived at the fit in advance are more powerful than the blink of an eye to wipe out this ice sheet demon family.
At this moment, this place has completely become a paradise for human fix true practitioners. More than 1.5 million fix true masters have gathered here, and all kinds of array protection have been deployed around this place according to their respective camps. At the same time, they have been gearing up to prepare for a good job.
"Psst ~ it’s so cold. This North Sea ice sheet is really not a place for people to stay. It’s really uncomfortable for us to stay here." In this snowy snow, a 40-year-old Yuan infant fixer wore a thin cassock and took a deep breath with his shoulders shaking, and said to his companion beside him, at this moment, the two of them are at a mountain in this North Sea ice sheet fix-up camp. This is where more than a dozen of them are stationed. Naturally, it is not for them to resist the demon race. So many fix-up masters here have no courage to attack, and even if the demon race is
"Yes, it’s a little cold here. We’re used to the warm life in the south. It’s natural to be tough here, but it’s over. This time, the Longteng Fix True Alliance was established and ordered all the fix true people to come to the North Sea ice sheet. Who dares not to come? Blame this demon family, this demon family beast, for not doing a good job, and even overreaching to challenge human beings to fix the truth? How great it would be to destroy the overseas practice. This time, human beings were forced to set up the Longteng Xiuzhen Grand Alliance. This is good. I think those demon beasts are going to be extinct this time. But then again, the overseas practice is really weak. How strong are their feelings on weekdays? Even those idiots of the demon race can’t hold back? It’s a disgrace to us human beings, otherwise we wouldn’t have come here to suffer from the North Sea ice sheet. "Another companion also held his arm and said with a trembling voice.
"Look at that!" After hearing this, someone over there shouted that the voice was behind and people were still shivering there, looking towards the sky.
There was a rainbow in the sky, and a group of experts cut through the sky, which immediately attracted the attention of those experts around them. At this time, they found a golden dragon boat cut through the sky, and there were thousands of arrays around the dragon boat, which were neat and imposing, and went straight to the fix-true camp.
"Who’s that? Good fight! " A master Yuan Ying couldn’t help but consciously ask, although the golden dragon boat has been cut through and fallen into this camp, thousands of repairs have also fallen, but he still hasn’t returned to his absolute being.
Immediately after hearing this, someone disdained and said, "Idiot, didn’t you see the Qinglong flag? That’s evil people. I think it’s evil people. Otherwise, how could there be this help? Maybe it’s evil people, the mysterious little ancestor. "
"Evil extremely small ancestors? You mean the leader of our Longteng Xiuzhen Grand Alliance? When can I have such ostentation and extravagance? " The master Yuan Ying reacted and asked consciously that Ye Guchen’s name was more mysterious, but since the establishment of Longteng Xiuzhen Grand Alliance, his name has been a home in this field. Who knows? Who doesn’t know? After all, Ye Guchen can be said to be the planet’s highest status, highest seniority, highest repair, highest potential and most adult. His name is naturally remembered and his identity is also remembered.
"Ha ha you? Don’t dream about it. Don’t talk about it. Be honest and stare at it. Let’s let the face patrol find that we can’t stand a punishment. The leader has come. Those patrol people are afraid to intensify their performance. We’d better not stroke of bad luck at this time. "His companion smiled when he heard a joke and then said something lightly, and then he flew around with his flying sword. The man was stunned and flew away with his companion’s footsteps. It was still impossible to look at the camp when he left.
"The younger generation, etc. See Ye Senior!" That man thinks well. This dragon boat middleman is none other than Ye Guchen. This dragon boat comes because Ye Guchen’s identity naturally makes it impossible to control the magic weapon of flying sword. Although it is also very natural and unrestrained, it eventually loses a little bit. The status is different, and the nature of doing things is different. I also think of this green fire. This time, Zhou Jin is also in the ranks of this team. Thousands of evil masters guard around and around. When Ye Guchen just landed, it was also full of ostentation and extravagance.
"Ha ha, it’s very kind of you. There are no predecessors here. Since Longteng Xiuzhen Grand Alliance has been established, you should not call me predecessors. Just call me champions. Let’s go in and say," Ye Guchen smiled politely and took the lead in walking towards the golden tent in the central government.
"Yes" around those masters have handed over and said that after saying this, they followed Ye Guchen towards the big tent with a diameter of 100 meters covered with white brocade in the central area. The tent was covered with experts in the fitting period and the law was laid. Although the snow fluttered in the sky, the scope of this big tent was not clear as day.
