Bao Yue walked up and down anxiously in the yard with a cold face beside Xiao Qi.
"Why doesn’t the Lord come back? At this time of the week, I have arrived at Wangfu. Where did she go? "
"I wish I had followed. If Miss Li Erge is really in danger, I’m afraid I can’t cope."
After the previous incident, Xiaoqi has completely worshipped Li Er as an idol, but now there is no news from either of these two people. Is it really what happened?
"Little seven treasures moon girl side princess empress can come back?" Art ink garden outside a woman in red came in is Feiair.
"Feiair, why are you here?" Xiaoqi was greeted with a red face.
"We have arranged a new song, and we want to invite Empress Fang to guide us-can she come back from the palace?"
Xiao qi shook his head with a wrinkly eyebrows.
"shua shua!" Three people are talking in the college, but they shot into several arrows. Xiaoqi hurriedly drew his sword and stopped all the arrows after a tinkling.
Before he could catch his breath, several masked women in silver clothes flew into the knife from outside the wall and stabbed Xiao Qi and others.
Xiaoqi knew that Bao Yue and Feiair couldn’t drink martial arts. When he was "careful", he raised his sword to meet them. "Tianyuan" turned a little cold light to cover those women all over. It was because of their large number that several people tied Xiaoqi and others had already rushed towards Bao Yue and Feiair.
"Don’t!" Bao Yue covered her face with fear.
Feiair pulled her toward the next disease flash unexpectedly escaped each other a knife.
"There are assassins!" Bao Yue shouted at the neck.
"Don’t fight with them to get down to business!" One of them, Nv Jiao, said that two women turned around and ignored Bao Yue and Feiair’s knife to knock off the lock outside Lan Yu’s house.
The palace is heavily guarded, and it is not easy for them to think of coming here. This little girl will arrive here as soon as she shouts that she is afraid of an instant guard. It must be completed as soon as possible!
"Brother Xiaoqi, they are here to save Lan Yu!" Bao Yue shouted, pointing to the women.
As soon as the woman turned around, she threw the knife at her.
Feiair’s eyes shrank, pulling Bao Yue’s flicker, missed avoiding it, and looked for something that could be used as a weapon in the hospital.
"Bang!" The door was kicked, and Lan Yu was driven away by two women before he could figure out anything. He heard a bodyguard shouting "The assassin is there" and then there was a noisy sound.
Feiair finally found a flowerpot in the corner of the courtyard, which was still moving. According to the method of being entangled in Xiaoqi, the back of her head was smashed!
"bang! Hey! " A woman was smashed and passed out directly. Xiaoqi wanted to chase others, but she had already disappeared.
"Oh,no. Miss Lan Yu didn’t come back and lost it … I really didn’t!" Xiaoqi beat the wall regretfully.
"Don’t say that. We caught an assassin!" Feiair pointed to the ground and fainted. Silver dress woman said
It won’t be long before Li San took people into the art ink garden and saw that the girl in silver was arrested, which made Xiao Qi sit up and take notice.
"Not bad, Xiaoqi actually caught an assassin!"
Xiaoqi pointed to Feiair with a face of frustration. "If it weren’t for Feiair’s help, even this one wouldn’t stay."
"By the way, how can this be bad for you? The assassin is …"
Li San looked up and saw that people had gone to the room in Lan Yu, and suddenly some were anxious.
"What about the Lord of the Temple of Breeze?"
"Just now, those women just came to save him. I didn’t stop them alone …" Xiaoqi said the lower her voice, and finally she lost her confidence.
"Let’s not talk about Lan Yu. The Lord hasn’t come back since he entered the palace for so long. Have you heard from her?" Bao Yue remembered smelling the flute and said anxiously.
Li San was surprised when he saw it. "Why hasn’t the side princess come back yet?"
"Yes, not only the Empress, but also Li Erge. There is no news. Will something happen to them?" Xiaoqi more think more afraid of some irrepressible.
Li San wanted to think about it and said to them, "With my second brother’s protection, I think the side princess empress will not have any big things. Please be calm first. I’ll send someone to the palace to ask."
Say that finish, he stretched out his hand to the silver dress woman turned and disappeared in the art ink garden.
Chapter 74 Rescue
For three days in a row, the 17th Wangfu didn’t hear the flute or the news from Li Er. Li Yi and others were in a rash. The emperor had sent someone to sue the hypothesis that when the princess came back, she felt cold and unwell, but she couldn’t hide it for a while, but she might not be able to hide it from the wise men around the First Emperor’s 95 statue. I don’t know how many people were afraid that if he wanted to check it out, he would soon know about the disappearance of the princess.
Li Yi, a few people over there in Weichi Jincheng, are discussing whether to find someone to report first. Maybe he will come back one day, so it’s better for him to set his mind at ease first.
Li San questioned the woman in silver, but she refused to say a word, that is, she was forced to pry her mouth by torture. Finally, Li Yi put her in front of Lan Qingshan and beat her to death in front of her, but the woman bit her tongue.
While watching the woman, Li Yifa observed that when the woman was punished, she looked scared and hid behind the wind, but her fist was clenched tightly in her eyes, and hatred was captured by him from time to time.
They did!
Lan Yu was rescued by several women, Lanqingshallow and Lan Yu’s sister. If they say that they don’t have a half-joint, no one will believe Lanqingshallow. The more afraid of loopholes, the bigger it will be. Li Yi won’t retry this point. The girl has become dumb and has been tortured, so let her die in the dungeon.