Mr. Zhou also smiled and said, "You’re right. I’m just an ordinary fisherman outside. I can’t get enough food and clothing after paying exorbitant taxes to the court every year. Here I not only have a beautiful wife, but also worry about being treated like an emperor. Would you still like to go?"
Zhang Shijie nodded and said, "Yeah, so how did these people come here?"
Mr. Zhou shook his head and said, "I don’t know much about this. According to them, our ancestors lived here a long time ago, and they couldn’t explain exactly what happened, so I learned from it."
Zhang Shijie suddenly thought of those children and asked, "Did you teach those children martial arts?"
Mr. Zhou smiled and said, "I don’t know that. I know there are many murals in a stone wall. They all follow it. It seems that their ancestors have to follow the rules. Every child has to learn what to do when he reaches a certain age, but no one knows."
After listening to it, Zhang Shijie repeatedly exclaimed, "I didn’t expect there to be such a magical place here."
Two people were talking when the door rang and a beautiful woman in her twenties walked in. Although she was wearing leaves and fish skin, she should pay more attention to it than those women outside. It seems that Mr. Zhou sewed it herself.
Zhang Shijie was about to get up and Mr. Zhou motioned for him not to move.
Mr. Zhou got up and took a strange-looking fish from a woman’s hand and said, "It seems that you have a delicious meal today. This is the most delicious fish in our country."
Zhang Shijie smiled at the woman and didn’t know what to say. Anyway, the other person couldn’t understand anything.
Mr. Zhou watched the woman pick up the fish and took it out. Then he said, "This is my wife. Although she is so young, she has lived with me for more than 50 years. In retrospect, it really seems like a dream."
Zhang Shijie saw Mr. Zhou feeling that he didn’t share his thoughts at this time. I didn’t expect that he not only saved his life, but also had such an adventure. I didn’t have an idea to take it one step at a time in the future.
In this way, Zhang Shijie lived at the bottom of the sea for half a year. When he also grew blue stones, he was worried that he would become a strange look, but later he found that these blue stones were gradually fading, so he was relieved.
Every day, apart from telling Mr. Zhou about what happened in the Great Song Dynasty in recent years, Zhang Shijie went to that stone wall to see those murals for a long time, and naturally he learned a hundred or twenty percent of them and became a peerless martial arts.
But unlike Mr. Zhou, Zhang Shijie is an ambitious general. Since he had this adventure, he rekindled the idea of rejuvenating the country. Once it appeared, it appeared in his mind day and night. Finally, one day he made a decision to leave here with some blue stones.
Mr. Zhou knew that he had made up his mind to go and didn’t stay. He sent some Hai people to escort him off the seabed.
Later, Zhang Shijie put these stones here, studied hard and practiced the stone wall martial arts every day, trying to attract a group of talented people to restore and drive the Mongols out of the Central Plains, but Da Song’s luck was exhausted, and Zhang Shijie tried his best to save the sky again, so he finally ended up unhappy in this cave without eating or drinking.
Chapter 45 Fu Zhu Ping Three Fingers Hand in Hand Against Strong Enemies (5)
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After seeing Zhang Shijie’s strange experience, Chen Li suddenly came to the spirit. I didn’t expect this Zhang Shijie to have the same ideal as himself
Look around at these stone walls inlaid with blue stones, Chen Li knows the reason why the body grows blue spar. Looking at the martial arts routine left behind by Zhang Shijie, Chen Liding is determined to learn this martial arts well, and he will be able to eliminate the great dynasty and avenge his dead father in the future.
However, Chen Li didn’t think that after practicing this martial arts for a month, his body blue spar not only didn’t decrease, but increased. Finally, Chen Li had to accept his body method and recover the facts on his own. After thinking about it, Chen Li still faced his ugliness and withdrew from Zhang Shijie Cave.
After leaving the cave, Chen Li finally gradually recovered his original appearance, but his martial arts practice was also greatly reduced, which annoyed Chen Li to face this fact
On this day, Chen Li was thinking about what to do. He had not found anything to eat for two days. He was hungry and his eyes were dizzy. Suddenly he heard someone talking in the distance.
Although Chen Li’s hiding place is remote, occasionally some Shan Ye woodcutters or traders pass by because of greed, and Chen Li can’t consider so many basic desires that he runs all the way to the speaker.
Opposite, the grandfather and grandson suddenly saw such a ragged man rushing to the front and suddenly became scared and nervous. Grandpa immediately hid his grandson behind him and asked, "What are you … what are you doing?"
Chen Li didn’t answer his words, but stared at the half-headed child behind him, looking at the child with a baked wheat cake in his hand and swallowing.
The child looked at Chen Li and stared at the baked wheat cake in his hand, which seemed to understand his meaning and said, "Grandpa wants to eat this."
Grandpa saw that Chen Li didn’t mean anything, so he took out a baked wheat cake from his arms and asked, "Are you hungry? Want to eat this? "
Chen Li nodded and said, "It’s the old man’s kindness that I fled to the mountains because of my enemy’s pursuit. I haven’t eaten for two days."
Grandpa was relieved and said, "I’m scared. I don’t know which thief is hiding here to rob you and take it to eat." Say that finish and throw the baked wheat cake in my hand to Chen Li.
Chen Li caught the old man and threw the baked wheat cake as if a hungry wolf saw a fat sheep. His eyes braved the green light and he bit half of it until he couldn’t breathe. When the child saw him eating awkwardly, he immediately provoked him to burst out laughing.
Grandpa, the child, saw that he was really pitiful, so he took out another piece of sesame seed cake from his arms and handed it to him along with the kettle. He said, "Eat slowly, I still have some water here, and don’t choke."
Lick off the last sesame seed on your lips. Chen Li, with his eyes closed, tried to ponder over the best baked wheat cake in this generation. It took a long time before he remembered that the benefactor was still around, so he bowed and said, "Thank you for saving his life."
The old man saw that although he was in rags, he behaved like a noble family, so he was curious and asked, "Look how you fell into this field like a rich man."
Chen Li didn’t dare to tell him the truth, so he lied, "I was framed by a thief and wanted by the government after I was a rich businessman in mian yang, so I hid here and asked the old man not to reveal my whereabouts."
The old man Nai said, "I see. Don’t worry. Although the old man is a Nuo opera singer, he is now taking his grandson to the north and south to make a living, but he can’t make money by selling others."
When Chen Li heard that the old man was singing Nuo opera, he suddenly came to mind. This was his favorite when he was a child, so he was surprised and asked, "Are you singing Nuo opera, old man?"
The old man nodded and said, "I still can’t lie to you. Look at me. This big box is full of my singing costumes, but …"
Looking at the old man looked a little sad. Chen Li asked quickly, "But what?"
The old man sighed and said, "But now it’s just us, grandfather and grandson, who are young and have an old man. I’m afraid I’m going to lose this skill by singing a monologue alone."
Chen Li was puzzled and asked, "What about this child’s parents?"
The old man said sadly, "His father was caught dead in the battlefield, and his mother later died of illness, leaving me with him."
Chen Li looked at the old man’s sadness and changed the subject. "I haven’t asked the benefactor’s high name yet. I will repay the old man for saving my life in the future."
The old man was busy. "What can I talk about saving my life with just two baked wheat cakes? My name is Hu, so just call me Master Hu."
Chen Li said, "As the saying goes, I will repay you when I have my day."
Master Hu smiled and got up to pick up the box to go.
Chen Li looked at him and suddenly said, "Master Hu, I have a request."
Master Hu was about to stir up the burden when he heard that he had something to say. He turned to ask, "What can I do for you?"