Entering this big tent, at the moment, this big tent has set up a banquet, although it is in this bitter cold place like the North Sea Ice Sheet, but it also won’t be difficult to beat these masters. There are more than 100 kinds of various dishes, each of which is very precious. The cold jade table and chair have been placed in this big tent, but Ye Guchen has no mind to care about these. Then he looked around and saw the leaders of various factions around him. These masters of Longteng Xiuzhen Major League have sat down before saying, "This time I came a little late and I don’t know recently." Are we all here? Is there any reaction from the demon family? "
Glancing at each other, Baiyun sat there and handed over and said, "Please rest assured that all of us have reached the major sects, and no one has failed to take orders from our Longteng Xiuzhen Grand Alliance. But this time, we have neglected that there are some mistakes in human calculation. In recent years, my Xiuzhen community has become more and more prosperous. There are actually more than 1.5 million children in this yuan, and this number is increasing every day, but it is our mistake."
"One million five hundred thousand people? Well, I didn’t expect this. I didn’t expect that my strength in the field of repairing the truth is getting more and more tough now. So, more people will be present. Which faction has not yet got the position of elder, so they will discuss it separately. I don’t know what you are like? " Ye Guchen’s eyes lit up when he heard this, and then he casually said, but this casual sentence has an inviolable meaning. How dare those individuals around him not follow it? They nodded in succession to this. Although some people are reluctant, they dare not refute those who have not been assigned to the elders. There are still some uncomfortable feelings in their hearts. But now those owners are smiling. After all, they are naturally happy about this matter.
It’s a very complicated thing. Ye Guchen was hammered out in one sentence. No one dared to refute who Yuzryha Guchen has a special identity. So everyone didn’t delve into this matter. After all, they knew that even if they delved into it, it would be doubtful if they offended Ye Guchen.
Ye guchen didn’t object to this matter, and then he took one look at Baiyun and continued to ask, "I don’t know the strength of these people with more than 1.5 million repairs?"
"Report to the leader that among the 1.59 million fixes, there are 1.2 million in the infant period, 300,000 in the out-of-body period and more than 10,000 in the distracted period. The rest are all fit masters. We have calculated that there are 931 people!" Hearing this, Baiyun said with a smile that there are more than 900 fit masters, more than 10,000 distracted masters plus 300,000 out-of-body experts and 1.2 million yuan of baby cannon fodder. Is this equal strength? Although there is no war, he is already in high spirits. In his view, there is such a strong force of the earth that the demon race is just around the corner if you want this army to move.
Others don’t know about this figure. After all, Baiyun is responsible for this matter. He is the deputy leader and the leader of the floating clouds. Others naturally can’t intervene in his affairs. They don’t understand this number and strength. After hearing this, they suddenly became surprised, and their faces showed a little consternation. It was a surprise to the strength of the fix-true world, and then they smiled one by one. They were still worried about this trip to the North Sea, but now they heard that the strength of the fix-true world was so earth that they were relieved, as if they had seen the upcoming victory.
"Well, if that’s the case, then it looks like we’ve come out in great numbers in the field of repairing the true nature in recent years, which greatly surprised me. So it’s a bit more sure to deal with this demon race!" Ye Guchen ha ha a smile and then said, you know, he didn’t come for nothing this month. Naturally, there is a reason why the demon clan is earth, although he doesn’t know the final strength of the other party, but he lacks confidence in the fix true world. After all, since the demon clan dares to start work, his strength must be extraordinary. He has to prepare for this war in advance. It took him a month to prepare a secret weapon, but now it seems that the strength of the fix true world is not as weak as he thought. If this is the case, it will not make the secret weapon. After all, once the influence of this secret weapon
"That’s the natural elder, please rest assured that this time I will kill the demon race all the way through the millions of repairs, so that the demon race can resist the annihilation of the army and raze the demon race. Then the great achievements of the predecessors will be recited forever!" Ga Ridel immediately flatters and says that he has changed his attitude since he admitted that he had offended Ye Guchen and Ye Guchen, but he is not only a close supporter of Ye Guchen and Ye Guchen, but also a standard flatterer.
For honk Ridel dialect, someone can’t help but turn over their eyes and despise this guy in their hearts, but they don’t say it, but they also follow the praises of Ye Guchen. For such a thing, Ye Guchen did Sarah laugh but didn’t show too much. It is a light saying, "Well, don’t flatter me. Everyone has a credit for this matter. Are Lingshi materials ready? What are the rehearsals of the major formations? "
"Leader, just rest assured, I have arranged this. The five-element large array has been distributed. Everyone is practicing and cooperating. Now Ji Du has mastered this law. All factions have contributed to Lingshi. Now we have Lingshi 30 million, Lingshi 10 million, Lingshi 1 million, and Lingshi 100,000, which is enough for us." The deployment of Lingshi, who is in charge of the law practice, is the magic lingyun. It is natural for him to speak at this time. Several deputy leaders do not interfere in one aspect of their own management. These are the strongest masters in the fix-up world,
"Well done, well done. In that case, I’m relieved." Ye Guchen here smiled with satisfaction after hearing this. He saw that the two guys, Baiyun and Magic Lingyun, were fighting, but this is not necessarily a bad thing. Competition is the only way to make progress. Whether Baiyun or Magic Lingyun did it made him very satisfied.
The array of five elements is not great, but it is just the basic array of evil extreme cases. However, the subtlety lies in being able to combine the five elements and make everyone be able to practice, and there is no limit to the number of people. The more lingshi there is, the more powerful it is. It is very strong at this time, which makes it most convenient for Ye Guchen to take out these five elements and practice them for everyone. It is also considered that this alliance will make some contributions and add some weight to this demon race war.
See Ye Guchen praise magic lingyun smiled at the white clouds, and then slowly retreated to his position, and then sat there, and Ye Guchen asked again, "What’s the recent reaction of the evil demon family over there?"
This immediately attracted everyone’s attention. This matter is the responsibility of the evil people. They don’t know it, but they are very worried. After all, this is in the interest of all of them. Now they are opposed to the demon race. They are naturally concerned about each other’s situation. After all, this is a matter of interest to all of them.
However, the evil man’s face is not as beautiful as the magic lingyun and white clouds over there. From just now, he didn’t say anything. He just came out after listening to Ye Guchen’s words with a tight face and said to Ye Guchen, "Report back to our little ancestor, the demon family, and we have found our movements over there, but it didn’t stop it. According to my latest information, the demon family from all over the world gathered in the North Sea before our arrival. Now, the vast North Sea has gathered thousands of demon families, and all the demon kings from all walks of life in the East China Sea, South China Sea and West Sea At the scene, the master of Jiaowangdian came out together, not to mention that there were about 400 demon families in the fit period alone, and there were countless demon families in the out-of-body experience period. At present, the bodhi old zu of Jiaomo has not moved, but it is not difficult to imagine that this demon family has moved so much that it is manipulated by the bodhi old zu of Jiaomo. Now the demon family has not started to fight with us, but it has been gathering all kinds of demons, birds, animals and scales. Now the North Sea human beings have been destroyed and the demon family is still increasing. I am afraid they want to have a showdown with us! "
Chapter two hundred and forty-four Blood-stained Beihai (1)
Chapter two hundred and forty-four Blood-stained Beihai (1)
It’s a good thing to say this. As soon as I say it, everyone’s face becomes more ugly than one. Someone shouted, "This is impossible!"
It’s really hard to believe this thing, but they all know that it’s true and evil, and people won’t joke about it and don’t say it, so forget it. Now that it’s said, it’s certain that this thing is really a million demon families with 400 fit demon families. The news is not too shocking.
To be confident, the human beings’ self-cultivation faded like frost. After all, the demon race is much more tough than the human beings’ self-cultivation in the same period. If there is no decent magic weapon, it is difficult to kill each other at the same level. If you don’t touch the innate heterogeneous beasts, the demon race will never be the opponent of human self-cultivation. But how many of those masters in this demon race are from ordinary races? Even rare achievements are congenital heterogeneous. After all, don’t say anywhere else in Tenglong Star. If it’s not congenital heterogeneous, it’s hard to have a chance to get ahead. To be honest, it’s equivalent to the strength of more than 900 human fix-up masters.
Obviously, there are more demon tribes than human beings who are distracted by other out-of-body experiences. If the overseas fix is immortal, then the overseas fix and the middle-earth fix have the strength to compete with this demon tribe, but the other side will divide and conquer. Now even the middle-earth fix is in the wind.
Of course, the difference is not very big. Those who fix the truth have the advantages of fixing the truth. The more the number of people who fix the truth, the more difficult it is. The strange array and sharp magic weapon are the bane of the demon clan, and the more the demon clan is, the more chaotic it is. After all, the demon clan is incompatible with birds and beasts, and the scales are fighting with each other. What’s more, the demon clan’s general wisdom is low, and it may occupy something in the chaos. But if it is true that the battle is won or lost, the demon clan won’t be much cheaper. However, before
It’s as if two men are competing for a beautiful woman, one with a strong family, rich and young, and he thinks the other is an ugly, economically poor, poor and small person, who has never paid attention to the other person, and who is not qualified to compete with himself. That is a shoo-in victory, but suddenly the poor and small person turns out to be equal to himself in all aspects, and it is very likely to defeat himself. That is naturally acceptable, and this is roughly the case now.
"Then what should we do?" Someone panicked and said, obviously, this news has hit him a lot. This is presided over by Bukkoji.
"What should I do? What else can I do? We’ve come this far. Naturally, it’s the soldiers who will block the water and cover up the soil. Let’s step up our training. Just join me in the army when people are almost here. Since they want a big war, meet them! " Leaf solitary Chen coldly said that Bukkoji presided over this performance, but Yuzryha solitary Chen didn’t like it or show mercy.
Ye Guchen has spoken, and everyone present has woken up. Yes, this matter can’t be avoided. Now that this demon race is ready for this step, millions of demon races are going to have a life-and-death battle with human beings. Since people are going to fight, they can’t escape themselves. In this case, it is better to attack passively than to attack by force. Now it is such a choice.